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Photos of goods for the online store

Owners and managers of online stores are constantly dealing with the problem of filling their site with information about the products presented and the need to take photos of products for the online store. If the number of models and the name is calculated by a dozen items, then the photos of the products and the description for each sample can be made manually. In large stores with hundreds of products, doing this manually is unprofitable. It is especially difficult to fill in information when it comes to technology, which requires accurate and detailed technical specifications and lists of various parameters.

Manual writing of texts and selection of a photo for each product takes a lot of time and requires appropriate payment to specialists. In the context of constantly updating the assortment, such work begins to significantly slow down the level of sales, due to the loss of time between the acquisition of a new product and its appearance on the sales pages of sites with a photo and full characteristics.

To automate this process, Elbuz Content Creator is used - a program designed to search for information on the Internet and automatically copy it in the required format to the pages of the site being filled in, including photos of goods. The product belongs to the group of parsers or grabbers, i. e. programs that collect information on third-party sites for placement.

In order to use this program, it is enough to have a complete list of goods. This list in full or in separate categories is loaded into the program and a search for available products and product photos is launched.

The main advantages of the software:

  • Real mode of operation, i. e. The speed of filling the site depends only on the speed of the Internet.
  • Semi-automatic filling of the site pages is provided, which allows you to manually correct the information provided in accordance with the existing requirements of the site.
  • The search for products is carried out in the most complete system Yandex Market - Yandex Market, it is also possible to search in the trading systems Hotline UA (Hotline), Onliner BY (Onliner), Nadavi (Nadavi) and others.
  • A breakdown of products into categories is provided in order to carry out not a single, but a group search.
  • As a result of the search, the highest quality product photos for the online store are selected from the received unlimited number of product photos.
  • Text information comes in the form of html tables or in the form of Characteristic + Value (for filtering products on the site).
  • Simultaneous work with several users is allowed.

Elbuz Content Creator reduces costs, saves time and allows you to instantly update information in the online store.

By becoming the owner of the Elbuz Content Creator program, you join the team of e-commerce professionals!

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Photos of goods for the online store

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