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Creating an online store - the main types of costs

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It is quite common for aspiring Internet businessmen to believe that running their business exclusively online (on the web) allows them to spend much less money. Indeed, in this case, many items of expenditure may simply disappear, for example, rent of premises, taxes, salaries to employees, etc. Actually it is not. If you want to create a truly profitable and popular online store, then you will have to invest a considerable amount of money in it.

All cost items associated with an online store can be divided into three large groups. Below we will talk about each of them.

  1. Online spending. Any online store is, first of all, a website, so all the same costs apply to it. First, registration of a domain name, as well as its renewal for at least a year in advance. Here the costs are not so big - only a few hundred rubles. Secondly, the purchase of hosting. Here the amount varies widely - from several hundred to several thousand or even tens of thousands of rubles a year. It all depends on the requirements for hosting, the volume of the site, the load that it creates on the server and other factors. Thirdly, the direct development of the site. If you create a store from scratch, you will have to hire programmers, layout designers, designers, SEO optimizers, content managers and other specialists (as needed). All these costs can be significantly reduced if you use a ready-made free CMS, and do the work related to design, search engine optimization and content preparation yourself.
  2. Offline spending. This includes one-time expenses associated with the actual conduct of business. For example, registration of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity (of course, if you plan to do business according to the “white” scheme), opening a bank account, etc. In addition, for the operation of the business, some equipment will probably be required - computers, printers, cash registers. You also need a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection (to work with the site, receive orders, communicate with customers). You may need to set up specialized software, for example, to work with accounting. You may also need shelving or some other container for storing goods.
  3. Monthly expenses. This includes all other costs, for example, the preparation of financial statements, payment for the Internet, electricity, telephone. One of the biggest expenses here is the rent of a space intended for an office or storage of products (provided that you do not store products and conduct business directly from home). As for the area of the rental premises, a room of 10-20 sq. m. is quite enough for a small online store. The next item of monthly expenses is advertising (context, banners, various trading services). From the point of view of promotion and increase in attendance, advertising is very important (especially in the early stages of store development). Therefore, you should not discount it. You will also have to spend money on maintaining the site - fixing broken functionality, adding new features, adding new pages, sections, categories, etc.

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