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Consider the need to use electronic payment systems using the example of an online store

Consider the need to use electronic payment systems using the example of an online store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

With the growth of the user audience of the Internet, in fact, an information environment has been formed for both social and commercial interaction of people within the network. Site owners, of course, respond to development trends, which is expressed in the creation of projects whose main task is commercial activity.

There is a certain variety of sites, the functional component of which requires the integration of a payment system, but of all the existing types of web projects, consideration of the need to implement a payment system using the example of an online store is the most obvious. Shops on the Internet are full-fledged business projects that satisfy the material needs of the visitor and integrate real human activities into the virtual environment.

Determination in the choice of the payment system of the site.

The essence of the electronic payment system boils down to the fact that the turnover of financial resources is realized within a certain electronic system, in fact - a system of payments with title units equivalent to a monetary unit.

The choice of payment system for the site, it is advisable to do on the basis of the geographic location of the market. Considering doing business in the CIS countries, the most convenient is the use of electronic wallets. Electronic wallets of payment systems have two main advantages - ease of installation and convenience in banking services on the territory of most CIS countries (with the exception of the Republic of Belarus). The method of installing electronic wallets is universal: registration is made on the website of the payment system, the code is configured, which is subsequently integrated into the online store.

Currently, among the owners of online stores, electronic payment services based on the “One Cash Desk” principle are popular, an example of such an affordable service is Wallet One (W1). The advantages of the system is the possibility of crediting funds in various currencies, using self-service terminals, Internet banking or simply a bank payment card. There is also no commission when crediting funds to the wallet. Installation is carried out by inserting the HTML code of the form on the page of the online store, followed by registration in the system and setting up the wallet.

Basic advantages of the electronic payment system:

  1. high degree of payment security;
  2. versatility of application;
  3. legitimacy of use;
  4. high efficiency of payment service;
  5. confidentiality of transactions.

Summing up, it should be noted that a modern online store is a universal tool for a very real business. The introduction of affordable electronic technologies for paying for products has the best effect on the purchasing activity of its users. However, we should not forget about providing the buyer with the opportunity to use the classic method of paying for goods, for example, cash on delivery, which is necessary for "young" projects that have not gained a significant credibility and popularity.

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