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Breathe life into an online store: how to advertise your product and achieve high traffic

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The development of any online store is closely related to good advertising. New customers come - the store develops. A fairly simple scheme, when examined in detail, reveals very interesting things. Let's see how you can advertise your store.

Method one - search promotion

Such advertising is considered targeted, because in the search engine a potential buyer is already looking for the thing he needs. Buying a mobile phone online, he will definitely get to the site with mobile technology. You can advance in search engines in 3 directions:

  • Take advantage of contextual advertising, which is an ad in existing search engines, such as Yandex, Google, Mail.ru and others. It is good because it provides almost instant creation of an advertising campaign. The downside is the cost per click in a highly competitive environment. The store owner must pay for the transition from the search engine to his resource - this should not be forgotten.
  • Work on SEO. In fact, you need to work out the search engine optimization of your store. It is thanks to this that your store will come out on the first lines of search results, and will not remain somewhere at the bottom. The advantages are as follows: low cost, high confidence of potential buyers, no need to pay per click. Perhaps this method is the most popular. At the same time, it has serious disadvantages: the result is achieved in six months or a year, you need to constantly work on optimization.
  • Place a media-contextual banner. Or, to put it more simply, use a banner that, when clicked, will take the user to the site. It stands out from other ads, it can be made interesting and dynamic, it can be shown to users only from the selected region. At the same time, the banner is not a cheap pleasure, and also does not guarantee frequent transitions to the site. An interesting point: starting somewhere in 2011, resourceful store owners mastered showing users of various networks specific information that would “surely interest” them. If potential buyers have already searched for shoes, then a banner with this particular shoe will follow them.

Obviously, a combination of all 3 directions will give a good result. Beginners should choose to start with contextual advertising and independent SEO optimization, publishing interesting materials.

The second way is to promote the store in the commodity areas

There are many resources available to buyers for selecting and comparing products. Need to buy a gaming PC at an affordable price? The buyer will pay attention to the offers of these sites: //market. yandex.ru, //moymarket.ru, //tyndex.ru, //price.ru.

Of course, there are a lot of sites. The store owner just needs to know that going from there to the page with their product will cost money. Some offer placement of products at a negotiated price. Buyers themselves trust such advertising, so it can be called reliable.

Method three - let the inhabitants of the forums know about yourself

Also a reliable way, which is to place unobtrusive advertising on forums and city portals. For example, on the portal of motorists, you can give a link to a spare part from your store. Creating a frankly promotional thread on a forum usually costs something, but the prices are rarely high. You should also pay attention to electronic media and blogs - their high traffic will play into the hands of your site.

Method four - turn to the sites of "groups"

Discounts are often used by those who want to sell stagnant goods. On the Internet, everything is not quite so - a discount helps to "buy" the attention of customers. The very fact of a profitable offer here does not escape the attention of thousands of visitors to the portals //biglion.ru, //groupon.ru and //vigoda.ru. Publishing information about a product is not cheap, because the "groupons" themselves take up to 50% of the turnover. But it will be beneficial for a young store to advance here, since tens of thousands of buyers are looking for profitable offers, and they will definitely pay attention to the next discount. The base of customers who can be told about the discount directly is formed on the portals above. Going further, it is desirable to avoid groupons with their predatory prices.

What was missing?

Stores often resort to e-mail newsletters, advertising on social networks, affiliate programs. These methods are either unreliable or cause outright contempt on the part of potential buyers. Everything discussed above has been tested, implemented and evaluated by thousands of entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve high traffic to their online store.

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