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Creating a correctly filled product card

The commercial success of your store depends on how well the product cards are designed. Here it is important not to spoil the impression, because it is on this page that the client makes the final choice.

Any product presented in the online store must contain a certain minimum of information:

  • title;
  • the code;
  • image;
  • price;
  • description;
  • characteristics;
  • the "add to cart/buy" button.

Follow a simple rule that will help you understand how well the product cards are filled out. If on this page the buyer can find answers to all questions of interest, then success is guaranteed.


The name of the product should be extremely concise and not contain unnecessary information. The best option is to specify the model and manufacturer's name. Everything else the buyer learns from the description or characteristics.


The image is what everyone pays attention to in the first place. It is for this reason that it should be in the highest possible resolution. Ideally, when several photos are presented at once, allowing you to view the product from all sides. If it is possible to add a 3D image with a rotation function, use it. It is undesirable to copy pictures from a competitor's site, in any case, make sure that they do not contain unnecessary watermarks. Otherwise, this may lead to litigation with competitors and, in addition, the reputation of your store will suffer.

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Additional images

The more images, the more opportunities for the buyer to make an impression about a particular product. It is advisable to place additional images in such cases:

  • if the product is offered in several colors;
  • for electronic devices (it is important to show all edges, thickness, connectors, etc. );
  • if the product has several possible states (tourist tent assembled and disassembled, laptop closed and open, etc. ).


The video review performs the same functions as the image - it helps the buyer evaluate the appearance and functionality of the product. You can even post an amateur video or record a review yourself to demonstrate the specifics of your product. And with the help of the Elbuz Content Creator, you can search for video descriptions for a large list of products at once.


Online store owners usually do not pay enough attention to this point. In the meantime, the product description helps to solve several important tasks:

  • introduces the buyer to the product;
  • motivates to make a purchase;
  • promotes the site in search engines.


Price is perhaps the most important factor influencing the purchase of a product. That is why it is important to always indicate current prices, indicate promotions, discounts and edit product cards in a timely manner. It is also important to be in the top of price comparison systems, you need to analyze competitors. Such an opportunity to control the market is provided in the program for creating and accounting for your product catalog - Elbuz Price List Importer. You will be able to process your prices with high quality and compare prices with all competitors.

Up-selling and cross-selling

Up-selling is a term that means raising the price of a product by offering the buyer a similar product, but in a more expensive configuration. Cross-selling is a cross-selling when, in addition to the main product, additional products are offered. For example, when buying an inflatable boat, they offer to purchase a set of rods, baits, a motor, etc. These are all marketing techniques that help sell additional products.

Similar and related products

In addition to such techniques as Up-selling and Cross-selling, there are two more techniques - related and similar products.

Related products serve as an addition to the main purchase. For example, a mouse for a laptop, a headset for a smartphone, a lens for a camera. This will work very effectively when the cost of related products is several times lower than the main one. The logic of the buyer operates on the principle that if he can afford a computer for a few thousand, then an accessory for a few hundred will not hurt.

Similar products are similar products in the same price range. As a rule, they are practically no different from each other, but buyers like it when they have a choice.


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Creating a correctly filled product card

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