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Functionality of analysis and comparison of prices of suppliers and competitors in the E-Trade Jumper program

Functionality of analysis and comparison of prices of suppliers and competitors in the program E-Trade Jumper - E-Trade Jumper from ElbuzGroup dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

  • Import and processing of an unlimited number of supplier price lists for different product groups.
  • Import of products from your accounting system (online store) to the E-Trade Jumper system. A large number of CMS online stores are supported, including: OpenCart 1. 5/2/3, 1C Bitrix, CS-Cart 4, WebAsyst ShopScript 7/8, etc. Import formats: XLS, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), XML, YML CSV, CSV Tab separator, TXT, CommerceML (1C Enterprise).
  • Maintaining supplier price lists.
  • Import of an unlimited number of products from a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Formation of a consolidated price list for customers (all products from suppliers' price lists with minimum prices) and formation of a consolidated price list for internal use (all products from suppliers' price lists with details of each product by suppliers).
  • Setting up import rules for each price list separately, setting up each sheet of a Microsoft Excel book separately (for more efficient data import). Import rules (import filters) by product SKU, product name, product category name in the supplier's price list, manufacturer, note.
  • Introduction of a directory of organizations (suppliers), with extended information on each organization. Currency, rate. Additional personal discounts for a specific supplier.
  • Installation of multiple filters: price difference in the product, filter by products found in the accounting system and products from the price list of the supplier, filter of not found products, filter by supplier (i. e. shows products related only to the selected supplier in the accounting system), the ability to install filter by product group, a list of non-processed products (not imported from the supplier's price list), a list of new products in the supplier's price list, a list of products for which the price in the supplier's price list has decreased or increased.
  • The introduction of a reference book of exchange rates for each supplier using the percentage of the addition to the rate.
  • Multi-level markup system for goods. Threshold markup (price from 10 to 20 = 10%, from 20 to 30 = 5%). Markup of categories of goods. Possibility to set markup: when importing from a supplier's price list (when processing by import rules) or when exporting products to a file (when generating a list of import products for uploading to an online store or generating a retail price list in Microsoft Excel format).
  • The ability to manually compare the same product from the price list of the supplier to the product in the accounting system (if the product was not found during the automatic comparison of products during import).
  • Setting the color scheme of the type of product in the program, for greater clarity of changes in the price of a product, a new product, etc.
  • Batch data processing. Allows you to automatically synchronize products in the accounting system with products in the price list of the supplier, i. e. change the price of a product and add new products.
  • Formation of the output (your) price list in Microsoft Excel format, with the possibility of ordering products by your customers directly from the price list and sending the list of ordered products to your e-mail. Show product images for each item. The ability to show the client the old price of the product and the flags for changing the price up or down, for greater visibility of the price change.
  • Export of product catalog to formats: CSV, TAB separator, XML, YML, XLS, CommerceML (1C Enterprise). Support for import / export of CMS online stores. Support for trading platforms: Yandex Market, PRICE. RU, prom.ua, tiu.ru and analogues supporting the YML format. Export only products that are available from suppliers. Creation of export templates to various trading systems.
  • Maintaining a directory of product categories in the base catalog (online store). Name, description, photo, Meta tags (SEO promotion) for categories.
  • Maintaining a directory of manufacturers of products in the base catalog (online store). Name, photo, link to the manufacturer's website, Meta tags (SEO promotion) for manufacturers. Maintaining an additional directory of synonyms for manufacturers.
  • Possibility to combine two supplier price lists: General + Current balances.
  • Ability to configure the import of products from the supplier's price list, which are marked in the price list with the "in stock" flag.
  • Import of dynamic fields from the price list of the supplier (the program has standard fields for import: Article, Name, Price, if they are not enough, then you can configure the import of any column from the Microsoft Excel file).
  • It is possible to import a supplier's price list without reference to the XLS file name, import from a specified folder (required if the supplier often changes the file name).
  • Determination of product categories in the supplier's price list based on the font size and text/cell coloring. Definition of multi-level lists of product categories (tree structure).
  • Control of the formation of erroneous product prices.
  • Setting a fixed recommended price for a product.
  • Ability to set up automatic change of product names when adding products from supplier price lists.
  • Setting up the formation of dynamic meta tags for categories and products, optimizing the output for search engines, SEO promotion.
  • Import of multicurrency prices.
  • And much more, stay tuned.

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