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Where to get content for the site

Content is all information present on the site, including text documents, photos and pictures, audio and video files, documents available for viewing, downloading or performing any other legal actions on the network.
Where to get content for the site is a rather extensive question. Ideally, it should be unique and created from scratch for the resource. For these purposes, copywriters, photographers, cameramen and content managers are involved, whose services can be used one-time, for initial content, or they can be involved on a regular basis.
Where to get content for the site
For successful promotion and promotion of the site, information should be added and updated regularly, otherwise outdated data will mislead users, thereby forming a negative impression of the resource. It is the freshness of the content that is one of the factors that affect the relevance of the site and its position in the search results.
It is important that the information is unique, otherwise search engines will block the resource and lower it to the bottom of the search results. For this reason, it is impossible to completely copy texts, photos, and other data from third-party resources.

What is the difference between content for promoting an online store website and an information website

Information on the websites of online stores and information resources, as well as the purposes of its placement, are fundamentally different from each other, therefore, they require a different approach to creating content.

Online store

Information website

Number and elaboration of pages

Online marketplaces can contain dozens of categories and thousands of product pages, but they are all created according to the same type of template containing specific information:

-Product Name;





- additional information (if necessary).

Sorting is carried out both by category and by certain characteristics set by the owner.

The number of pages is much less, and the information on them can be radically different.

The content is mainly text materials, supplemented by photos and videos, and the data is sorted by content and topics.

Semantic core

Seo optimization should cover the maximum number of user requests, so separate pages on the site are created for the main keys. The number of keys in this case can be 10 thousand or more. High-frequency requests are formed in a template, and only the name or category of the product changes in them.

The keys are determined by the theme of the resource and for highly specialized sites their number can be no more than 100, in rare cases 500.

For each page, requests are selected separately, templates are not applied.

Commercial texts

Commercial queries focused on the sale of products play a key role in ranking. Among them may be the following:

-extended contact information, including a map and directions, contacts of various departments with telephones and e-mail, addresses of branches;

- information about the company, its history, employees, principles of work;

-reviews in various formats (text, photo, video);

- assortment, prices;

- social media accounts.

All of these factors increase the level of confidence of potential customers in the business and incline in favor of making a positive purchase decision.

The main factor for ranking is complete and reliable information on key queries related to the topic of the resource. The content can be both texts and various documents, files for download, photos and videos.

Commercial data is generally not available.


Considering that the range of the marketplace can include thousands of products, ordering unique content for each page requires a huge financial investment.

Product descriptions and key features may not be unique, and in most cases are provided by suppliers.

In this case, product cards can be uniqueized by customer reviews and template meta tags.

At the same time, commercial texts on the main and additional pages must be 100% unique.

Information resources can be filled with exclusively unique material, without the use of ready-made templates, since the number of landing pages is small.

The data can be presented in the form of a blog or individual articles divided into categories, reviews, ratings, tips, instructions, etc.

Where to get website content for free

Online store sites require a huge amount of data, so filling them with the involvement of copywriters and other specialists will be very expensive, and in principle it is meaningless, especially since there is where to get content for free.
Where to get content for the site
By cooperating with suppliers, the owner of the online store receives from them a list of products with descriptions of characteristics, a photo in a downloadable format, and can upload it to the site.
At the same time, most business owners still hire a content manager to bring product cards into the form required for the online platform format. Filling in the required data takes a lot of time and money, and the risk of errors in the information associated with the human factor is not excluded.

The Elbuz Jumper program from ElbuzGroup is able to automatically fill the site with content by uploading the supplier's data to the store's website. Its use has several advantages:

  • no errors;
  • minimum filling price;
  • high speed of adding high-quality product cards.

Sources of free content can be:

  • supplier prices;
  • competitor websites and marketplaces;
  • ready bases.

Using the software, you can upload data in any format and customize the process of extracting it to the needs of your resource. Relevance can be maintained automatically.
The user can set up scheduled downloads and updates, as well as visually monitor the information received and update it after checking and making the necessary adjustments.

Creating content for the site

Automation of an online store allows you to control the process of filling the site and creating content to the smallest detail and speed it up at times. To do this, ElbuzGroup offers exclusive software products that work stably, quickly and with high quality.
With the help of E-trade Pricelist Importer, you can process, analyze and compare prices of different suppliers in just a couple of clicks.
Automatic processing of price lists provides:

  • quick and convenient search for the minimum price for products among several suppliers;
  • checking the availability of specific products in price lists;
  • creating a trade margin according to a given algorithm;
  • bringing together and comparing identical positions;
  • monitoring the prices of online stores to form competitive offers.
Where to get content for the site

To collect the necessary information, a parser can be used, which will allow you to receive content for free and automatically. All you need to do is set up once:

  • add a link to a price list, competitor's website or marketplace to the program;
  • indicate the blocks that will become data sources and note where what information is located (price, photo, characteristics, etc. );
  • start download-manager;
  • save the received data to an XLSX file for further work with them, and then upload them directly to your website or update existing information.

Content generator for the site Elbuz Content Creator - will help you create unique cards in unlimited quantities. All questions related to downloading data, filling the catalog with descriptions, photos and product characteristics will be performed automatically.

The advantages of the software solution are:

  • lightning search;
  • creation of unique texts thanks to the description generator;
  • automatic and quick creation of product cards of the required format with a photo and description;
  • operational update;
  • the ability to filter the product search based on user-specified characteristics.

The content for your site will always be relevant, and the offers will be the most profitable, because while your competitors fill their resources manually, you will already sell products to the fullest and make a profit, while saving on the salary of a programmer and copywriter and solving more important business problems. tasks.

Automatic processing of price lists

Price monitoring of online stores

Filling the site with content

Online store automation

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Where to get content for the site

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