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Creating selling texts - the method of artificial scarcity

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How to increase the intensity of sales of your product? This question, or rather, the answer to it, is of interest to the owners of many online stores. All this acquires particular relevance when the products lie in the warehouse for a long time - several months, a year or even more.

There are several ways to sell stale products. Firstly, to make a discount (most often, the owners of online stores, due to the lack of imagination, resort to this particular method). A discount is made on the goods, the size of which can vary widely, for example, from 10 to 90 percent. It all depends on the demand for the product, its initial cost and other factors (for example, on the time of year if the product is seasonal). Secondly, positions with this product are displayed in the most prominent places, for example, on the main page of an online store. The main page is viewed by a much larger number of visitors. Therefore, the chances of selling the products increase dramatically.

There is another way - more cunning and interesting. The essence of this method is to create an artificial deficit. Surely, the following situation happened to many of you - you go to the page of a popular online store, select the product you are interested in and want to order it. Further, it turns out that the product is not available, since it has already been sold out. But you can still leave a request for an order (the request will be processed when the products appear in the warehouse). Most often, this does not happen on purpose, that is, the product is really in high demand and it is quickly sold out. But in the brain of a visitor to an online store, the idea that this product must be bought is firmly planted (after all, other people buy it and remain satisfied at the same time).

It turns out that the less product of a certain brand or model is available for sale at a specific cost, the greater the demand for it. Here a simple psychological pattern comes into play - if something is not enough, then you need to have time to acquire it. Therefore, when creating an artificial shortage, the owner of an online store also counts on high demand. And if everything is done correctly, then this demand will definitely be.

Let's take an example. An online store sells computers. Employees of an online store deliberately damage packages with 15 system units, for example, leaving them in water for a while. Further, an announcement is made on the store's website that a water pipe burst in the warehouse at night. As a result, 15 packages of system units were damaged. The computers themselves are in perfect order (they were specially checked and no problems were found). But only for damaged packaging on computers is a discount, for example, 15 percent. And there were real cases when the entire batch of products after such an announcement diverged almost immediately.

What is the commercial success of such a technique? The product is stale, that is, no one will buy it so easily. If you make a regular discount on it, then no one guarantees a high demand for it anyway (even if the discount is 30 or 40%). After all, here people may think that the product is of poor quality or very outdated (even with a discount, they will no longer need it). If we are dealing with an “accident”, that is, with packages getting wet, then the buyer clearly knows why the product is discounted (this discount has nothing to do with the operation of the computer itself, but only with the packaging). Also, the discount applies only to a certain number of computers (the packaging of which was damaged). In other words, you still need to have time to purchase this product. The combination of these two factors contributes to the formation of high demand.

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