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Creating an online store - the main points to consider

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Almost every online store is a close integration of two main components - a website and a business. Actually, the site is a tool for advertising and attracting targeted visitors from the web space. The success and profitability of the business depends on how well and efficiently the site works (although many other factors must be taken into account here, for example, the topic, the level of competition, the volume of real offline sales, etc. ).

Quite often, when developing a future online store, its owner treats the project only as a website, without taking into account business specifics. This approach can significantly increase costs and reduce profits in the future. Therefore, below we have compiled a list of the main points that you should pay attention to when creating an online store.

  1. Decide on the theme of the store before you start creating it. Accordingly, the subject will determine the type of products sold. Subsequently, all this will affect the structure and design of the site (used colors, graphics, etc. ).
  2. Decide on the range and volume of products sold. Assortment is the number of items of a product of different types. Volume - the total quantity of goods, expressed in pieces, kilograms or some other unit of measurement. The structure of the store (the list of pages and sections, as well as their total number) directly depends on the volume and assortment.
  3. Decide on the geography of buyers. It is important to understand which cities and regions users will be able to order your product from. In the future, this will help determine the delivery system, as well as the store’s search engine optimization strategy (you may have to sharpen the content and the pages themselves for region-specific queries).
  4. Decide on a delivery system. In general, delivery can be carried out in several ways - by courier, transport company, mail. In addition, the client can pick up the products from the warehouse / office. It all depends on the region of your work (a specific city, region or the whole country), as well as financial capabilities.
  5. Decide on payment methods. Ideally, the client should have several alternatives, for example, the possibility of paying in cash, through electronic systems, by bank transfer, etc. The selected payment methods will directly affect the functionality of the site (installation of additional modules, payment systems).
  6. Decide how many employees you will need. Usually, more or less large online stores have at least a few people on their staff, for example, consultants, support staff, couriers, etc. If the store is small, if there are not very many buyers, and the products are sent by mail, then one person can easily handle everything.
  7. Decide on a store budget. Even at the stage of designing a future online store, at the stage of choosing a strategy for its development, you should correlate all the money that you can invest in the business. After all, there may not be enough money to carry out all the events (purchase of a CMS, layout layout, design development, filling pages with content, promotion, promotion, etc. ). Therefore, you should prioritize - select the most important items of expenditure.


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