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Ways to fill and update information on the site

Accuracy and relevance are the pillars on which the information presented in the online store for your visitors is based. The description should be understandable, the characteristics verified, and the displayed availability of products in your warehouse should be true. And all this should be supported by numerous high quality images. All this information should be carefully monitored and updated regularly. Of course, if the assortment of your store has more than 20 thousand commodity items, then the task becomes somewhat more complicated. However, this problem can be solved in several ways. We would like to share them with you and provide you with the most complete information in this matter. The experts of our company regularly create such materials.

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Filling the online store on your own

This is one of the simplest, but at the same time time-consuming ways. This option is suitable only at the project start stage, when there is a need to add several dozen different commodity items. It will take weeks to complete a thousand cards. This, of course, is a good way to save money, but then there is no time left for the main work - business development and income generation. Almost all online store owners step on this rake and then look for ways to avoid wasting time.

Using the parser

The parser is a special program that can "extract" and process the necessary information about the product. It can work with a large amount of data and automatically updates the information on the site.

The network has universal parser scripts that are in the public domain. However, they are quite complicated for an inexperienced user, which makes it virtually impossible to understand the principle of their work. The most optimal solution is to take and order the creation of an individual parser for your needs from a specialist, setting a simple task for the script - filling the site.

Special software

In the e-commerce services market, there have long been proven solutions that solve a lot of routine tasks for the store owner and managers. For example, using the E-Trade Price List Importer, your site will always display only the most up-to-date information about product offers and will not mislead users. Agree that in our time it is quite important to quickly change the data on the storefront. So it should be noted that the showcase should not contain products without “packaging”. Each product can be easily and quickly found a description and its characteristics, for this there is a program E-Trade Content Creator. As you can see, everything has long been invented, before us. Automate all activities or conduct them manually - the choice is yours.

Content manager services

Today, many people use the services of a content manager. If you don't know who this is, then the content manager is the person who is responsible for adding and regularly updating all the information on the site. He searches, prepares and rewrites product descriptions, fills in specifications, posts images and video reviews. Sometimes a content manager engages freelancers who help to create high-quality content for the site, to complete the content of the online store. .

It is worth saying that the quality of content is an important factor on which the content of the site depends. You can copy information from other sources, which will greatly speed up the process of filling the site. However, this will negatively affect search results. In the end, a quick win will turn into a loss in the long run. But unique texts will increase the ranking of the site and help attract new customers. Of course, this process takes much longer and costs a little more, but the increased conversion will more than pay for all the costs.

Parsing competitor prices


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