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Rules for replacing text when loading products from price lists

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Text replacement rules allow you to change the values coming from the price list to the text you need. This is an automated subsystem "Find and Replace". This setting subsystem is used to correct, replace, delete text in incoming values from the price list. The subsystem allows you to bring the names of goods, article and any other data to a single form.
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Description of grid fields

  • Field

    The name of the field to which the substitutions are applied. The field is selected by clicking on the "+" button.

  • To find

    The text to search for in the specified field. It is possible to search for empty text, to do this, specify the macro substitution {EMPTY} or {EMPTY} in this field.

  • Replace.

    Replacement text. You can use macro coasters, for example {Price list: Manufacturer}.

  • Delete text

    When the flag is set, the text specified in the "Find" field will be deleted.

  • Case sensitive

    When searching for text, be case-sensitive.

  • Consider spaces in text

    Spaces at the beginning and end will be preserved, for example, find "text1" and replace it with "text1".

  • Regular expression used

    The search field uses a regular expression.

  • Delete Cyrillic

    Removing Cyrillic in the text.

  • Delete special. symbols

    Deleting a special characters in the text (for example Ё!"№;%:?*-+).

  • Search by entry

    When activated, a content search is performed, not an exact search, a search within a sentence.

  • Block start and end text

    Allows you to apply replacement for blocks, such as deleting blocks of text specified in brackets. This feature will be useful for creating shorter product names when loading them from the price list. If the end-of-block character is not specified, then the text will be deleted from the start-of-block character.
    elbuz etrade jumper pricelist text replace
    For example, in the price list there are such names of goods:
    - BOSCH HMT 72M420 (Micro oven, Power 800 W, color: white, volume 17 l, mechanical control)
    - LG MB-3744US (micro oven Russia)
    - LG MH-6327DRS (---) (micro oven)
    You can get these names after setting this mode:
    - BOSCH HMT 72M420
    - LG MB-3744US
    - LG MH-6327DRS

  • Preprocessing Formula

    Allows you to set a preliminary text formula before replacing, for example, you can convert all characters to uppercase, for this you need to specify UPPER({field_name}).

  • Processing order

    How to apply the replacement rule.

  • Base directory category

    Associate a replacement rule with a category in the base directory.

  • Note

    A description of how the replacement rule works, such as what purpose it is created for.

  • Activity

    Activity status (apply or not).

Additional filter

Allows you to set a filter for products from the price list, in order to limit the application of the replacement rule only for certain positions, for example, only to one section.
elbuz etrade jumper pricelist text replace

You can set up global replacement rules for all price lists, to do this, open the menu References / Price list processing / Text replacement rules
elbuz etrade jumper pricelist text replace

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