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Swot competitor analysis

It is quite difficult to manually track the market value of goods, which changes regularly with the advent of new technologies and brands. However, for the successful operation of an online store, products must be competitive.

The E-Trade Jumper software will help simplify control - it is on the basis of this program that the download, comparison and export of data on the cost of products from other sites is carried out.

Analysis of the relevance of prices allows you to correct errors in prices in your online store and set the optimal cost for catalog items. Also, in real time, according to a given algorithm, you can compare the purchase prices and suppliers, and the retail price of direct competitors.

Swot analysis of competitors allows you to conveniently track changes in the market of the products you sell.

Functionality and cost of using the Swat competitor analysis option

The cost of using the service is estimated depending on the prepaid period, on average per day - 1. 5 EUR. In this case, you will have access to an unlimited number of presented prices.

However, remember that only on the basis of the E-Trade Jumper software, information about other sellers will be correctly analyzed.

The function of adding competitors and swot-analysis of product prices allows you to:

  • determine the best price for your customers;
  • regularly monitor the change in the market value of positions from your catalog;
  • create a summary price table for competitors;
  • display information on specific (chosen by you) sellers;
  • integration of the received data into the 1C database or into the engine of the online store in automatic mode.
  • correct errors in the previously indicated prices on your website;
  • correct low or too high prices;
  • get data about new products that are not yet presented on your resource.

Features of using the competitor price analysis function

Swat analysis of competitors is the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product, in this case, the software allows you to assess how attractive your prices are to buyers. With the help of the E-Trade PriceList Importer program, you can regularly access reliable and up-to-date information about the prices and availability of products from competitors. Downloading price lists is carried out in the same way as importing data from suppliers.

After uploading a competitor's price list (or product data from Yandex Market) into the software database, you can compare your prices and analyze the loyalty of the commercial strategy of other sellers.

The issuance of your retail prices can be made according to a given formula, taking into account the cost of products in other stores. Changes may not be necessary - if the difference in cost with a competitor is zero. After adjusting the cost according to the formula you specified, the cost of items in the catalog in the online store is automatically updated.

So, the main advantages provided by the SWOT analysis of competitors using the E-Trade Jumper program

  • Saving time;
  • Ease of use of the software;
  • Affordable training in the skills of working with the program;
  • Manufacturer technical support.

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