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"Promotion" of the site using E-Trade products: an innovative approach to SEO optimization 2016.

Part II.

Against the backdrop of turbulent economic activity, companies began to appear offering turnkey website creation services, SEO optimization and its further maintenance - “promotion”. A company or organization that is a specialist in the field of website promotion should offer the client a basic package (a set of products provided), and not just a banal website creation. Promotion and support of the client's Internet resource is the main goal of IT companies providing this kind of service, so the customer should initially turn to specialists - professionals in their field.

As a positive illustrative example, the author's products of the well-known company ElbuzGroup, the E-Trade series, which, due to their versatility, completely solve the entire range of tasks related to the performance and automation of the site, can serve as a more positive example: //elbuz.com/e-trade-shop

The complex product of the company of the E-Trade series allows not only to optimize and almost completely automate the process of managing and functioning of the site, but also provides the possibility of a free engine for creating an online store, a free script, as well as choosing a CMS for an online store.

When solving technical issues related to creating an online store from scratch, you need to pay special attention to the correct choice of the CMS (Content Management System) engine - such engines are usually used for corporate and marketing network sites containing goods, blogs, news, etc. etc. In essence, CMS is software that allows you to manage the content of the site (content): create, fill and edit using the central administrative panel. It should be noted that the ElbuzGroup software (http://elbuz.com/e-trade-shop) not only fully meets all the requirements and standards for licensed products of this kind, but also offers built-in SEO support in a free engine for an online store.

In general, depending on the scale of activities that are planned in the process of creating an online store, you need to take into account a number of factors that directly affect successful trading, namely:

  • office rental for employees of an online store (for developing enterprises, the costs will average from 35 thousand rubles per month);
  • availability of a warehouse for products (the ideal option is the location of the office and the warehouse together, geographically);
  • the presence of a vehicle for the delivery / dispatch of products (home, mail);
  • the presence of a competent manager-specialist in working with clients and a programmer (system administrator), whose duties include layout of the site, its maintenance, control of the availability of an assortment of goods, compliance with current prices on the site, consultations, taking orders from customers and timely sending products to customers.

The correct organization of the work of an online store is often only in an initiative, motivated team, subject to the use of a complex of automated control systems in their activities.

What exactly do we mean by automation, and why exactly does the automation of the trading activity of the site play the main, decisive role in increasing profits? As you know, one of the main criteria for the successful sale of products, products or services is the availability of an assortment. Therefore, based on the basics of entrepreneurial activity, it must be taken into account that in addition to adequate and competitive prices, the presence of a good assortment of products is a must. With a large catalog of goods, many entrepreneurs can and do experience difficulties associated with processing a colossal amount of information (content): starting with supplier price lists and ending with the preparation of product cards with descriptions and characteristics for their online store or website. The basis of successful trading activity among advanced online stores and hypermarkets, as a rule, is directly related to the automated analysis of the information received (price lists of suppliers), its search in Internet resources, processing and further filling your site with products and services.

Summarizing the above, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that only qualified specialists who have earned the status of professionals and have a reputation for responsible and reliable performers can provide quality services in the field of information processing and filling the online store with content. An example, as mentioned above, is the well-known company ElbuzGroup ( //elbuz.com/ ) in the CIS.

The development and implementation of large-scale software created by the company to systematize all the processes of the site, enables developing enterprises and online stores to reach a new level of turnover and sales in general, increasing their profits up to 30%, while the company does not stop there: software the software is systematically upgraded, improved and updated, tracking the trends of online trading, keeping up with the times.

The ElbuzGroup company has been providing its services on the market for more than 10 years, working not only in Russia, but throughout the post-Soviet space, and during this time, judging by the reviews on the Internet, it has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, capable of actually increasing the volume sales.


Copywriter ElbuzGroup

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