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Create an online electronics store

A series of articles "How to create a selling online store with the possibility of automating the process"
part 1: How to create an online electronics store?
part 2: How to update the website of the online store?
part 3: How to fill the website of the online store with content?

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are thinking about transferring their business online, that is, there is a need for an influx of new customers. Understanding that you essentially offer your products around the clock, and not during a limited period of working hours as in a regular store, leads to the goal - to create an online electronics store. We will consider the effective aspects of this task and show you with the help of examples that the independent creation of a website - a virtual storefront is not difficult, with the right and systematic approach. To do this, we need hosting (on linux OS), on which we will host our project and the engine itself, a set of scripts that will manage all the data. We took into account the experience of our clients in building selling stores and used all modern technologies when developing such a product as E-Trade Shop . It allows you to install a completely ready-made store in 5 minutes and without registration. The localization of the engine is such that you can easily use it in countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

So, what is needed for this? First of all, download the E-trade Shop itself. This opportunity is available by invitation. Unpack the resulting .zip archive to any convenient folder on your computer. Next, we connect via ftp to your hosting and simply upload all the files to the root directory. To start the installation of the engine, you need to go to the address of your site in any browser. If you did everything right, you should see the following:

After carefully reading the license, click on the button - I agree with the license and automatically proceed to the next installation step.

At this installation step, the system checks whether everything is ready to create an online store. The technical requirements for hosting, for the normal operation of the engine and file access rights are checked. Most often, there may be incorrect permissions for configuration files. If they are not writable, you can set the correct permissions yourself using the ftp client. We find the desired file and give permission to write.

If the installer does not make any comments, we can proceed to the next step.

At the step - Configuration, the constructor offers to enter data for working with the database, which will store all information about products and services, as well as the data of the virtual storefront administrator. The database access parameters are given by your hoster (you bought a place to host your future store from him), or you can create a database yourself in the administrative control panel of your hosting, you can also do this through phpmyadmin. By default, several demo products and categories will be installed along with the store. If you do not need it, just uncheck the box - Install product demo catalog.

Click to continue.

Congratulations, the E-Trade Shop installation is now complete. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and with the help of our constructor, everyone can create their own business on the Internet from scratch and without investment. The storefront is the face of your site, the administrative part - allows you to configure the parameters of your store and gain access to managing products and categories.

Let's go to the window.

The design consists of two parts. The left panel is used to navigate through categories with goods, just below the information menu and a widget for online communication with the future store operator. The right side meets your customers and introduces them to your benefits. It is possible to subscribe to news, below - to place the latest video reviews. This is the selling design, which we provide for free. Maximum information and communication with your customers.

The admin panel is available at //yoursitename.com/admin/

Enter the admin username and password that you specified when installing the engine.

Managing products and categories can be found in the item - Catalog. We have also provided for SEO optimization, you can specify everything you need (headers and SEO url, texts for categories) already in the admin panel, without installing additional modules.

The administrative panel is made intuitively clear, so that you can quickly understand the management of the main elements of the site.

Let's look at what a product card looks like on the E-Trade Shop window:

On the Internet, as in life, we must show our client the maximum necessary information and do everything to make the purchase process as simple and comfortable as possible. As you can see in this example, there is a set of photos, characteristics, the ability to leave reviews, it is also indicated how you can deliver, pay for and exchange goods. Most users like to make purchases without registering on the Internet, a one-click purchase is provided for them, the client simply leaves a phone number and the manager then contacts him.

In our brief review, you learned that it is not necessary to order an online store, it is quite possible to create it yourself using the E-Trade Shop constructor, it is ideal for computer and digital technology. In the following articles, we will consider the integration of the store with the systems for unloading products and descriptions, for high-quality filling with products and price management.

A series of articles "How to create a selling online store with the possibility of automating the process"
part 1: How to create an online electronics store?
part 2: How to update the website of the online store?
part 3: How to fill the website of the online store with content?

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