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Creating an online store: SEO OPTIMIZATION is the main key to successful trading

Part I. How to create your own online store: the possibilities of a personal site.

It is no longer a secret for many that the creation of an online store or website makes it possible for an enterprise to trade more actively on the Internet and earn significantly more than their competitors selling similar products through a regular store or marketplace. What is the difference and what should entrepreneurs pay attention to, many of whom are increasingly thinking about whether they should create an online store and sell their products on the Internet? The first thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of your advertising and information on your own page (website). As you know, advertising is the engine of trade, so the presence of a personal site makes it possible not only to place product catalogs, but also to display all the necessary information about a company or trade enterprise offering its products and services. You can also increase the attraction of potential buyers to the site using social networks, while you should not forget about the basic optimization of the online store for search engines (SEO).

To create an online store, you need to pay special attention not only to the visual design and interface of the site, but also to such nuances as the readability of the text, the correct location of the function buttons, the placement of logos, the use of advertising information, contacts, the correct use of colors in the site design etc. Here it should be noted that the correct placement and design of functional buttons and icons related to viewing the offered goods, getting acquainted with information about the company and placing an order, greatly helps to perceive the offered range of products and services for a simple Internet user, which in percentage terms immediately increases the likelihood of purchasing products on your site.

Often, when creating an online store from scratch, specialists provide for the function of the possibility of paying for the selected product directly on the site, which simplifies financial settlements between the buyer and the owner of the store, and this significantly increases the efficiency of placing an order and sending products to the buyer. As practice shows, any owner of his own online store is interested in ensuring that his customer receives the desired product in a timely manner, and in gratitude leaves a positive review on the site, attracting additional customers. Creating an online store: SEO OPTIMIZATION is the main key to successful trading dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Every entrepreneur or one who wants to create their own website or online store needs to take into account the fact that the correct functioning of an online store is not always possible, and sometimes not applicable everywhere. Some specific and narrow-profile types of business in practice cannot carry out their trading activities on the Internet, due to the specifics of the products being sold or the services provided (due to their physical and chemical properties, for example). It follows from this that when creating your own online store, of course, it is better to draw up an algorithm for trading activities in order to understand whether it is possible to sell your product using the Internet.

For the greatest confidence and to prevent possible risks when creating a site, as well as to get a 100% positive result from its work, it would be better for you to contact specialists who, using the right engine to create an online store, will ensure its guaranteed functionality. ElbuzGroup successfully copes with such tasks, offering its clients specialized software Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop). This is a free and ready-made CMS solution for creating an online store, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to bring much more sales than expected; the company provides not only a free boxed product of an online store, but also a tool for creating a selling online store that makes a profit.

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For companies that have many competitors in their field of activity and who need systematic visits to their Internet resources, simply registering your page is not enough, because the Internet user will not “see” it due to poor ranking in the search engine. The average user rarely "goes" through the sites issued by the Internet search engine; he usually pays attention to the very first links, so the creation and expediency of maintaining an online store for many enterprises and companies should be one of the key issues. ElbuzGroup also did not lose sight of this issue and provided built-in SEO support in the free version of the CMS of the Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) online store, so it will be much easier for you at the first stage of promoting your site, unlike other entrepreneurs who simply created an online store and did not knowing about such important technical details as further SEO optimization.

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