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This article will help you make a website yourself. You should start with a simple site, as this will have a minimum amount of costs. Further, the site can be developed, animated, and perhaps you will come to the creation of a large portal.
A simple site is a business card site or an Internet site that will be the face of a small company. Also, the site can be directed to generate income on the Internet (affiliate programs or the publication of someone else's advertising).
To create your own website, you definitely need an idea, and an interesting, unique idea that fully reflects the essence of your business. This will help the site to attract the attention of a large audience, make it popular.
All methods aimed at creation must be legal. This is a very important condition. Therefore, from the very beginning it is worth trying to do everything correctly so that there are no problems in the future.
The very definition of "create a website" includes getting a place on some web server that will serve to host your information, supplement and change it when you want and it's convenient. The information that you post on the site is called "content". Most often, content is presented in text, since it is in this form that search engines provide information to most users. Of course, the concept of content includes video materials, drawings, tables, animation, audio. As you already understood, search engines are aimed at issuing, searching and sorting information for users.
So, let's start creating our brainchild. Let's start with a domain name. A domain name is a reflection of your site's theme, a keyword. For example, a site dedicated to books, hence the domain name "knigi".
Next, choose what will be the structure of the site. The simplest structure is linear (pages have the same level). It is convenient to use when creating a business card site. If the site requires additional tabs, then we are already acting as follows: we enter the main keyword ("knigi"), then we add, in turn, to the list of keywords, those words that will be used in the names of the headings of additional pages. For example, common words used with the word book: genre, detective story, novel, poetry, etc.
The correct placement of links is also important. The location of links on pages with a transition to the main page is generally accepted. But the most mandatory will be the rule of three links. It lies in the fact that the visitor must get to the page he needs by clicking no more than three links. At the same time, the initial link, which allows you to go to your site with the help of a search engine, is also included in this amount.
It remains to place your content on each page. The promotion of the site, its popularity, and frequency of attendance depend on the quality, literacy, and interesting content of the content. Of course, a site containing not only text, but also multimedia information is much more tempting, but it is also much more difficult to create it. Start small, gain experience. There are a sufficient number of different video tutorials on creating websites, an online lecture, and a lot of useful literature. After all, with the help of the network you can advertise your organization, earn good money. So the skills to create your site will never be superfluous.

"Common mistakes when creating a website"
Let's start with the fact that the site always requires "care". You can't create a website and abandon it. It is important to keep an eye on it, replenish it with fresh information. The site should not exist for the sake of show, it should keep the image of the organization, your business.
Such components as phone numbers, addresses, price lists should be relevant.
The site should be filled, contain a variety of content. In addition to banal information, there should be many other interesting facts, unique information.
For the site to be successful, a wide audience is needed, that is, the page should be viewed by as many users as possible. And not just users, but those who are really interested in a product or service.
On the part of designers, it is required to keep the style of the site. Do not use a large number of animations, pictures for its design. Everything should be in moderation. The site should have a taste, individuality.
Of course, there is always a budget to create a website. And, as in any business, it should be properly distributed. Reveal what is most important in its design. If your brand is a priority, then more money will have to be spent on website design.
In addition to design, the correct and competent structure of the site is mandatory. Information should be organized, navigation is easy to use. The user needs to quickly and easily find the information he needs.
Let's get back to the design, as here it is worth adding that the color scheme should be pleasant, in no case should it repel visitors. This also applies to text placement. Colors should be chosen so that the text is easy to read.
Now let's deal with the title of the site. The title of the main page should reflect the essence of the idea of your site. At the same time, other pages, tabs, must necessarily have a connection with the original name. Topics should not be scattered, everything should be thought out correctly, connected with each other.
Do not forget about how your site will be displayed in browsers. To do this, you should test it in different browsers. Since everywhere the site can look different, but somewhere it can not be displayed at all. Testing is very simple: download all browsers to your computer and see how the site is displayed in each.
Any page of the site should not have too much information, so the scrollbar will not be long (this applies to vertical scrolling). But horizontal scrolling should not be used.
And, of course, you should always check what is written on the site. After all, they are greeted by design, and escorted by content. A fun and easy-to-read test should be error-free. Always check the text for grammatical errors, for punctuation. After all, illiterate text will immediately alienate most visitors.


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