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Why Landing Pages Are Not SEO Friendly: Search Engine Optimization Problems

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One-page websites or landing pages have become very popular. With proper use, they give a good effect and high conversion. Landing pages provide concise and useful information to users, encourage them to take certain actions, and help convert visitors into customers.

And everything would be fine, only with the search promotion of one-page sites problems arise. Landing pages are very difficult to optimize for search engines. If you expect to get the main traffic from search, a one-page site will not be a good helper in this.

Modern, but not always convenient

Landing pages attract attention with their design. It is worth taking a look at a high-quality one-page site in order to capture the essence of the offer, highlight the main advantages of the product or company, and evaluate your benefits. Such projects look very impressive, but they are limited in functionality. Landing pages are great for conveying concise information to consumers and making an immediate impact on the audience. They are not at all adapted for SEO and search engine promotion.

If you want to attract people to the site through Yandex and Google, then a one-page site will not help you with this. Such a project is designed to attract traffic from contextual advertising and social networks. Landing pages are an ideal tool for advertising a product or service, collecting user contact information, and promoting information products. Those who expect to use a one-pager as a replacement for a full-fledged company website should not expect high returns.

A landing page and a corporate website (or online store) have different goals. For the successful operation of a particular promotion tool, it is necessary to comply with the conditions and principles of effective implementation. Just remember that landing page SEO is not the best promotion option. With regard to such pages, other methods should be used: contextual advertising and SMM.

Promotion to the TOP: Landing Limitations

Search engines add sites that are useful and necessary to Internet users. To assess the level of value of a resource, search engines analyze a large number of quality parameters. Search robots page by page index the site and determine the degree of compliance of individual pages with people's requests.

Each page can move to the top of the issue for a specific request. The SEO process optimizes content for keywords that closely match the content of the page. At the same time, one text cannot be optimized for search queries related to different thematic groups. Such an approach will not give a positive effect.

When promoting a landing page in search engines, you should use a similar approach to SEO. For optimization, you can select several search queries included in the same group. As a result of optimization, you will prepare one page for promotion. Judge for yourself how much targeted traffic you can attract in this way. It is clear that the number will be small.

Another difficulty in promoting a one-page site is the narrow focus of the impact on the audience. You can fill the landing page with a limited amount of content, which will prevent you from fully revealing the benefits of the company. For example, on a regular site, you can create separate pages for posting information about activities, products, terms of cooperation, contact information. At the same time, each page will be displayed in the search taking into account the requests and interests of the audience.

With regard to landing, this technique cannot be used. All information will be placed on one page. If people only search for the contact details of your company, then in response to their request, they will receive not only this information, but also all the information present on the landing page. The inability to distinguish between data taking into account the interests of users hinders the promotion of the landing.

Thus, if you are counting on attracting visitors through search, you need to use a full-fledged Internet resource - a corporate website, blog, online store, portal, etc. If you have enough traffic from advertising and social networks, you can create a landing page and promote it. Proceed from the goals of promotion in order to choose the right ways to attract an audience.

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Why Landing Pages Are Not SEO Friendly: Search Engine Optimization Problems

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