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Selection of goods by attributes - where does the search begin?

The theater begins with a hanger, and an online store begins with a search for the right product. To help the buyer in the journey through the virtual store , the selection of products by attributes is intended.

Our programmers made sure that it was convenient and quick for the owner to fill the store with new products, and for customers to search and find. Absolutely all developments in the field of e-commerce are included in our software.

You can divide products into categories and split them according to technical characteristics ad infinitum. The buyer will get lost and simply get tired of wandering through such labyrinths. Forget it, it's yesterday. A modern solution, written in our E-Trade Jumper package, creates a product filter in an online store.

All types of search are provided:

  • filter based on the product card (selection of the necessary products by characteristics, attributes and properties)
  • faceted navigation (smart search, for example: looking for a laptop "for the office")
  • filtering by "forks" of products (selection by ranges of characteristics, for example: we are looking for a laptop with a diagonal from 15" to 17")
  • date filtering

The buyer can pass through the filter all the products and find the right one in a few clicks.

I would like to tell you more about such a wonderful thing as faceted navigation. It differs in that it is built on the attitude and view of the product of the buyer, not the seller. Not every buyer searches for the exact model name or intricate technical specifications. He is looking in a completely different way. Not a computer with a processor of such and such and a disk of such and such a volume, but "for games" or "for the office. " It is faceted navigation that selects products by properties, which is what buyers love so much.

What ElbuzGroup clients get

Other users

Ample opportunities for creating filters and site search settings = effective and correct work.

Limited options for filter settings. A user's attempt to customize the filter for the specifics of the store often leads to incorrect filter operation.

The ability to automatically fill in the "fork" of characteristics according to a user-defined rule.

Manually for each item.

Faceted navigation. In Jumper, this function is solved automatically. The built-in parser finds the characteristics of the product in the description, which are the basis for faceting. Faceted navigation parameters are easily set by the user himself - this possibility is provided by the developer.

You will have to manually search for characteristics and combine products into groups. To set up faceted navigation, you will most likely have to look for a specialist.

All the great opportunities that E-Trade Jumper opens up for its owner always work for one result - success! Join the team of e-commerce professionals, become the owner of ElbuzGroup software, and every business day will bring positive emotions!

Copywriter ElbuzGroup

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