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Own online store. Errors during creation.

Own online store. Errors during creation. dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Any online store is created with one single purpose - to provide its owner with income. But everything always goes according to plan. Very often, the owners of such projects face problems: insufficient attendance, lack of desire among visitors to buy goods, and similar unpleasant moments. And, as practice shows, they almost always become the cause of problems. It is the mistakes of the creators that they make at various stages of their work, starting from the very process of creating a site, that are the main negative factor.

Fortunately, if you pay attention to your mistakes in time and make the necessary changes to the work, the situation can be corrected. Here are the main points to pay attention to:

  • Confusing order form. If the checkout process is too complicated, and customers have to fill out a lot of unnecessary fields, this will certainly discourage them from buying from you next time. In especially neglected situations, and in general, the visitor will close the page and go for products to another site.
  • Accepting payment in unpopular ways. Not every client of online stores has an account in a particular payment system, a bank account or the ability to make a direct money transfer. As a result, he cannot place an order. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you need to expand the list of used payment methods as much as possible, replacing unpopular payment methods with popular ones. For example, in the CIS, the PayPal payment system is poorly distributed, while almost everyone uses Webmoney and Yandex Money.
  • The abundance of unnecessary details in the interface. All attention of users should be riveted to the product itself, its characteristics and positive features. Minor details, such as extraneous links and buttons, will serve as a distraction. The situation is similar with additional modules and widgets that many webmasters love to decorate their sites with.
  • Lack of product information. A visitor to an online store is more likely to want to make a purchase if he receives the most complete information about the characteristics of the product that interests him. It is important not only to write a description of the product, but also to correctly present it. For example, products of a similar group should be described in a similar way (one of the options is a table of characteristics), so that it is more convenient for buyers to compare them and choose the most suitable one.
  • No guarantees. When a person wants to buy any product remotely, he faces an increased risk. There are all sorts of situations, ranging from fraud to delivery problems. It is only natural that shoppers prefer stores that provide certain security guarantees. Money back guarantee for defective products, compensation for late delivery and stuff like that. It also makes sense to flaunt your Webmoney passport, thereby showing that your store has been running smoothly for quite some time.
  • Main page static. The “face” of a site is almost always the most viewed page. If this is the main page of an online store, you should try to display information blocks with the hottest offers, significant discounts and the most popular products on it. This will help attract customers. Conversely, if the main page has not been updated for a long time or it displays information that is not related to the direct purpose of the store, this will repel site visitors.
  • Insufficient website optimization. Some people think that it is enough to create a website, fill it with content and add it to search engines. This is by no means the case. Without purposefully engaging in internal and external optimization, it will be impossible to advance to high positions in search engines. But it is from there that most of the customers of online stores come from. Or, let's say, a common problem with slow page loading, which is a consequence of the bulkiness and insufficient optimization of the site. People won't wait half a minute before another page loads. They will just close your site.

There will be plenty of work to correct all the above errors, but these are the basics that you simply cannot do without. After working for a couple of days on problematic issues, you will soon notice an increase in traffic. As for purchases, they are more influenced by the relevance of the products on display and pricing.


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