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How to open your online home appliances store

Trade in household appliances is one of the most demanded categories of products in the modern market. Despite the fierce competition in this segment of trade, household appliances are needed by everyone and always: a potential buyer goes to the store for an electric extension cord, a burnt out light bulb, an electric kettle; and what can we say about adapters, sockets, electrical wiring and other necessary electrical goods, without which you can’t do without? Trade in household appliances is definitely a profitable business, steadily generating income due to the constant demand for it. How to make your business profitable in the conditions of large-scale competition? In this article, we will talk about the main and key features of creating an online store for household appliances for general use.

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One of the main conditions for successful trade in household appliances is the creation of your own website or online store: only in this way, in a competitive market, you can significantly increase the level of sales and the efficiency of turnover. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

An entrepreneur who decides to take seriously the creation of an online store from scratch needs to carry out a number of organizational measures in order to ensure stable trading that brings good profits. To do this, you need to study the specifics of the work of a sales manager for household appliances (it is possible to get a job in a company of a similar profile), work in it for some time, having studied the range of goods, prices, manufacturers and suppliers; see "from the inside" all the nuances of doing business of this kind. In this way, you will be able to avoid mistakes in the future at the cost of your own business - this is a fairly reasonable approach that excludes the further likelihood of your financial losses. The second way - after getting acquainted with how to create an online store from scratch hire an intelligent sales manager, preferably with experience in the field of trade in household appliances or industrial goods: this way you will ensure high-quality sales of products through competent customer advice, timely payment and delivery of goods, which is very important for fast turnover, which directly affects the profit of an online store. A consultant manager can be offered a percentage of the proceeds with a small salary, warning the employee in advance that he will receive a small profit in the first months.

When creating an online store of electrical goods, you will need a starting capital of 700 thousand rubles, the payback period will be from 6 months to one and a half years (the region, the demand for products by the population with which you will work here affects). There are online stores that operate only in large cities, so you need to decide in advance which regions you can send your products to.

Next, what needs to be done:

  • decide on the assortment of products (this can be done using the price lists of your suppliers, having studied them in detail, as well as the suppliers themselves) - it is better to work with official dealers, from whom you can try to take products for sale;
  • pay attention to the fact that, as the experience of selling household appliances shows, small products (sockets, light bulbs, etc. ) do not bring the main profit: you should bet on electrical installation equipment and household appliances (washing machines, circuit breakers, pumps, brush cutters electric drills, etc. );
  • rent a room (at least 40 sq. m. ), taking into account the convenient location and transport interchange, so that it is convenient to deliver large-sized products (not to mention small ones) to a warehouse or send them;
  • to carry out organizational measures for the official registration of a private entrepreneur: ordering a seal, opening a bank account, obtaining permission to start work from regulatory authorities (it is possible to pre-repair the rented premises, coordinate this moment with the landlord in advance);
  • make a facade sign, a sign (if it is an office space), purchase the necessary furniture, buy racks and showcases (on average, one rack costs from 6 to 10 thousand rubles, but if it is necessary for an office presentation);
  • purchase computer equipment with licensed programs (office equipment and software will cost about 45 thousand rubles). You can also conclude an agreement with ElbuzGroup to implement online store automation, it is possible to almost completely service your online store, significantly unloading the consultant manager, the implementation will quickly fill the online store with goods, implement a system for processing supplier price lists etc . ;
  • purchase a cash register: an average of about 15 thousand rubles;
  • install an alarm (if necessary, you can’t save here);
  • advertise, or contact specialists of this profile, when customers call, ask them where they got information about the store from;
  • decide on the markup on the product: it can vary from 20 to 120% - of course, you need to start with a “hot product” and a low markup on it, also consider a system of discounts, the possibility of placing an interface on the site with a connection to social networks. networks;
  • create a range of goods: a turnkey assortment, to attract organizations and professionals, so that they know that you can buy everything at once (possibly at a discount and providing them with advertising of their services on your website).

As you can see from the above organizational measures, creating an online store from scratch is not so problematic: it just takes some time and financial costs, but believe me, it's worth it.

In conclusion, let's look at the monthly expenses for servicing the created online store of home appliances: rent of premises, manager's salary, Internet, utilities, gasoline: in total, on average, from 75 to 100 thousand rubles. per month, it all depends on the city and the standard of living of the population. Prices and conditions for creating an online store from scratch are as of 2016.

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How to open your online home appliances store

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