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How to increase sales in an online store?

If you are the owner of an online store, you are certainly interested in the question: how to increase sales? Actually, for this, companies are always trying to increase the number of customers and the number of manufactured products. But this may not always increase sales in an online store. In our article, we will look at practical ways to guarantee a guaranteed increase in profits using the program from ElbuzGroup.
How to increase sales in an online store

Online store problems due to which you lose sales

It will be quite difficult to increase the turnover of an online store if the main problems are not identified. Slowing down the increase in sales:

  • out-of-stock items;
  • incorrectly indicated value;
  • incomplete product packaging;
  • poor level of service;
  • Difficulties with the return (exchange) of funds or ordered goods.

It often happens that after placing an order, managers do not respond. This problem entails another one: the lack of a quick response to the request.
It is with all these difficulties that users constantly face. The program from the ElbuzGroup company is a comprehensive software that has all the necessary functions to automate the operation of an online store.

How our program solves these problems

A number of possibilities are offered:

  • automatic collection of orders;
  • convenient work with documents (formulation and sending directly from CRM, templates for quotations, contracts);
  • segmentation of the customer base by category;
  • prompt processing of a large number of orders;
  • formation of personalized offers for customers;
  • control over the work of managers, prompt correction of errors;
  • integration with delivery services;
  • analysis of the received data - traffic sources, sales funnel, customer preferences.

A proprietary integration module establishes a two-way connection between the store and CRM Elbuz Jumper. This universal module allows you to get a list of customers, orders, categories, photos, products, prices, etc. from the site. Processing is automated, the process of interaction with the buyer is accelerated.
The Elbuz Jumper program has a warehouse accounting subsystem that gives you access to analytics: the balance in your warehouse, which supplier has the ordered product, whether it is currently in stock and at what price. The operator can immediately place an order with the supplier.

Set up SEO processes

To increase revenue, increase brand awareness and products sold. One way is to form social bonds. For example, you can create a YouTube channel with a unique video about the features and benefits of your products. This will fill the site with content .
Another way is link building. Customer testimonials and video testimonials, affiliate programs and press releases.
The Elbuz Jumper program from the ElbuzGroup company automatically processes price lists from suppliers and monitors the prices of online stores .

Return your customers and attract new ones to increase sales

Returning to old cooperation is sometimes more profitable than organizing new ones. After all, those who have already used the services of your online store once know the principle of its operation and have more confidence in it in order to increase sales on the Internet, and not the amount of traffic.
How to increase sales in an online store
You can resort to mailings in messengers (viber, telegram), by email and push notifications. Since the most commonly used method of registering on sites is for the client to leave his email address or mobile phone, this is unlikely to be difficult.
Mailing lists usually contain a large amount of information. But the current promotion or discount will work instantly.
To attract new users, a multi-channel approach is ideal, which:

  • combines and takes into account the interests of different categories of customers;
  • expands the audience;
  • returns the buyer to the site using different channels;
  • provides information in different formats and content.

How to increase sales in the store through bonus programs and customer loyalty

First, you need to understand the types of loyalty programs. Exist:

  • cumulative. The most commonly used type. Each purchase accumulates points, which can be used to complete and pay for other purchases;
  • multi-tiered. Bonuses and points are awarded depending on the frequency of using the product. This type contains many different mechanics. For example, promoting a specific category of goods, increasing the number of purchases and communicating with the brand on the Internet;
  • coalition. Most often used in banking. It consists in the brand's desire to promote online and offline channels. Also suitable for those who are thinking about how to open their own online clothing store. Here, an online loyalty program can partner with an offline store.

Loyalty programs encourage ordering frequency and establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers. They attract new customers, increase sales and average check. Also, such programs allow you to track the behavior of almost every buyer.

The activities of the future business are determined before registration. The application indicates special codes - KVED. They also determine the choice of taxation system. In addition to the main activity, it is recommended to indicate several additional ones at once, which will be useful in case of business expansion.

