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How to open an online store selling educational board games

In this article, we will tell you step by step how you can almost independently create your own business from scratch, using the Internet resources and tips available to everyone, thanks to which the procedure for opening your own online store will not be burdensome and costly for you.

How to open an online store selling educational board games dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog An excellent solution for starting your own business is to create an online store from scratch selling educational board games. In recent years, the massive popularity of computer games has supplanted interest in the previously beloved board games, so the low awareness of consumers about their diversity and fascination has fundamentally prevented the development of this business area. However, attention to developmental board games has increased dramatically after the adoption of the law banning casinos and poker clubs, depriving them of their sports status and giving board games a new chance to prove themselves as a good leisure activity among friends or a large group of colleagues. Most consumers associate board games with chess, Monopoly, Settlers or Twister; but this is not always the case: there are a huge number of board games in the world, both domestic and foreign.

Abroad, in contrast to Russia, there are many fan clubs and movements of interest and direction, and they are rapidly developing. One of the priority advantages of board games include compactness, interesting decoration (often the design is done by very famous world artists), the possibility of participation of a collective number of players, mobility and relatively low cost: the price of an “average” game is from 1000 to 1500 rubles.

When creating an online store of educational board games, you should first of all focus on the assortment that you will trade. This is quite difficult, because it will require you to monitor Internet resources to identify demand for certain games - this can be done by analyzing customer reviews, demand, which can also be traced on the Internet. To get started, it will be enough for you to create a catalog consisting of 35-50 products (board games). Further, in the process of trading activities, you need to constantly increase (expand) the range by injecting part of the funds from the profits received, while systematically analyzing the trading rating and acquiring the most popular new items.

In the process of trading, you will see which games are the most in demand: you can safely buy them for further sales more than others, but this is purely individual.

It's better to contact the experts

When creating an online store from scratch, it is better for you to turn to specialists who will quickly and efficiently help you in this matter, doing the most important work for you on a turnkey basis. The budget price of such a store is about 30 thousand rubles, which, in principle, is not so much. To further fill your site with a wide range of products, you will also need help: photos of games, descriptions, characteristics - all this requires a significant investment of time, as a result of which the entire trade of the online store may “slow down”.

The ElbuzGroup company offers comprehensive automated services for filling and maintaining the created online store of educational board games. The company's products of the Elbuz series almost completely allow you to solve all the problems related to the performance and functionality of the site, ensuring its smooth operation.

To register an individual entrepreneur, you will need from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, approximately 3 thousand rubles. printing of promotional products (business cards, booklets, etc. ) will cost. Depending on the scale of the trading activity that you plan to start, you need to build on the amount of 50 thousand rubles. - These funds are needed to purchase the first batch of board games.

How to attract clients?

Next: what information should be placed on the site in order to attract customers in the first months of work? We will give the main list of organizational measures that must be carried out to increase demand and sales:

  • list all items with a detailed description of the required number of players, time per game, rules and age; post photos of the game, its contents and instructions;
  • create a special section of the site in which there will be articles about new products; closely monitor the appearance of new games on the market: each new game should be on your site as soon as possible - this is a guarantee that buyers will purchase products from you;
  • indicate on the site bonuses and a system of discounts when purchasing goods: for example, the purchase of products worth more than 3 thousand rubles. guarantees free delivery of products within the city (indicate this information on the site);
  • analyze the audience with which you will work: as a rule, these are children from 3-5 years old and their parents, on average up to 45 years old; most adults have a vague idea about the range of games, so you need to interest them in order for them to make a purchase from you;
  • decide on the advertising budget of the created online store from scratch; make a marketing move, hold periodic gaming tournaments and presentation sessions - for this you can agree with family leisure clubs or hold such meetings in a cozy cafe (it is best to agree with the cafe management on minimum orders: from 350 to 550 rubles per client; hours visits on the appointed day are limited only by the opening hours of the institution);
  • organize the invitation of clients to such meetings with the help of social networks, forums; place ads in local magazines and newspapers: “word of mouth” will provide you with a good effect - acquaintances and friends will start inviting their friends and acquaintances for leisure, and they, in turn, will invite theirs;
  • do not forget about business cards, booklets and brochures with your contacts and the address of your website: during meetings, organize their distribution in a cafe, do not forget to regularly post photo reports on the results of meetings on the created website;
  • try to hold thematic competitions and meetings during weekends and holidays so that your potential customers can come with friends and colleagues.

In conclusion of the article, it should be noted that the margin for each product (board game) must be set in the amount of 30 to 200%, depending on the demand for it and the pricing policy of competitors; at the beginning of the work of the created online store from scratch, make it as minimal as possible, and then your financial costs will fully pay off within the next 3-5 months.

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How to open an online store selling educational board games

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