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Duplicate content on the site - when it is appropriate to do it

Almost every site owner knows that placing non-unique content on pages leads to all sorts of indexing problems.

In some cases, we are talking about a simple underestimation of positions in the issuance of a number of requests, in other cases, the complete exclusion of an Internet resource from the index.

However, there are situations where copying content can be very beneficial in terms of conversions and sales (when it comes to a business site). However, you need to copy text and graphics not from other resources, but from the current site. Simply put, you can duplicate content posted on different pages. Below we will describe what information can be duplicated.

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  1. Contact details. As a rule, a business site has a separate page designed to contain detailed contact information. Here indicate all possible ways of contacting representatives of the company. However, placing contact information on only one page is not always convenient for potential customers. It will be much easier for people to contact you if you duplicate the main contacts on several pages at once. For example, you can place this information in the sidebar, footer, header, under the main content area and in other places.
  2. Features of the company. This includes all information related to the work schedule, types of services provided, various technical issues that may be important to potential customers. Duplication of this information will allow you to avoid unnecessary calls and messages to the technical support service.
  3. The main benefits and advantages of cooperation with the company. It is very important for a potential customer to understand exactly what benefits he will receive from ordering your products or using your services. Moreover, the more tangible and obvious these advantages are and the more often they catch your eye, the higher the likelihood of a transaction (although overdoing it here is also not recommended). The list of benefits and advantages can be placed on the main page, on the page with information about the company, in the catalog of products / services.
  4. Descriptive content. A direct textual description of the products is implied. Usually, the description of not all available products is duplicated at once, but only some. For example, those for which a promotion / discount is valid, for which the expiration date is ending, etc. The description of these products can be duplicated on the main page and on the catalog page.

The purpose for which the information described above is duplicated is to increase the likelihood of its discovery by potential customers. After all, if the site consists of several hundred pages, and some important content is placed on 2-3 of them, then only a few of the visitors will be able to get acquainted with it. With duplication, the chance to notice the necessary information increases significantly. And along with this, the conversion of the site and the overall profit increase.

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Discussion of the topic – Duplicate content on the site - when it is appropriate to do it

Duplicate content on the site - when it is appropriate to do it

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