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Description of the module for processing prices of suppliers and competitors

The Elbuz Jumper price list processing program is a convenient and effective tool that allows you to process supplier price lists automatically in order to detect changes in product prices, identify new products, and expand product offers for your customers.
The formation of a single consolidated price list allows you to show a matrix of prices for the same product from different suppliers, in fact, this is a price map, when you open it, you can immediately see the source points where to get the goods.
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Processing of price lists is possible according to the specified import rules for effective filtering of goods.
The program allows you to import and analyze voluminous price lists of suppliers, which in general form a huge range of products that you can provide to your customers, i. e. it is not necessary to maintain a huge warehouse of products for sale, you can use the current balances of suppliers and maintain up-to-date information on the availability of products from suppliers using the Elbuz Jumper program, while updating the availability data at least every hour.


The program allows you to process price lists with a complex structure, with multiple sheets in an MS Excel book. Imported products can be compared with products from the current accounting system (with products from the online store) to update product prices daily and add new goods.
The program shows the difference in price between your products and products that were imported from the supplier's price list, it is also possible to add new products to your accounting system or online store, with subsequent adjustment and markup according to the specified markup rules (threshold markup, markup using a coefficient or percentage markup, markup of selected product categories), creating dynamic columns with a price (for example, wholesale price, dealer price, etc. ).

As a result, the user of the system has the opportunity to see in real time the products and prices from the price lists of suppliers, as a result, instantly update the prices of products and create new headings on the site (online store) or generate a retail price list in MS Excel format with with its markup.

Key features:

▪Formation of an effective product offer at the best price with the help of software systematization of supplier price lists from an unlimited number of suppliers, the format of trading programs (scripts). Consolidation of all product offerings into a single processing system.

▪Availability of up-to-date data on product offers from suppliers' price lists in real time.

▪Unlimited expansion of the supplier base and the possibility of choosing the best ones, the formation of a competitive environment.

▪Information about current balances of suppliers.

▪Conducting a real and operational marketing analysis of the market based on a multi-level analysis of the information provided in the price lists of suppliers.

▪Possibility of integration with any accounting (warehouse) program of both the supplier and the buyer.

▪Reducing non-production personnel costs and saving time by automating routine procedures, increasing the efficiency of the procurement and sales department as a whole.

Monitoring the prices of competitors on the Internet


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Discussion of the topic – Description of the module for processing prices of suppliers and competitors

Description of the module for processing prices of suppliers and competitors

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