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Online store employees. What are the requirements for them?

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Quite often, a person who wants to create his own online store believes that such a project, in its essence, is the most ordinary site (with the only difference that you can earn much more money on it). In fact, any online store is, first of all, a business that needs to be properly planned and developed.

The basis of any business is the people involved in it or who are employees. And in the case of an online store, quite often there is a need to attract these same employees. What is it for? After all, you can trade in some small products directly from your home and send it, for example, by mail. Everything is so . . . But even with the slightest expansion of the business, one person is unlikely to cope with the solution of all issues. And the owner will face the need to hire additional employees.

Who exactly might be required? First, trade advisors or customer service employees. The duties of these people may include advising potential and actual buyers on a variety of issues (characteristics and properties of the product, site structure, delivery, payment, guarantees, etc. ). There can be several consultants - it all depends on the theme of the store, attendance and the total number of product items. Secondly, couriers (delivery employees). The duties of these people include the direct delivery of products to the buyer. Regular couriers are usually hired when the store operates within a particular city / area. In all other cases, it is easier to use the services of transport companies. Third, managers and accountants. As a rule, these people are responsible for the turnover (arrival / departure of products from the warehouse, work with suppliers, etc. ). That is, all the internal issues related to the operation of the store lie on their shoulders.

Now let's talk about what requirements may apply to employees of an online store.

  1. Understanding of all the main features and principles of the project, excellent knowledge of the range of products, as well as the structure of the site (sections, subsections, categories, etc. ).
  2. Good command of the main means of communication with potential clients - telephone, skype, e-mail, fax.
  3. Politeness when communicating with customers, competent and intelligible speech (especially important for consultants and couriers).
  4. Efficiency and punctuality in solving work issues. Again, this applies to consultants and couriers. In other words, you need to respond very quickly to requests and questions from customers and try to help them solve problems that arise.
  5. Availability of documents necessary for work (this applies to couriers). That is, a person must have a passport with him, as well as any document confirming the fact of his work in this store. In addition, the courier may be required to issue checks and receipts.
  6. Knowledge of 1C or some other programs necessary for accounting for goods. This only applies to accountants.

It is clear that every year the level of automation of all business processes (including those that are partly or completely tied to the web environment) is increasing. However, the day when the owners of large online stores will be able to completely abandon the services of any hired workers is still very far away. The human factor is still one of the most significant here.

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Discussion of the topic – Online store employees. What are the requirements for them?

Online store employees. What are the requirements for them?

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