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How to start a jewelry business?

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Selling jewelry can be a very interesting and profitable business. This product is always in demand, especially among women. If there is demand, you should provide a decent offer and make a profit!

In any case, it is important to think through all the smallest details. Where to sell goods, how, what initial capital is needed?

First of all, you need to think about the format of the store. Products can be sold at retail or via the Internet. But it is better to combine everything successfully.

You don't need a big real store. It will be enough and 5 sq. m. We do not recommend opening a separate store, it is better to buy (rent) a small pavilion in a large shopping center. There are many visitors in such places, so there will be sales, while a separate store will still have to be actively promoted.

An online store will allow you to increase sales, as you will be able to reach a fairly large audience. Many people love to shop online. But at the same time, you should develop a high-quality convenient web resource that users will like.

We advise you to proceed as follows: first open a point in a shopping center, and after strengthening your position and reaching a stable profit, create an online store.

The next step is the choice of suppliers. It is necessary to offer customers a diverse range of products. Cooperate only with reliable suppliers who inspire confidence, honestly and conscientiously treat their work. This ensures that there are no major problems.

As mentioned above, the assortment matrix should be characterized by diversity in order to attract more buyers. Seeing a rich assortment, people may enter the pavilion simply out of curiosity, which will lead to a purchase.

We advise you to sell inexpensive jewelry. Of course, the store should also have expensive, exclusive jewelry. Simply put, your products should be accessible to people of different financial status. You can also sell jewelry made by yourself. It is always unique and original. Such products are in great demand.

It is worth noting that the initial expenses are not very large (up to 25 thousand). This includes legal registration, opening a current account, purchase and registration of a cash register. The purchase of products will require approximately 200 thousand rubles. Opening and promoting an online store will cost 100 thousand. You will also need money for advertising.

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How to start a jewelry business?

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