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Creating the correct directory structure

A well-designed catalog is the key to the success of any online store. In this way, you will not only create optimal conditions for the visitor to search for the desired product, but also make it easier for the administrator to make the required changes. An ordered cataloging of products is a fundamental factor that will affect the growth of sales, the comfort of staying on the resource, the efficiency of its work and will help solve a number of important tasks:

  • provide the buyer with the necessary information about each individual product;
  • will optimize the processing of commodity items;
  • will help you quickly find the products you are interested in;
  • increase the number of sales by an average of 20%;
  • improve site indexing by search engines;
  • affect the image of the site.

In other words, when compiling a catalog, the systematization of information plays an important role, as well as its provision in a form convenient for the buyer. Of course, there are some rules and recommendations, following which you will be able to create a successful project. There are also programs that already contain the correct directory structures and will allow you to create a system, say, like Yandex Market, in just a few clicks. We recommend testing the Elbuz Price List Importer in the work, you have a great opportunity to save a lot of time with it.

Logical structure

Creating the correct directory structure dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog Working out a logical structure is the first point that should be considered when compiling an online store catalog. A lot depends on this, first of all, how convenient your resource will be. And this indicator, in turn, directly affects its attendance. Remember that when developing a directory structure, it is important to find a compromise between the attractiveness of the site for search engines and its comfort for visitors.

The best option is when each category contains approximately the same number of products. It is advisable not to allow a situation where one product is found in different categories. This will lead to the creation of duplicate pages, which will negatively affect search results. If your store has products that do not lend themselves to a general classification, it is advisable to create a separate category with a vague name, for example, “Miscellaneous”.

Directory depth

Turning to the consideration of this paragraph, it is important to remember that the depth of the directory should not exceed two levels of nesting. Use the proven formula for success three clicks to the product. That is, the buyer should not make more than three transitions to the internal pages of your store, otherwise there is a risk that he will get tired before he finds the right product and simply leave your resource. Making a catalog on one level is also not recommended, especially if a large number of categories are provided.

The most optimal directory layout should look like this:

  • category;
  • subcategories;
  • sub-subcategories.


Filters are an integral part of any online store. They will help you find the right product as quickly and efficiently as possible, and will only add advantages to your resource. You can create them based on the characteristics of your products, for example, watches - like a strap or laptops - diagonally. How to quickly create characteristics and filters based on them? There is no difficulty in this if you use the special Elbuz Content Creator program, which will fill all products with data for filtering.

For example, such an item as "Brands" is not recommended for use in product categories, it is better to include this parameter in the online store filter. After all, it is not for nothing that all popular sites observe this principle.


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Discussion of the topic – Creating the correct directory structure

Creating the correct directory structure

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