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SEO optimization and products of the Elbuz series: interaction and result.

Part 4

When creating an online store with full-fledged SEO optimization, at the initial stage you will need analyzers whose task is to monitor search engines (identifying the algorithm of search engines that systematically improve their operating principles), as well as analyzing the site being created to improve its ranking in search results. You will also need optimizers, whose task is to bring the texts and articles of copywriters to their logical conclusion before filling the pages of the site, in fact, they determine the criteria by which copywriters need to complete tasks. The programmer (site system administrator) is a technical contractor who uploads the created optimization material to the site; as well as the analyzer with the lead website optimizer, they must be officially employed in the company, unlike other hired employees attracted from outside.

There are three main ways to effectively optimize a site, but in fact it is better to use the first option, and here's why. In the first method, official methods of "promotion" are used, which work in the conditions of search engines and provide an increase in the rating of the created online store; they require more time, besides they are very expensive, but at the same time they guarantee the absence of any penalties and the forced movement of the site to the lower search positions. With the first option, you can safely and fully use the products of the ElbuzGroup Elbuz series - the software will allow you to fully realize all its capabilities and supplement the main SEO promotion when creating an online store from scratch. The company offers the best free online store engine, a free script, a choice of CMS for an online store (which already has built-in SEO support!), so you are guaranteed to see its rating and the result from using the basic products of the Elbuz series from the first months of the created site. . At the initial stage, the created online store is empty, i. e. does not have a product catalog with descriptions, photos and characteristics, therefore, an important addition when conducting SEO site optimization is the use of such company products as PLI and CC: the basis for operational processing and filling the online store with goods.

The second way to optimize the site is a kind of "golden mean", balancing between two options: qualified optimizers can use non-standard methods for promoting and promoting the site, for example, by showing advertising activity in social networks, carefully using them to promote advertising and attract customers to the created site, but do not abuse it, in order to avoid negative consequences for the online store. Here you can also use the products of the Elbuz series: the PriceList Importer product will allow you to quickly process supplier price lists, and the Content Creator product will fill the product catalog of the created online store with high quality and in a short time, in turn, automatically raising it in the search engine rankings to competitive level.

The third method practically offers fraudulent actions to promote and raise the site to the top, which naturally, sooner or later, will be revealed by assessors (a specialist who determines the "honesty" of the site's pages and its relevance), so the use of this method in practice, although it is possible, oddly enough, without requiring a lot of time for this, but at the same time it creates a high probability of applying restrictions with the subsequent blocking of the site and the impossibility of further sale of goods.

Of course, it makes no sense to determine which method you will use in your work, because fraudulent actions are not practiced by successful companies and studios; their cooperation is based solely on mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships and commitments, which provides them with guaranteed work for many months and even years. Proper organization of business enables many companies and enterprises to start successful trading on the Internet, providing a website promotion and promotion studio with almost constant work related to the development of a partner project. A distinctive feature of the ElbuzGroup company lies in the fact that, unlike studios that ONLY offer promotion and promotion of the created online electronics store, the company's products allow you to automatically fill the site with products and automatically perform SEO optimization using the built-in functionality of the proposed online store "Full construction".

SEO optimization and products of the Elbuz series: interaction and result. dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

To create an online store, you need to register as a business entity, fill out the registration form and receive a personal (OKPD) code, on average, this will require costs of about 20 thousand rubles.

At the stage of organizational measures, the initial costs will be:

  • OKPD registration - 20 thousand rubles;
  • rent of premises (office, preferably with a warehouse) - 30 thousand rubles;
  • necessary equipment for trading activities, (in the office): presumably about 100 thousand rubles (this amount is minimal, since it includes the cost of purchasing a specialized product - software);
  • salary for employees who are officially employed by the company: it should consist of the minimum salary (about 12 thousand rubles); this is due to the fact that an additional percentage is expected to be paid, depending on the amount of work performed (on average, such a payment is about 84 thousand rubles - an account manager, analyzer, optimizer, programmer and designer, mainly engaged in layout);
  • remuneration of freelancers (periodic involvement of specialists to perform work as necessary; for example, copywriters) - here remuneration is carried out depending on the qualifications of the specialist and the level of remuneration for similar work on the Internet, on specialized freelance sites.

Based on the foregoing, it is necessary to allocate at least 250 thousand rubles to the start-up capital budget for this kind of activity, while taking into account the fact that the minimum cost of creating an elementary site ranges from 5-7 thousand rubles, and creating a professional, high-quality modern site can cost and 100 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the design, added functionality, “engine”, etc. Basically, ordering the creation of only one site costs the client at least 20 thousand rubles, optimizing your site will cost another 35 thousand rubles (this the average amount for the promotion of your online store in the first 2-3 months of its operation); further optimization will cost you from 5 to 10 thousand rubles per month (again, it all depends on the functional features of the online store).

The above amounts are averaged: each studio conducts a personal calculation to determine the cost of work; a lot depends on the type of business and the specifics of the site, so in competitive areas SEO optimization will be much more expensive than in those where the customer is essentially a monopoly representative of the market. In such (rare) cases, site optimization will be much cheaper, and the task will be completed much faster. As noted above, it is worth paying attention to the promotion and promotion of groups in social networks: now this is a very powerful tool that does not require significant funding, but at the same time makes it possible to attract a significant audience; Most entrepreneurs already now conduct their business only with the help of social networks.

If we summarize the main initial costs, we can draw the following conclusion: renting a room (office-warehouse), salary and utility bills will cost you about 140 thousand rubles a month. Finding about 7-8 clients every month to create personal sites, you can cover current costs by having about 12 thousand from each customer (for optimizing his site during the first month), or a total monthly income of 84 thousand rubles. Approximately half of this amount will be spent on the percentage bonus of employed workers, as well as on the remuneration of freelancers. Summing up, we can safely voice the figure of 42 thousand rubles - this is the balance of income from the entrepreneur, which is just over 35 thousand rubles of net profit in the first couple of months of work. Later, having become a more famous studio, the company will actively attract much more customers than at the initial stage, significantly increasing the profit and profitability of the online store, as a rule, this will take from six months to a year. Each new order will make it possible to more quickly recoup the funds invested in the project.

In conclusion of the article, the following fact can be noted: from carrying out organizational initial events (registration, rent, purchase of equipment, payment of salaries, etc. ) - you can’t get away from this, since you have seriously decided to devote yourself to creating your own business on the Internet, but you can significantly save your finances and time on SEO optimization and filling the product catalog of the created online store through the products of the Elbuz series, as well as the services provided by ElbuzGroup: be patient and entrust your work to professionals!


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Discussion of the topic – SEO optimization and products of the Elbuz series: interaction and result.

SEO optimization and products of the Elbuz series: interaction and result.

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