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Online store promotion

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If you are going to open an online store, the first thing you need to take care of (like any store) is to attract customers. Every year an increasing number of people solve the problem of shopping using the Internet, but demand creates supply, which means that you need to fight for the buyer. Consider some methods of promotion or promotion of an online store.

Search engine promotion or optimization (SEO)

When a potential buyer searches for a product on the Internet, he uses a search engine. Store promotion through this system is called search engine optimization. The task of this method is to raise the rating of the online store to the top ten sites that are displayed with the corresponding search engine query. In this case, the probability of a buyer clicking on your link is quite high. More effective than queries that are often entered into the search engine (example: coffee maker), is the strategy of low-frequency queries (example: buy Rostov a geyser coffee maker). The contingent of people entering such a request is already aimed at purchasing a specific product. It is worth noting that, given the number of people who want to be in the top ten, the price of search promotion is constantly increasing.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising, as a method of promoting an online store, is an informational ad that is displayed on the page along with the search result, but is not included in the list. It is usually located above the results or to the right of them. The same rule applies here as with search engine optimization - you need to have a specific ad, because you pay for each click on this link. With non-targeted clicks, you simply lose your money. As a variation, you can consider banner advertising, on which information is presented graphically in the form of pop-up windows.

Price Comparison Sites

A very effective method is to post your information on sites that compare prices for goods. Of course, in this case, the prices of products in your store must be competitive in order to interest a potential buyer. In this case, you pay for each transition from the site to your store.

Partnership programs

The method of affiliate programs is to place links to an online store on forums, websites and blogs. The partner who has placed a link to the store page receives a client identifier file (cookies) and subsequently a certain percentage of the purchase amount that each buyer who has clicked from his page will acquire.

To check the effectiveness of the ongoing promotion methods, as well as the possibility of their adjustment in the course of promotional events, it is necessary to control traffic, which is an indicator of the attendance of your online store. To assess this indicator, there are special programs. The point is to install a Java script on the pages of the site and set up tracking the actions of visitors in a special account. Thus, it is possible to find out where visitors come from most often, what they are most interested in, etc.

Using the above methods will allow the online store not to get lost in the abundance of information provided by the Internet.

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Online store promotion

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