How to reduce the percentage of abandoned orders and increase sales

There are many ways to reduce the percentage of abandoned orders. You must immediately write about the cost of delivery. Update the price of an item in your shopping cart automatically by adding shipping costs.
How to increase sales in an online store

Set the purchase threshold, the amount above which the customer will receive some kind of bonus, for example, free shipping. Do not make registration on your site mandatory. This only scares off buyers and puts a barrier on the formation of an order. During the checkout, the client will still leave his mail, which can be included in the mailing list. You can say about registration, but it's better to do it at the end.
Add ratings of sellers, products, videos and reviews to your online store. This allows the client to relax and fully trust you. But do not forget that, in addition to bringing a sale, these factors can deprive you of them.
You can also win over customers by providing guarantees of secure payment and low prices. Keep it short and to the point, and don't force customers to read several pages of text just to figure out if it's worth buying from you or not. But if you cannot 100% guarantee the availability of the product, then be sure to let us know.
Don't forget about the mobility of your store. Since the share of marketing on mobile devices is growing, it is desirable to optimize the site for smartphones and tablets.
How to increase sales in an online store
In addition to reducing the percentage of abandoned orders, the sales funnel provides an efficiency in increasing sales. Try to use pop-up notifications about discounts or abandoned carts. If your prospects are returning to checkout items on your wishlist while you're testing this feature, start sending individual reminders every week or month.

Site search really helps to increase sales in an online store

A fairly common problem is the interface, thanks to which the store visitors get the first impression of your company.
Use smart search on the site using the Elbuz Jumper system.
How to increase sales in an online store
They are usually divided into 4 groups:

  1. The work of the search bar. Quite often, on the sites of fairly large companies, errors occur during the search. It happens like this: the user is looking for a specific product, and the line gives an irrelevant result that has nothing to do with the query. This situation may also get worse. It happens that when you press the "enter" key, you do not go to the advanced search page, but go to the card of the wrong product, which was the first in the list. Therefore, it is important to check the correct operation of the search engine, avoiding unnecessary transitions to product pages;
  2. Filtration. For a quick search, your online store should be able to filter and sort the assortment by parameters. For example, a client is looking for an inexpensive laptop for home, and the search result contains about 300 products. The user is unlikely to spend time reading dozens of articles in order to find the perfect product for him. Accordingly, it is possible to increase the turnover of an online store, provided that the site can select suitable options for solving the problem;
  3. Display the search result. In addition to the problem with the amount of excess production, there is also poor structuring. This often occurs on children's toy sites when a user searches for a specific one, and the search results mix up products from different categories. And the further down the page you go, the fewer search-related products you'll find. It also happens that the store provides outdated products that are not in stock and are unlikely to ever appear. This confuses customers and they are unlikely to turn to the services of this site.
  4. Lack of understanding of the user's request. Here it is best to look at a specific example. The user decided to purchase a flash drive with a capacity of 8 GB. As a result of the search, only products of this type will be present, but with different memory sizes. Because of this, the client has to again look for the right product among the many unnecessary for him.

The solution of all these tasks, which affect not only the performance of the site, but also the overall impression of a potential client, will help you answer the question: how to make a selling online store.

Automation of the sales process

Convenient business platform
Automation of the sales process is the first condition for the development prospects of a modern company. The activity is to develop a special system that can serve as a buffer between the client and the company providing the service or selling the product, but also to facilitate analytical activities and reporting.

A manager interested in purchasing such a software add-on will not always figure out which particular set of functions to choose. Let's try to figure out how useful this or that platform for sales automation will be.

Benefits of trading automation
The labor-intensive process, as a result of which the manager manages to launch an automated sales system in his company, ultimately allows you to increase profits by several times, as well as ensure its stable growth in the next few years. Among the advantages that are characteristic of such a solution are the following:

  • obtaining access to the statistics of incoming requests from the customer by each of the employees of the company in real time;
  • operational management of the duties of all employees, thanks to which it is possible to make the work of each of them effective;
  • automatic monitoring and drawing up a company development strategy with subsequent dissemination of the data obtained in a convenient way;

Given these features, the conclusion is that the decision to acquire a CRM system will ultimately significantly simplify the analytical and organizational activities of the company. This feature is another argument for a modern leader, indicating the need to master modern technologies.

The specifics of the implementation of customer interaction systems
Buying a license to use a particular platform for doing business understands that the fact of purchase does not mean getting the opportunity to get rid of the difficulties of increasing the client base. To get the most out of your software installation, consider the following aspects of using an innovative employee solution. In what attention is drawn to first of all, we learn from the following table.

Company CEO

  • the level of protection of the client base and other data from hacking;
  • features of the analytical system and its use for a certain type of activity.

Head of Sales Department

  • the nature of segmentation of the client base with subsequent rationalization of cooperation in a particular case;
  • providing the client with incentive offers related to ongoing cooperation.

Sales Director

  • tracking the parameters of concluding a transaction with a client at all its stages;
  • management of the workload on the employee, allowing to rationalize his working time.

Sales Manager

  • thoughtfulness and convenience of automatic actions of the system, including the distribution of conditions of cooperation favorable to the client, reminders and other useful functions;
  • centralized access to the company's common database.

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How to increase sales in an online store?

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