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Creating descriptions for online store products

A lot depends on how well the text of the product description will be written, so do not neglect this item. In general, it performs two main functions:

  • helps the buyer decide whether to make a purchase or not. Therefore, the text should be as convincing, competent as possible, and also reveal all the advantages of the product or service;
  • makes the site attractive to search robots and potential customers. Therefore, it is recommended that product descriptions contain keywords.

Step-by-step instructions for writing product descriptions

#1 - select keywords

Very often, such phrases are quite standard and look like this:

  • “service name/product model” + “buy/price”;
  • binding to a geographic location, for example, “buy a smartphone in Ukraine”, “buy a smartphone in Kyiv”;
  • "characteristics", "description", "reviews on the Internet", "model overview", "photo".

#2 - analyze key phrases and words

This is done very easily, it is enough to use special services for the selection of key phrases from Google or Yandex. Just enter any phrase and check the frequency of its requests. Thanks to these services, you have the opportunity to select the most mentioned queries and find other phrases that may have been overlooked. We are talking about the keyword planner in Google Adwords and Yandex Wordstat.

#3 - look for the benefits of the product

Benefits are what attract potential customers. And that's what needs to be in the description. For example, if you compare an inexpensive phone with a limited number of options and a branded phone, then the disadvantages of one become the advantages of the other. Think about the benefits of your product or service and be sure to mention them in your description.

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#4 - correctly describe the benefits

Remember that listing the properties of a product by and large will not interest a potential buyer. But if you specify what benefit can be obtained from this property, then this changes the situation. For example, “not a small amount of RAM on the device means that programs will have to work much faster” or “a capacious drive will allow you to store an unlimited amount of information”, etc.

#5 - correctly indicate our key phrases

When working with keywords and phrases, it is extremely important that the text remains concise and easy to read. If you cannot enter a keyword in a direct entry, then you can change its ending, separate it with punctuation marks, or change the order of words in a sentence. For example, a query such as "phone XXX price" is better not to use in a direct entry. You can do this: "choose a Samsung phone, the price of which in our online store is much lower than that of competitors. " Practice shows us that it is actually not difficult to compose the necessary text for any search query.

Also, to describe goods, you may need “dry” characteristics, which you can then simply dilute with free text to your taste. The software called Elbuz Content Creator can help you collect characteristics. With it, you can quickly load all the necessary data into any store engine.

First of all, you must put yourself in the buyer's shoes. If this is difficult to do, gather your co-workers or friends and brainstorm. They will tell you what would be of interest to them in your product. Understanding the mindset and needs of customers makes it much easier to focus on your offerings. People go to see not only what the seller presents to them, but also their benefits from using the purchase. It is very important to indicate exactly all the technical details, as well as describe their practical application in the life of the prospective buyer.

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Creating descriptions for online store products

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