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How to protect yourself from theft of product descriptions in online stores

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Theft of content on the Internet causes a lot of inconvenience to webmasters. Moreover, not only articles can be stolen, but also product descriptions in online stores. We will give recommendations on how to protect yourself from this.

In the network you can find many stores with exactly the same product descriptions. Some are generally convinced that it is not necessary to create unique product descriptions. But this is a huge misconception, since original descriptions rank better for specific queries.

You can use social signals to protect your descriptions from unwanted copying. Search engines take into account the date of indexation and resource rating. Social signals will help new pages to be indexed faster, and the old ones will slightly add credibility.

Be sure to place “share” buttons from various social networks on the pages with product descriptions. It is desirable that visitors repost and like these pages.

You can protect descriptions from manual copying in the following ways:

1. Special script

You need to insert a special script into the page code that will prevent manual copying of the data contained on it. However, if you disable scripts in your browser, you can freely copy the information. But, fortunately, not all Internet users know about it.

2. Company name in the text

If the text contains references to the company, then copy-paste lovers will have to additionally rewrite the information, which reduces its usefulness and value.

3. Prohibition of highlighting articles in CSS styles

This method is similar to regular scripts, but it protects the content without using them. In this case, you can use a separate style that prohibits text selection. Disabling styling is much more difficult than disabling scripts in the browser. But experienced programmers can do this by disabling the HTML codes of the pages.

Unique content allows not only to promote the site, but also to increase the audience. Users love original information. Therefore, you should protect your content from theft in every possible way.


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