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Creation of an online store of fishing goods

Every year there are seasons when avid fishermen across the country become active and strive to quickly get into their favorite hobby - fishing. You can talk about fishing endlessly, especially for hardened fishermen: for them it is not just a hobby, but life: for some, recreation, entertainment, and for some - a source of income that allows you to earn a lot of money; therefore, when opening an online store from scratch for the sale of fishing products, this fact cannot be “withdrawn from the account”. Depending on the region, fishing takes place in different ways - everywhere has its own peculiarities, sometimes surprising the "worn out" fish hunters.

In this article, we will talk about the main points that you need to consider when creating your own online store from scratch for the sale of fishing products and tackle.

So, the first thing to start with is the registration of a subject of an individual enterprise and the opening of a personal bank account to receive funds and be able to pay the appropriate taxes from them. In recent years, the taxation system has become more loyal to small and medium-sized businesses, offering comfortable conditions in almost all undertakings of any business, so you should not have any difficulties when creating an online fishing store. The initial ideal option for you will be to use the Single Tax system.

After registering an individual entrepreneur, you will need to rent a room, the size of which can be up to 50 square meters. m. : fishing equipment is mostly not overall and does not require large areas for storage. Here, indoors, you can allocate space for an office, for work and taking orders, processing and packaging products (which, by the way, is right there, at hand). When renting a room, be sure to coordinate with the landlord issues related to the organization of fire safety at the facility (maintenance of the fire alarm system, recharging of fire extinguishers); compliance of the rented premises with the standards of the sanitary and epidemiological station, as well as other nuances associated with regulatory authorities (for example, garbage disposal). An important point when looking for a suitable room should also be transport interchange: perhaps with a good location, customers will come to your office store themselves: for this purpose, you will have to spend money not only on the purchase of goods, office equipment for work and furniture, but also on the purchase of exhibition racks.

Creation of an online store of fishing goods dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog How to open your own online store from scratch? This is the main issue that worries a private entrepreneur who is tired of paying exorbitant money not for a virtual, but for a material trading platform. To do this, you will need to pay from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, and the content of such a website created from scratch will cost you from 7 to 15 thousand rubles. per month. It should be noted here that for a clear calculation of costs and profits, you need to create a business plan in which you set out your understanding of future trading activities and can soberly assess your opportunities. Do not forget about advertising - the “engine of trade”, therefore, the advertisement of the created site should definitely be, just like you can place advertisements of other entrepreneurs on your site (possible similarity of goods, etc. ) In addition to advertising, the created site “will require » promotion, so the amounts indicated above do not guarantee that a potential buyer will get to your personal site when searching on the Internet.

ElbuzGroup offers an automated solution to all the difficulties that arise when creating your own store website from scratch, namely:

In general, the initial investment for opening your own online fishing tackle store will be about 650-700 thousand rubles, while the payback will be from 5 to 8 months, and as mentioned above, the creation of an online store from scratch must be "timed" to the beginning great fishing season, for example, from spring. If these organizational measures are carried out and a moderate, competitive price is observed, the monthly profit after payback is guaranteed to you in the amount of about 100 thousand rubles. In total, monthly expenses will amount to about 120 thousand rubles, these are rent, wages, utility bills, advertising and other similar expenses.

Staff: it's no secret that the best manager and consultant of your established online fishing store will be an avid fisherman, who, by the way, being on a fishing trip, can easily take orders and then send them. The issue of salary can be solved by a percentage of the number of sales, explaining to the seller that with the development of the site created, the profit will increase. Also, a seller who has a hobby in the form of fishing will be 100% interested in attracting such friends and acquaintances to “his” store.

The assortment is one of the most important parts when opening an online store. There are secondary products with which you should not start: it is better to fill the store with essential goods, bringing their number to 70-80%, and then the trade will tell you what else you need. The main products include: fishing rods, spinning rods, reels, nets; consumables include hooks, fishing line, spinners, floats, bait and bait. Boats, protective suits, tents and sleeping bags are related products for a fisherman, which means they are less in demand.

Making final conclusions, we can note the fact that despite the great competition in this business area, everything depends primarily on you. Balanced price of goods, quality of service, advertising and hard work: take seriously the creation of your own online fishing store, contact specialized specialists who will do everything for you on a turnkey basis, insuring you and guaranteeing you profit.

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