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How to find suppliers for an online store

A supplier is an organization that delivers goods. An intermediary is an organization or person who organizes the purchase of products for you for a certain fee. It is most beneficial to cooperate directly with the supplier of the goods.

All suppliers can be divided into two groups, in accordance with the scheme of work:

  • Dropshipping suppliers are suitable for online store owners who do not have a warehouse and initial capital to work with.
  • Wholesale suppliers who ship products from a warehouse on an advance payment or with a slight delay in payment.

How to find suppliers for an online store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog In the process of organizing your own commercial project, you will come across various business systems, but suppliers and buyers always remain key counterparties. This also applies to an online store - it must provide the most relevant products, the price of which will be optimal, and the shopping conditions attractive. This is the principle of successful sales activity.
And for this you need to find reliable suppliers with favorable prices.

Database of suppliers for the online store

The supplier base can be found on catalog sites. For example:

  1. Ukrainian directories: bigopt.com postavschiki.ua ukrpartner.ua .
  2. Foreign: esources. co. uk (England), goolzi.com (France), b2b-zentrum. de (Germany), 4wholesaleusa.com (USA), Alibaba.com Aliexpress.com (China).

There are major suppliers for an online clothing store, such as:

Suppliers of children's products for online stores

Suppliers of souvenirs, decor and gifts

The program for automating the work of an online store has a list of suppliers, which is constantly updated. Can be downloaded from the link

Where else to find suppliers for an online store

Initially, you need to decide how much you can buy products without compromising the operation of the online store. If there is enough money, then you can start looking for large suppliers and direct manufacturers. They sell products in large quantities and prepaid, but offer fairly low prices. If there is no desire or opportunity to invest in goods, then it is better to look for small suppliers and intermediaries (distributors), which, although they offer slightly higher prices, provide deferred payment and small lots (up to one unit of goods). After that, you can proceed directly to the search.

  1. It is possible to find a supplier in the Google search engine .
    To do this, enter the desired product in the search engine and add the word "wholesale" or "official distributor". Advanced search settings will allow you to accurately get to the desired portal. Also study the reviews of people who have already used the services of various platforms. Register on specialized forums and track incoming information.

    Having selected several suppliers, you need to ask them for a price list and information on the terms of cooperation. By comparing purchase prices, you can easily weed out intermediaries and choose the most profitable and convenient option.
  2. In printed publications
    How to find suppliers for an online store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

    By purchasing several printed publications (newspapers, magazines, catalogs) related to the chosen niche, you can find potential suppliers of products in the advertisements placed there. Typically, such ads can be found in ad units.
  3. At fairs, exhibitions, forums, conferences
    How to find suppliers for an online store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

    You can track information about ongoing exhibitions in thematic media. At such events, wholesalers and manufacturers place stands with samples of their products, printed catalogs and advertising booklets. This is very convenient, as you can discuss working conditions, exchange contacts and get favorable discounts.
  4. On competitor websites

    Most often, online stores hide their suppliers, but if you wish, you can get some information. For example:
    • study the competitor's website - the photos may have watermarks of the supplier, sometimes the photos are simply parsed from the catalog, so you can track the path through the links;
    • request information about warranty service (or look for links on the site) - more often it is produced by official dealers and suppliers;
    • request quality certificates - they may be stamped by the company in which the product was purchased.

Looking for suppliers, or how to get access to price lists

Together with the E-Trade Jumper product, our partners get access to a database of reliable suppliers - these terms will be the first and successful steps towards the development of your business project.

Our summary table describes the specialization of a particular seller and his contact information. Based on the provided reference data, you can easily select the right business partner for your online store.

To do this, you need to contact the supplier directly and conclude a contract for the supply of goods. We are a reliable link in the B2B partnership system - the information provided is verified.

It is important that the search for suppliers will be useful both for existing online stores in order to find a reliable partner or a more affordable wholesale cost of goods, and for a start-up project. There are no other special places where you will be provided with such information.

Signing a contract with a supplier

A successful search for new suppliers ultimately ends with the conclusion of a cooperation agreement. It must contain all the terms of delivery (terms, volumes, regularity) and your payment obligations. In the process of negotiating partnerships, suppliers must provide reliable prices for their goods: as a result of using the E-Trade Jumper program, the owner of an online store will be able to designate the most profitable vector of cooperation.

Search for suppliers for an online clothing store with E-Trade Jumper

One of the popular software for finding the most profitable offers is E-Trade Jumper. And if you are our client, then at your disposal are the prices of the largest suppliers in Russia and the CIS.

Distributors' prices are processed by the analyzer, and it is important that no matter what structure the Excel file has, E-Trade Jumper will easily organize the data and create a new summary sheet with analytical information.

The reason for the closure of an online store may be an improperly planned purchase of products, so this issue must be approached very responsibly. Thanks to our software and such a function on the site as the search for suppliers, you can avoid many troubles.

The system of business relations does not tolerate conditional values - your market relations must be documented, this also applies to electronic document management. In the process of working with E-Trade Jumper, you can use the analytical capabilities of the program: compare the price changes of a particular supplier, and analyze the loyalty of the companies with which you cooperate.

A list of some providers can be downloaded here .

Price lists are a huge layer of information that needs careful processing and analysis. How to help yourself not to drown in this sea of information and fish out everything you need? It is necessary to entrust the analysis of suppliers' prices to our E-Trade Jumper software.

The process looks like this:

  • upload data (price) to the program;
  • the program analyzes the document;
  • gives the result: new arrivals, price difference, presence / absence of positions.

What can be done? Customize document import from supplier: user defines a rule for each organization. The selectivity rule comes into play, and the program loads only products from a given category or a specific brand. Why is this needed? Imagine that you have 2 suppliers with the same products. But you take hair dryers and irons from one, tea and coffee makers from another. You set a category, and the program itself loads only hair dryers and irons for the first one, and teapots and coffee makers for the second one. Every time in manual mode, you do not need to search and select!

We go further. Turn on the filter, and the program loads only new items from the supplier's price list. Or only those products for which the price has changed. With the help of filters, you can automate many options for finding and replacing information on the site.

The program will conduct a complete analysis, spending minutes on it. You only configure all the parameters of search, replace, import. The program analyzes and converts the received data into a finished result that instantly appears on the site. This means that the prices and availability of products in the store will always correspond to the current moment!

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