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Preparation of graphic content for a business site - key features

A competent business website owner is constantly trying to improve the efficiency of his work.

Preparation of graphic content for a business site - key features dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog Efficiency is understood as the degree of compliance of the site with the goals and objectives that were originally set for it (to attract targeted visitors, increase sales, create a positive reputation for the company). One way to improve work efficiency is to use graphic descriptive content for products and services.

High-quality graphics will help increase the total volume of transactions concluded using the site. After all, in this case, the visitor will be able to see the product, and not just imagine it, based on the description of the technical characteristics. The well-known saying that it is better to see once comes into force.

Below we list some of the features of preparing graphic content for a corporate website or online store.

  1. We need to weigh the pros and cons of creating graphic content from scratch. If the network already has photos of similar products, then you can take them for your site. And you can make your own "photo shoot" of those products that you have. In the second case, you will have to spend your time and money, but the result will certainly be of better quality.
  2. Shooting should be carried out in high-quality lighting and in the proper foreshortening. In this case, the site visitor will be able to see the product in detail and exactly from those sides from which he needs. You can take photos of each product from different angles (general view, front view, back view, side view).
  3. It is desirable to use something light as a background (panel, wall, table, curtain, etc. ). A simple and light background contributes to the fact that all the attention of a person will be drawn to the product.
  4. For filming, it is better to use high-quality equipment (you can rent a camera, it is not necessary to buy it). A high-quality photo is an indirect evidence of the quality of the product itself (at least in the eyes of a potential buyer).
  5. There should not be any unnecessary objects in the frame, and even more details that distract the user's attention. Also, there should not be anything in the frame that compromises your company or the product itself (a typical example is shooting in a dirty basement or in a room with shabby walls).
  6. Photos of all products must be made in the same style. Otherwise, the user will probably get the impression that you took these photos from the Internet, and they have little in common with the real products in your warehouse.
  7. Hire a designer to work with finished photos in Photoshop. Here you do not need to be sophisticated, you just need to correct the brightness, contrast, color balance and optimize the size of the photos (prepare them for the WEB).
  8. Putting a watermark on a photo is a very controversial point. If it is, then you will increase the degree of protection of graphic content from copying. However, the review of products will worsen somewhat. Therefore, choose the option that is more suitable for your site.

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Discussion of the topic – Preparation of graphic content for a business site - key features

Preparation of graphic content for a business site - key features

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