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Creating an effective description of goods in an online store

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The structure of an online store, as a rule, is very different from the structure of an average information site or blog. In addition, these types of Internet resources have completely different ideologies. The task of the information site is to provide users with relevant information on some topic, and the task of the online store is to provide a comprehensive and reliable description of any products (with the possibility of purchasing them). Accordingly, when preparing content for a regular site and an online store, completely different principles should be followed.

As a rule, 90-95% of all text and graphic content posted on the pages of an online store is a description of the products available here. And the total number of attracted customers and completed sales transactions depends on how competent this description is. Ideally, the descriptive content of an online store should effectively solve three problems at once. Task number 1 is to attract customers from search engines (SEO). Of course, a lot here depends on the indicators of the site itself, the quality of external links, however, search engine optimization of the text (titles, meta tags, the availability of the necessary keywords) plays an important role. Task number 2 - providing comprehensive and reliable information about the product. It is desirable that the description is not too large in volume, but at the same time capacious (with a minimum amount of “water”) and truthful (the declared characteristics correspond to the characteristics of the real product). Task number 3 - convincing customers of the need to purchase products (the so-called "selling" function).

In practice, product description texts usually solve only one or two (maximum) tasks. This is due either to the desire of the owner of an online store to save money on content, or to ignorance of the key features of online marketing. As a rule, the situation develops as follows - a rewriter / copywriter is hired, who stamps out standard descriptions, adds a few pictures taken from the Internet and quickly optimizes the resulting text. Sometimes events unfold even worse - the product description is simply copied from the pages of another online store (which is fraught with subsequent problems with indexing).

The question arises - how to write a competent product description? Below are some tips for this.

  1. Break the description into separate blocks (make it structural). For example, you can make two blocks - an overview (actually, a text description) and characteristics (technical information, weight, size, etc. ).
  2. Break the description down into short and long descriptions. A brief description (basic data about a product) can be displayed, for example, on the catalog page, and a detailed description can be displayed directly on the product description page itself (or can be displayed on click).
  3. Try to take technical characteristics from the website of the manufacturer of the goods, focusing specifically on the current model.
  4. Graphic content (photos of goods), if possible, prepare yourself. For these purposes, you can rent a good camera and equip the place for shooting accordingly. Author's unique photos are valued much higher.
  5. Focus on the benefits of the product to the end consumer. It is desirable to arrange the advantages in the form of a list and add them to the main block with a description.
  6. Use moderate search engine optimization. It is desirable that the main key be the full name of the product (brand + model). Try not to use the main key more than 1-2 times, especially if the text is small.


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