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Basic points of organizing online commerce

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The first online stores appeared at the end of the last century. Almost all of them, alas, are long gone. What to do to stay afloat, because the web environment is dynamic, and in order to adapt to it, you need to change. Despite this, online trading is a rather interesting activity.

The owner of an online store does not have to spend cash on renting huge retail and warehouse space, purchasing or renting retail and secondary equipment, or hiring an army of not always decent sellers and consultants. All the necessary information is already presented on the website and the consumer himself moves through the endless stream of "virtual racks" and selects what he needs. Add to this fact a grand probable audience of Runet visitors - tens of millions of people from the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. It is unlikely that any real store can boast such a large number of potential consumers.

In practice, you still need to fight so that visitors pick up your super store directly, and not your competitor’s faceless, in your opinion, trading platform. Nowadays, e-commerce has become a routine activity. Thousands of stores are ready to offer you thousands of products. It is possible to buy virtually everything on the Internet, with the possible exception of a trip to outer space. And the competition between stores is enormous. In the battle for the consumer, you have to react to everything - almost to the smallest detail.

The triumph of an advanced online store is supported by the effective solution of two key tasks. The first is to interest a sufficient number of potential consumers. The second is to transfer, if possible, guests from the group of "probable consumers" to the group of regular customers.

The statistical correspondence "visitors / buyers" is popularly called nothing else than the "conversion rate", and the higher this attribute, the more effective the online store (ceteris paribus).

In this informative article, we will highlight the basic points of organizing online commerce that increase the conversion rate, in the absence of which it is extremely difficult to imagine an effective store. The number of internal moments of profitability of an online store includes such concepts as service, list and prices. It is possible to argue about the priority of these moments for a long time. On the financial side of the coin, for people with low incomes, prices will be the characterizing moment. Although let's make an average portrait of a consumer of products from an online store - in almost ninety-nine percent of cases - these are office workers, heads of firms, experts, non-poor students and students. People are more or less wealthy. As a result, the service and the list become more significant for them. And in this case, they are willing to overpay. For example, Ozon is one of the main Runet online stores. Although almost all the products in it are more expensive than in other stores, a well-considered pricing policy is one of the most essential main components of luck.

The question of the success of an online store has long been a concern of the Internet community. An essential issue is the balance of design and list of features. Popular opinion - there can be no design in the right online store! All point. From the illustrations, only the logo and photos of the products are perceived. The rest is overkill. But is this arrangement correct? The purpose of design is not only to provide a rapid perception of information, but also to create a clear positive impression in the guest. Stylish, neat design increases the credibility of the store and, accordingly, has a positive impact on sales. Imagine that you need tires, you want to order tires via the Internet. What are you doing for this? Go to the search engine and find hyperlinks to two stores there. In the absence of redundant retreats, where are you most likely to want to make a purchase? The main role in your choice will be played by the presentation of the website, the perception of its "suitability" in the form of a place of action for making a purchase. The sharp predominance of exclusive design, or, on the contrary, the list of possibilities, depends on the products presented in the store. For example, the predominance of design will certainly increase the conversion of online stores with a jewelry theme, the advantage of functionality is more preferable for home appliances stores.

When researching an online store, a lot of time needs to be devoted to usability. This word should be understood as the convenience of the presented trading platform for the guest. More important for usability is the product list navigation system. Symbolically, it can be divided into small (up to 500 items), medium (from 500 to 1000) and rather big (over 1000 items), moreover, in any group of products there is at least 10% of the entire list. Depending on the breadth of the list, different types of appropriate navigation can be used: linear navigation, multi-level directories, and selection-only navigation that occurs methodically from page to page.

Linear navigation - this type of navigation represents the presence of a straight line that connects all the pages of a given site.

Multi-level catalogs - the most time-consuming type of navigation, are used in stores with the largest product list. Represents the presence of a main (root) catalog and its directly subordinate catalogs of lower value, which connect products by some indicators.

Selection-based navigation allows you to show the guest a number of parameters and get a selection of products that meet these conditions. For example, a selection of tires is formed based on the following parameters: volume, manufacturer, season, and price range.

Given the importance of comfortable navigation, it is necessary to start the study with the structure of the site. Undoubtedly, the most essential section in an online store is the product catalog. For example, in perfumery, it's quite a laborious classification of fragrances, including these strange names like fern and aldehyde fragrances. How "aldehyde" perfumes smell, the ordinary buyer has no idea. He is closer to other names - spicy or new flavors. They belong to the "home" classifications, and yet, the guest is told more than a misunderstood word "aldehyde".

Everything that we talked about above can be attributed to the content of the store. What is "web design"? If we draw an analogy with a "real" store, design is the exterior and decoration of the store. In addition to the comfortable location of individual blocks, the design must carry a clear sensual load within itself. For example, open a store for children's toys and computer equipment - you will immediately feel the difference.

The design and list of features must be at a high level in order to guarantee the guest a high level of service.

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