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Opening and automation of an online lingerie store

One of the relevant types of business - consistently profitable, is the creation of your own online lingerie store. As everyone knows, of course, women's underwear is in the main demand, but this is understandable: every woman tries to look good in front of her beloved man, and properly selected and high-quality underwear always emphasizes the beauty of her figure, making her more attractive and charming. The segment of this market of products is very diverse - from models and manufacturers of the products offered to the price, which is often high: the brand name, material and workmanship affect. But despite the rather high prices for underwear, marketers say that this product is simply ideal for sales, because the female half of humanity never saves on it and always tries to get the best for itself.

In a brief review, we will consider the features and possible prospects for the development of a site - a lingerie store, focusing on the most important points that need to be taken into account so that your created online lingerie store not only works stably, but also develops systematically.

Of course, underwear, like any clothing, tends not only to wear out and lose its appearance, but also to bring everyday life, which, according to most women, is simply not acceptable, because they always want to remain desirable, for which you need to update your wardrobe more often, starting of course with original underwear, which primarily attracts any man. A modern woman with an average income prefers expensive and beautiful models of well-known brands and manufacturers, so such underwear is always in demand, despite the economic and political difficulties in the country; Roughly speaking, this business is profitable at any time of the year, which makes it possible to systematically sell purchased new items, ignoring politics and other negative factors that affect many business areas. How can underwear be classified? It is clear that the main category is women's products, which are complemented by children's, and of course men's underwear: its minus is the lack of contrast and the classic style that has been entrenched in the market, which has not changed over the years, which does not allow you to significantly change models - not every man will wear "non-standard" models inspired by the influence of fashion. As for the pricing policy: as a rule, the lingerie market provides budget, middle and luxury varieties of lingerie. As already mentioned, the best-selling product is the middle class, and that's where you should stop in the first place, when conducting partnership negotiations with future suppliers or manufacturers. Before concluding a contract, study the products of your competitors: perhaps this will lead you to an original thought or idea; try to build cooperation on frequent, systematic product updates - this will help you track trends in the release of new models and be in the forefront among competitors, providing the latest new lingerie. Often, most dealers bring their products from China, but this does not mean that they are always of poor quality: carefully read the price lists of suppliers and find out which brands and brands are most in demand; a reliable and reputable supplier will give you practical advice on how much and what products it is best to buy in bulk, because it is profitable for him to cooperate with you for a long time. Budget models are also “running”, you should not take them off the bill, but keep in mind: for a good profit, you need a good turnover, but if it is built on cheap products, you won’t earn much, so the price segment of products must be. Luxury lingerie, as a rule, is produced by European companies, sometimes in limited collections - there will definitely be a buyer for it; make a small purchase of a batch of underwear of this class, to diversify the range, or even better, try to negotiate with the dealer to receive the products “for sale”. From the middle price segment, such popular underwear brands as Lormar, Comet (Italy), Juria, Rosme, Lauma (Latvia), Milavitsa (Belarus), Key, Atlantic (Poland) can be noted. The most common sizes are 75. 85 BD. One of the priorities of middle-class products is a good margin for it: sometimes it reaches 100%, which generates good profitability and profit. Opening and automation of an online lingerie store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

To get started, create a business plan for opening an online lingerie store; enter there items with the estimated costs associated with the registration of individual entrepreneurs and related activities, such as choosing a taxation system, opening a bank account, renting office space with an area of at least 40-50 sq. m. , the purchase of goods, payment of utilities and salaries to the manager: a girl who will take orders and advise your customers. Please note that it is professional advice and service, together with the price and visual material (photos, characteristics and product descriptions) that significantly increases the number of sales. Advertising also directly affects demand - include this item as well, indicating monthly expenses and options for its placement: do not forget about social networks and women's forums.

Describe the creation of your site for the sale of underwear as a separate and important point: the cost of creating a site from scratch varies between 10-15 thousand rubles, depending on its functionality, the quality of the engine and built-in promotion (SEO - optimization): without it, your Internet - a lingerie store is unlikely to be able to compete and return even the invested capital for the initial start.

On the basis of observations, ElbuzGroup has developed an optimal and necessary automated complex of products for any online store, which allows solving almost absolutely any tasks related to the maintenance and content of the site - store. Often, after creating and successfully developing his Internet site, an entrepreneur wants to fill it with products even more, expand the range and add new categories, but this does not always work out: the online store was created by a company or firm without taking into account what the business owner wants to do in the future its automated: this creates a number of problems, starting with the fact that the online store needs to be temporarily closed; if only because the site engine (CMS) is not suitable for software designed to maintain and fill sites: this creates additional costs and lost time, which means losses . . . To avoid this, ElbuzGroup provides its customers with a free engine site with built-in SEO - optimization (for initial promotion and promotion of your site up - in the search engines), as well as a free script, which is also optimized for products of the Elbuz series, allowing you to process price lists of suppliers as soon as possible and fill site catalog with products containing high-quality photographs, descriptions and characteristics .

In the conditions of the global crisis, one of the possibilities should be noted, such as automated adjustment of the price of goods in accordance with the current exchange rate: while your competitors are determined with the current price of your goods, you will instantly change the price on your website and continue to trade safely without thinking about any consequences. In general, you should take into account that the wholesale purchase of underwear will cost you about 1 million rubles, not counting the above costs included in the business plan. You will be able to return the invested money in about 7-9 months, so be patient and regularly update and fill your created online store with new products, naturally adhering to loyal retail prices.

Cooperation with ElbuzGroup, which immediately provides a free engine and script for creating an online store from scratch, gives you the following benefits:

  • create and maintain an up-to-date catalog of your products, without any restrictions;
  • provide your client with an interactive and live interface that interacts and responds to a potential buyer;
  • attract a lot of buyers due to high-quality, large photos and the presence of video descriptions of products on the site;
  • receive SMS about the accepted order, keep statistics and accept payment for the products without the participation of a personal manager;
  • carry out mailing with offers and promotions to buyers registered on your site;
  • create clear and simple human emotional filters, such as: I want a “dishwasher for a small kitchen”;
  • get the maximum conversion with tactile perception and comfortable checkout already on the main page of the store;
  • retain at least 90% of customers at the expense of the product card (showroom), including mobile buyers;
  • increase the average check by offering a set of goods, including accessories (Cross-Sell).

As you can see, the trading prospects of the created online lingerie store are obvious: minimal investment risks, constant demand for this product, quick payback, and most importantly, website automation will bring you not only a stable monthly income, but also at least an increase of 30 % to the originally estimated profit!

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Discussion of the topic – Opening and automation of an online lingerie store

Opening and automation of an online lingerie store

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