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Creation of an online store for pregnant women, opening a profitable store

The appearance of a baby in the family is the most wonderful time for expectant mothers, and of course they want to spend this time with maximum benefit for their child and with joy for themselves. During this period, they try to pay more attention to themselves: proper and balanced nutrition, maintaining beauty and attractiveness, buying the necessary products for pregnant women, visiting specialized doctors. Opening an online store for pregnant women is a rather profitable and always relevant business, the success of which depends not only on the birth rate, but also on many other positive factors that directly affect the level of sales. An example is the region where you are going to open an online store from scratch: it's no secret to anyone that there are more socially secure cities and towns developed through infrastructure and industrial production, which means that such settlements should be addressed attention, aiming your business at them.

Experts predict a surge in the birth rate in the coming years, and this is directly related to the development of the clothing, cosmetics and hygiene market: the annual growth will average about 18%.

Every business starts with a business plan. When compiling it, you should display the main points that you will rely on in the process of trading. Initial Capital for Online Trading Creation of an online store for pregnant women, opening a profitable store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog very diverse, so much depends on the amount of investment. For example, to open an online store for pregnant women, you will need at least 700 thousand rubles, but again, it all depends on the professional level of the site created - the store, the quality of the products sold and the range of brands offered. Your monthly turnover from a small online store for pregnant women will be about 350-450 thousand rubles, after deducting all costs and expenses, the net profit will be about 150-200 thousand rubles. As for the payback period of investments, it will take you at least one year, so all the above points should be stated in your business plan. To the expenses that must be included in the business plan for creating your own online store for expectant mothers, you must definitely add the rent for the office (warehouse), as well as utilities; the room itself should be 35-40 square meters. m. and not have deviations from household, sanitary and hygienic, as well as fire safety standards and requirements established at the legislative level. Also include the costs of creating a site - a store: prices vary from a budget option of 3 thousand rubles. up to 50-70 thousand rubles. and above - it all depends on your desire, ambitions and the ability to inject solid investments into creating your own business. Please note that when creating a site for pregnant women, it must have SEO optimization - promotion (promotion) of the site, i. e. its issuance by search engines in the first positions, as well as a high-quality CMS engine, is a guarantee of the stable functioning of the online store as a whole. Without website promotion in search engines, potential buyers are unlikely to find you, therefore, ElbuzGroup provides a free CMS engine and script for creating an online store from scratch, the main specialization of which is filling content (information) for sites and online stores. In the process of providing services, the company's specialists drew attention to the fact that for some customers (partners), online stores were initially not created up to the mark, which prevented, and sometimes excluded the further possibility of professionally serving and promptly filling their sites with product descriptions with photographs and characteristics; therefore, it was decided to provide potential clients of ElbuzGroup with free engines and scripts in partnership.

When drawing up a business plan, also include such costs as the purchase of office equipment and necessary office furniture, the salary of a sales assistant: a girl or woman who already has a child and may be on maternity leave will come in very handy for this position, because they have free time and most importantly, practical experience that will help them provide professional advice to your clients. Also include in the business plan the costs of registering an individual entrepreneur, opening a bank account and registering with the tax service - these costs will amount to about 12-15 thousand rubles. Do not forget about effective advertising when opening your online store for pregnant women: social networks, where there are a lot of young mothers, as well as all kinds of forums, may be suitable for you.

As for the specifics of the sale of products for expectant mothers: here you need to remember that a woman’s body changes significantly during several months during pregnancy, but any expectant mother at the same time wants to look slim and elegant, so high-quality clothing and after-sales service will do their job: the woman will contact you again for another purchase, and may recommend your store to friends who are also planning to have a baby. The product that you plan to sell must be divided into premium - class, average price and budget. Of course, it is better to cooperate with large companies (manufacturers) of clothes for pregnant women: their products are certified, which confirms the quality, and the wholesale price is much lower than that of less well-known manufacturers. To find out which segment of the product will be more rational for sales, you should decide in which regions you will carry out your trading activities. The most common option, of course, is medium-priced clothing, and for a big city, premium branded clothing. For small settlements and towns, budget clothing is more relevant, as a rule, in such regions, people's incomes are significantly lower. Having previously familiarized yourself with the market where you are going to engage in trading activities, make an assortment of products for expectant mothers: it should have not only various categories with a large selection of clothing sizes, but also all kinds of accessories, cosmetics and hygiene items. Consider the fact that a pregnant woman spends about 3 thousand rubles on the purchase of clothes. per month (this is for small towns and settlements); in megacities this amount is about 12 thousand rubles. per month or more.

Update the created site - a store for pregnant women regularly, posting topics with offers of bonuses and promotions; do not forget about the systematic updating of products on the site: ElbuzGroup will help you with this. As mentioned above, for the smooth operation of the online store, the company provides a free engine (with built-in SEO optimization - site promotion) and a script, which, in combination with the author's software of the Elbuz series, provide a unique opportunity to serve an online store for expectant mothers completely: process the price lists of your suppliers ( PriceList Importer product), fill the site with descriptions, photos and characteristics ( Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) product), use a unique knowledge base ( Content Creator product), which makes it possible to choose from a million products you need, and post it on your website. In general, the creation of an online store for pregnant women involves the cost of not only money, but also time, so high-quality service and site work are above all. Trusting professionals, you will be engaged only in creative activities, and not in routine and hard work, while a pleasant bonus for you will be an increase in profits up to 30% - due to the automation of the site by ElbuzGroup.


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Discussion of the topic – Creation of an online store for pregnant women, opening a profitable store

Creation of an online store for pregnant women, opening a profitable store

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