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E-mail marketing in the promotion of online stores

E-mail marketing in the promotion of online stores

There are many tools used to promote online stores: social networks, search engine promotion, content marketing, SEO, viral advertising, etc. When it comes to increasing conversions and increasing sales, the most effective promotion method is email marketing.

What is email marketing?
Email marketing (mail marketing) is one of the digital marketing strategies in which emails are sent for the purpose of converting subscribers into customers. Quote source. Link to the author TJ .

What is email marketing?

A well-designed email newsletter gives an online store many advantages in working with customers. You can use it not only as a tool for effective communication and customer retention, but also as a tool for repeat sales and motivation to take the right action. Email marketing for online stores is a key tool in the field of e-commerce, the effectiveness of which is very high.

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in commerce today, it is the best channel for getting social contacts. Use email marketing and get social SMM promotion through email marketing as a bonus!

Look, email marketing is the most profitable and one of the most effective sales channels.
Email channel share in sales
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Sample letter
email marketing

From research conducted in the field of e-mail marketing, the following data was obtained:

  • 80% of users receive e-mail newsletters daily.
  • The ROI (return on investment) of mailing lists is 4300% (DMA data).
  • 60% of users out of the total subscribe to mailing lists to receive information about discounts and special offers.
  • 70% of email recipients use the provided coupons and discounts by going to the advertiser's website using the links provided.

These data confirm the high efficiency of mailings. Since e-mail marketing is active in terms of attracting customers and increasing sales, it is ideal for promoting online stores.

Program for automatic distribution of advertising letters from ElbuzGroup

Paul Coffey, Director Platforms, Partnerships & Privacy, EMEA, Google states that due to the user's privacy policy, it may happen that cookies are disabled, so you need to collect user data and set up visit analytics in other ways. Collecting email addresses of potential customers for email marketing is an effective channel that becomes the main one for many business topics.

1. Email letters are effective in attracting customers

Of course, social media is an important channel for engaging with your audience and strengthening your personal relationship with them, all of which ultimately drive conversions. But when it comes to converting subscribers into customers, email marketing is the best way to go.

2. Cheap

The obvious advantage is the lower cost compared to other traditional promotion channels. Email marketing, however, needs to be automated, tracked, and evaluated. Certain costs are possible here, especially when sending several thousand letters at the same time. However, the ROI of email marketing remains higher than traditional promotion channels.

Proper mailing management will increase the ROI from interaction with customers. With an increase in the number of people who responded to your well-constructed chain of letters, you get the opportunity to deliver information of interest to the client at a lower cost. This is a win-win situation.

3. Customization and segmentation

In e-mail marketing, the correct approach is to segment the target audience and then send relevant information to each such segment.

When you post on social media networks, you address everyone at once. In the e-mail newsletter, you have the opportunity to contact each specific person by name, send only the information that is interesting to different segments of your target audience. Emails containing a person's name have 22. 2% of open rates.

E-mail newsletters can also be sent to people who may not only be interested in your product, but also those who meet certain criteria. People living in a particular city will be able to receive information relevant to that city. People interested in sports will be able to receive information about the sale only for sports goods, etc.

Your newsletter should build loyalty to you and your organization, and not cause negative associations and look like spam. E-mail marketing is important for building relationships with potential customers and existing customers, and even with departed ones - you have the opportunity to reach out to them. Be friendly, contact in person - you won't be annoying with your emails if they are properly targeted.

The more you know about your followers, the higher their engagement rate will be.

4. Aim at those who like you

E-mail is the channel that customers prefer to communicate with you. Most companies use this channel to send emails to those who subscribe to this mailing list, ie. interested people. This allows for greater conversions.

5. Call to action

Email marketing is ideal for impulse sales, because it allows you to purchase a product in a couple of clicks. Using a bright CTA in your emails along with a link to checkout, you can achieve results that are incomparable with other promotion channels.

6. Easy to get started

Email marketing does not require supernatural technical knowledge to be successful. You can create a campaign alone from an interesting template, a couple of videos, pictures, etc. Please note: the most successful companies use simple templates with simple text design, without unnecessary and unnecessary bells and whistles. These companies assume that content is the most important part of an email.

7. Action Oriented

Whether you paid attention or not, but every time you do something with your letters - answer them, forward them, follow links, confirm registration, or simply make a purchase. Think about it: emails are by nature action-oriented. Your subscribers can easily forward an interesting letter to friends and acquaintances, introducing your company to a new market, and you have a chance to attract traffic to your site, thus increasing sales. When developing a marketing strategy, consider the importance of e-mail letters - they will immediately show the result.

