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Signs of a good and reliable online store

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Now many people buy things in online stores, because it is very fast and very convenient. In such stores, prices are lower than in regular retail, and there are products that are very difficult to find. At the same time, buying in an online store can be scary: after all, you pay immediately, but you receive the products later. What if they don't send it at all?

In this article, we have collected some of the most important features that distinguish reliable and attractive online stores. The more such signs a store has, the more calmly people cooperate with it.

Contact Information

It is very important that the site contains contact details that allow you to contact the owner of the store. Among these data should be a phone number, email address, legal entity name, details (OGRN, TIN, KPP, etc. ). On the website of the tax service, you can check the specified LLC or individual entrepreneur, and if it turns out that such an organization does not exist, then you need to be very careful with such a store.

Communication with the store manager

A very good sign is that managers are constantly ready for dialogue. The contact phone number in such cases is written in large numbers and in the most visible place, there are groups on social networks where you can view the profiles of managers and write them a message. Online consultation is a big plus. Managers should respond politely and patiently clarify all your questions.

Great site design, no bugs

The website of an online store is its main platform, billboard and face. If it is poorly made, then this does not always indicate the poor quality of products and services, but this is a reason to doubt. You don't buy food or clothes from slum shops, do you? Therefore, the website must be clear, beautiful and stable.


Look for reviews about this online store. They can be posted on the store's website or social networks. However, keep in mind that reviews are written most often by dissatisfied customers. Those who like everything rarely leave comments. Therefore, tacit approval is quite common. Fake reviews are often posted on the site, but they are quite easy to distinguish from real ones.

Secure payment and delivery methods

Good online stores are distinguished by transparent methods of payment and delivery of goods. They allow you to make a payment on your website or redirect to the payment system platform. If you are offered to make a payment in favor of some kind of electronic wallet, then please note that this is not safe and the seller is not obligated in any way. Such a payment goes to the address of an individual, not a company. In reliable stores, it is often possible to pay with a Mastercard or Visa plastic card - this is the safest way to pay for purchases.

Stores can sell products that are in warehouses in Russia or abroad, but in the latter case, the products may take too long to go. Specify the delivery time, in a good store they are quite short.

Pay attention to the contract-offer published on the website of the online store. It is the contract that confirms that you are entering into a legal relationship with the seller as his customer. If there is no offer agreement, then you simply transfer money to unknown people and hope for their good faith.

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