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How to inspire trust in online store visitors

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In order for your store to be profitable, you need to know on the basis of what the customer’s decision to purchase a product is formed on the basis of (which contributes to this decision). One of the criteria that is taken into account by the client is the security of the transaction. The importance of this criterion increases in proportion to the value of the goods. After all, the more money a person is going to give for any thing, the more he must be sure of the security of the transaction being made.

What methods can be used to gain the trust of visitors to an online store?

  1. Detailed and high-quality descriptive content. Description of products and services should be as detailed as possible. Try to indicate all possible characteristics of the product (dimensions, manufacturer, warranty, etc. ). The more detailed the information, the more likely it is that this product will be purchased. It is desirable that the descriptive content be structured in a certain way, for example, presented in the form of a tablet. If the description goes in one line, and even without commas, then it will be quite difficult to read it. Use high-quality product photos (preferably several). The better the visitor can view the product, the more confidence it will inspire.
  2. A detailed description of the procedure for payment and delivery of products that are sold in your online store. Describe how exactly you can pay for the products (it is useful to indicate your payment details, for example, a bank account). It is desirable that there are several payment options. Tell users about how the delivery takes place, in what terms it is carried out and what documents the buyer needs to receive the goods. All this will greatly increase customer confidence in your online store.
  3. Detailed description of the procedure for returning the products or replacing them. In the work of any online store, such a phenomenon as the return of products or its replacement is not ruled out. Every buyer knows this. He also knows that the store owner is unlikely to want to give back his money. If you post a description of the procedure for returning goods, then the client will understand that you are quite normal about this and are ready to take responsibility. In addition, the client will know exactly how the procedure for returning products takes place and what documents he should have on hand.
  4. Detailed information about the company, its owner and employees. Tell the visitor about you, about what your company does. If a person was unsure about something, then for sure all his doubts will disappear after you provide detailed and detailed information about your business and employees. You can even take pictures of people at work. This will further enhance the trust of potential customers.
  5. Section "FAQ" (frequently asked questions). Create such a section and place there those questions that are most often asked by site visitors (about the characteristics of the product, payment, delivery, etc. ). The "FAQ" section also helps to build confidence on the part of buyers.


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