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Creation of an online shoe store, opening a successful store

Creating an online shoe store is one of the most popular ideas for small and medium-sized businesses, because shoes, like clothes, are most in demand by consumers and are one of the most frequently purchased consumer goods. High-quality and affordable shoes in the price segment are relevant at any time of the year, so adhering to this simple but important rule, you will ensure the stable and successful prosperity of your business in this type of business. Of course, women are especially demanding on the styles, styles and models of shoes - it is very important for them to purchase not only fashionable, but also high-quality products from well-known manufacturers, so when opening your online store from scratch, you need to focus specifically on the women's assortment, not forgetting of course dilute it with men's and children's types of goods.

The initial investment when creating an online shoe store will not be small, and you should immediately take this into account by laying in your business plan for the development of the site and the business as a whole at least 2 million rubles, the return of which from trade will occur no earlier than in a year. The approximate revenue of your website - store will be about 600-700 thousand rubles. per month, of which, depending on seasonal sales, the profit will be about 100 thousand rubles. per month.

You can distribute pre-planned expenses by points as follows: rent for an office with an area of at least 50 sq. m. , payment for utilities and salary to the manager - consultant, purchase of products (shoes) from trusted and reliable suppliers - manufacturers, payment for the creation of an online shoe store and its further monthly maintenance (do not forget to include in the business plan an item of expenses related to filling the site with product cards and automated processing of price lists of shoe suppliers) - you cannot do without professional help, because you simply cannot cope with the huge amount of information necessary for the full operation of your online store on your own. Of course, there are a number of difficulties associated with opening your website - a store, but this is only at the initial stage: after registering an individual entrepreneur and choosing a taxation system, you will be able to organize the smooth and stable operation of the created online shoe store by automating all work processes and help you ElbuzGroup, the leader among companies providing services to online stores in the CIS countries, will be able to do this difficult task. The company offers a free and turnkey solution - a CMS engine, a script with a user-friendly interface for creating an online store from scratch, which will allow you to make more sales than you expected.

What are the main points you need to pay attention to so that the created site for the sale of shoes is profitable, develops dynamically and brings good profits? Here you should dwell in more detail, because all further life of your online store will be built on organizational issues.

Creation of an online shoe store, opening a successful store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog A thorough study of supply and demand for the assortment of this type of products on the market will give you the opportunity to find out which catalog of the assortment you need to create so that, for example, autumn women's boots do not stay in your warehouse unsold until spring, because next year fashion will dictate completely other conditions, which means that the products will remain unclaimed by you. But there are secrets here too: as a rule, fashion in provincial cities and towns arrives a year or even two late, so the big plus of an online shoe store is that, unlike a regular store, you can sell its unclaimed products by delivery to certain regions. When planning the purchase of shoes for further sale, also take into account the influence of fashion trends, purchasing power and preferences in the regions in which you plan to carry out your business. The influence of the economic situation in the country and the predicted weather and climate conditions can also give you an unexpected surprise: for example, in rainy and cold autumn, women's autumn shoes are unlikely to be in demand: they will most likely be replaced by fashionable rubber boots.

Think also about the expanded range of shoe sizes for your site - in order not to get into a mess, find out which sizes are the most popular for women, which for men, and which are the most popular for children and teenagers. As for the pricing policy that you will pursue in the process of trading activities: for this you need to decide in advance on the client audience that will visit your created site - a shoe store - buyers with a low level of income are practically not interested in shoes of well-known brands, mostly they pay attention to the price and only after that they evaluate the quality of the product, its model range and the material from which it is made.

Pay attention to shoes of the middle price category: according to experts, it is profitable to sell shoes of this particular class, because they are more in demand by a wide class of the population.

Suppliers and manufacturers with whom you decide to cooperate must provide you with certificates and all necessary documents for the products sold, in accordance with applicable law.

As for imports: as practice shows, when opening your own online shoe store, it is better to start with high-quality domestic manufacturers, of course, “diluting” them with a certain number of foreign brands. It will be easier for you to cooperate with your manufacturers: to agree on a wholesale price that is more optimal for both parties, as well as on the return of goods: do not forget that in case of poor-quality goods, the buyer has the right by law to return it to you within one month. And finally, one more good advice for those who have seriously decided to go into the shoe business: it is better to buy more products gradually, as they sell and in small batches, having agreed on this with the supplier in advance. Systematically carry out promotions, distribute booklets and flyers - this way you will attract more customers.

What tasks will the free CMS E-Trade Shop engine from ElbuzGroup help you solve? The answer is simple - the most important and aimed at achieving the most positive result, facilitating work and saving a huge amount of time, namely:

  • create and maintain an up-to-date product catalog without restrictions;
  • attract more buyers through video descriptions and enlarged photos;
  • provide the buyer with an interactive, live interface that interacts and responds to the buyer;
  • accept payment without the participation of a manager, receive SMS about new orders, keep records of them and carry out newsletters;
  • get a simple creation of human and at the same time emotional filters, for example, I want a "washing machine for a one-room apartment";
  • get the maximum conversion with tactile perception and convenient checkout immediately on the 1st page of the site;
  • keep at least 90% of customers at the expense of the product card (showroom), including mobile customers;
  • increase the average check by creating sets of goods, including accessories (Cross-Sell).

This is not a complete list of the services and capabilities of the ElbuzGroup company: the author's series of E-Trade products makes it possible not only to process price lists of suppliers but also automatically fill the site's product catalog with high-quality descriptions, photographs and characteristics. Partnerships with the company provide an opportunity to receive an additional profit of 30% monthly!

Shoes, as mentioned above, are a seasonal item, so if you update your product range in a timely manner, sales will grow throughout the year, steadily increasing profits!

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