8. Easy to track

Another key benefit of email marketing is that it's easy to spot when you're heading in the wrong direction. Most email management services will show the number of emails opened, clicked, and converted. You will be able to quickly navigate and reconfigure your campaign properly.

9. Mobile devices allow you to check e-mail more often.

The availability of smartphones and mobile Internet is increasing the audience that uses their mobile devices to check mail and constantly surf the Internet.

10. Efficiency

The results of sending emails are visible from the first seconds. A 24 hour sale, for example, can be leveraged via email as it motivates subscribers to take immediate action. Traditional advertising does not have these benefits.

11. Applicable to any field

Electronic mailing lists can be used in a variety of areas, when advertising completely dissimilar products and services. Below you can see the average email marketing performance in different areas.

12. Feedback

In addition to advertising and increasing the loyalty of subscribers to your company, newsletters are a great way to collect feedback from customers. However, such feedback should not be collected just for show. By asking questions and engaging readers in conversations, you can gain valuable information about your product. It is important that your subscribers' reviews must have your comments, which can then also be sent to the database so that subscribers see your reaction.

13. Viral effect

The more interesting your content, the more willingly subscribers will help you with its promotion. Newsletters with "tasty" text or useful advice will be forwarded to friends and acquaintances or will be shared on social networks.

14. Lead nurturing (lead nurturing)

Not all subscribers are ready to buy from you, but they can be encouraged to buy with the help of “warm-up” letters. These emails can talk about what problems your product or service solves, provide information that will help the subscriber learn something new, or offer to follow your social media accounts for a discount or gifts for the next purchase. Such actions will increase the engagement of subscribers.

Email sending and marketing software


In addition to the mailing function, the program has many more useful functions:

E-mail newsletters VS social networks

Along with other promotion tools, Internet marketers use social networks. Twitter and Facebook are well suited for promoting stores. Are social networks as effective as mailing lists?

Only about 16% of your group's Facebook followers see feed updates. You distribute information, but it does not always reach the audience. Some users will never see your posts.

Unlike advertising on social networks, promotion through e-mail newsletters gives a much greater effect. All subscribers will receive your letters. And more than 80% of users will open them. Thus, the mailing list works more effectively than social networks when it comes to promoting your products and services.

What is the reason for the success of the mailing list? The matter is that through letters you address to each separate user. Newsletter is a personalized means of influence, therefore it is highly effective. Social networks are great for spreading information to an audience, but they don't do a great job of increasing sales. Your advertising messages can get lost in the flow of information and potential customers will never see them. And people check their mail regularly.

Search engine alternative

It is getting harder and harder to promote commercial sites in Google search results. The system changes the ranking algorithms and the methods that were previously used to promote online stores become irrelevant. The abundance of low-quality links, the presence of duplicate content, spamming on the site - all this leads to a decrease in the position of the site and a reduction in traffic flow.

Many sites that were promoted using prohibited methods have been removed from search engine results. Online stores lost visitors and profits. The use of e-mail marketing is a permitted and effective way to promote a site. While other white hat technologies require a lot of time to implement (for example, SEO, content marketing), then email newsletters allow you to get almost instant results. This is their strength and advantage.

Newsletters are a great tool for promoting online stores

In order to get the maximum benefit from sweat mailings, you need to properly organize them. Here are some helpful ideas:

  1. Use newsletters to inform subscribers about new promotions and discounts.
  2. Send out cart abandonment emails.
  3. Notify subscribers about new products and services, as well as price reductions on existing products.
  4. Conduct surveys via mailing lists.
  5. Create emails with reviews of interesting products.
  6. Use rewards.
  7. Hold contests and other interesting events.

Popular questions

E-mail marketing in the work of an online store is an increase in sales by 34% per month.
Use ready-made solutions, the automation program Elbuz Jumper, once setting up the mailing list, attract customers on an ongoing basis.
This is when everything is done for you, logical triggers are triggered and letters are sent, this is not just a mailing list of email addresses, this is a smart system that responds to the actions of the buyer.

Use e-mail newsletters to promote your online store in order to attract new customers and increase conversions. This marketing tool is highly effective in terms of increasing sales. How to make a product catalog for mailing new products.

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