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How to improve your website with visual content

Visual content is very important. You can not place on the site only solid canvases of text. Nobody will read them.

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You need to add images, graphs, tables, charts. This content is easier to understand. But it is important to correctly combine the text with the image. Here are some recommendations:

Use animated GIFs

Many argue about the advisability of using GIFs. But it's pointless. Users really like animated pictures, because they usually cause a smile or even laughter.

It should be noted that GIFs can be used for more than just entertainment. They can complement the essence of textual information. Some create such pictures to convey the properties of goods. And this is bearing fruit. Therefore, you need to experiment with GIFs.

Texts should be formatted in such a way that they are pleasant and easy to read.

It is unlikely that anyone likes texts written "solid". They are extremely difficult to read. Often they are just annoying. Articles should be divided into parts with subheadings, use lists (marked and numbered), insert photos and videos. Such texts will attract users. They will be easier to read. Textual information is easier to digest.

Create images for better distribution of content in social networks

Social media users love content with interesting images. Such information is often reposted and liked. Therefore, high-quality visual content will increase the popularity of a blogger in social media. It is important that the pictures in the posts look beautiful and reflect the essence of the information written in the post.

Use video to bring content to life

Video is an engaging form of visual content. Users with great pleasure watch interesting videos and share them in social networks. Video allows you to visually demonstrate the meaning of the text. Therefore, a blogger needs to embed videos in their posts. You can also record training courses and post them on the site. Video not only brings variety to the content, but also satisfies the needs of users more fully.

Create presentations and slide shows

Presentations and slideshows are popular types of visual content that can attract visitors.

This content can be used in different ways. With it, you can present your products to customers, make a guide or just share useful information.

It should be noted that bloggers rarely use presentations. But in vain. Users will definitely like them.

These tips will help improve the quality and traffic of your resource through the use of visual content.

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