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Processing and analysis of the ASBIS supplier price list. Large supplier of computer components.

The ASBIS Group holding is one of the world's largest suppliers of computer components to many European IT technology markets. The range of offered products consists of tens of thousands of items, among which there are own brands of electronic gadgets, as well as a whole range of developed software.

ASBIS offers tens of thousands of products to its customers and partners throughout the CIS, so many large companies located in the post-Soviet space prefer to cooperate with ASBIS.

As practice has shown, the client - the customer of the company, needs to work in the automation mode with the price lists of the supplier, for the further sale of their products on the Internet and not only. Tens of thousands of products offered by ASBIS require prompt processing and filling before they go on sale to retail and wholesale networks.

Based on these needs, formed by demand in the Internet services market, in 2006 in Ukraine, the ElbuzGr oup company was created , the main task of which is to simplify and automate the process of processing information (price lists), such giant companies as ASBIS with the help of specially designed software. Thus, the ElbuzGroup company is essentially unique in its capabilities - it specializes in processing and searching for information in Internet resources about products and services, novelties necessary for customers; in addition, the company provides a whole range of developed software.

Working in tandem with the companies "ASBIS - Group" and "ElbuzGroup" has proved by time that their client (customer) is practically spared from the routine work associated with monitoring and analyzing supplier price lists searching for a product, its photos, characteristics, descriptions and everything else that is so necessary for the operation of an online store or hypermarket. All this is done by two companies: the customer of the products only observes the ongoing processes, corrects them, if desired, and analyzes the development of his business.

The relationship between the companies "ASBIS" and "ElbuzGroup" is expressed primarily in determining the needs of the IT market of the CIS countries and providing an opportunity for the rapid sale of products from well-known manufacturers, whose authority has a high world status. These include brands such as: Intel, Advanced Micro Devices ("AMD"), Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Hitachi, GSmart, BlackBerry and in some countries Apple.

The ASBIS portfolio contains all the main components necessary to build productive and reliable computing systems, and the ElbuzGroup company, in turn, provides customers with software in the field of servicing their business, thus the two companies undeniably complement each other.

In detail, the cooperation scheme is as follows - a company that has components for computers provides another partner company with a price list (information) about what it has in stock for data processing. Further, the ElbuzGroup company, being an intermediary between ASBIS and its customer, offers specialized software for the possibility of prompt processing of source price lists or offers to take on the processing function, being an undeniable specialist in this profile.

Moreover, there is a regulation of the price on the site for the product, the pricing policy of which, in the opinion of the customer, is subject to change. It should be noted that the company "ElbuzGroup", as well as the company "ASBIS - Group", successfully fulfills its tasks in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

With the help of the software developed by the company's specialists, which has been constantly developing and modernizing for more than 10 years, "ElbuzGroup" qualitatively ensures the functioning of partner enterprises, directing the potential for a significant increase in the growth of trade and the development of their business in general:

  • creates an assortment of a trading enterprise, controls the availability of goods, forms and fills in descriptions of products with characteristics, photographs and credentials;
  • processes and compares price lists of suppliers (competitors) of various types and structures, identifies the most favorable conditions for the customer (search for the lowest price of products among all suppliers and competitors);
  • Identifies new products in the price lists of suppliers, adds them to the catalog, issues a consolidated price list for the manager and a price list for customers;
  • promptly updates the catalog of products with photos on the website of the customer's online store;
  • creates margins for goods, taking into account recommended retail prices, discounts, promotions and competitor prices;
  • makes it possible to have up-to-date prices according to exchange rates, downloads fresh exchange rates from the Internet;
  • combines the same items of products from several suppliers into one, uploads data in any XLS, XML, CSV, SQL formats.

The range of products and offers of the ElbuzGroup company is designed to serve your business at a remote distance, so you do not have to incur additional costs or waste your personal time, here is the main list of software:

E-Trade PriceList Importer E-Trade Content Creator E-Trade Shop

Pricing policy of the company "ASBIS-Ukraine".

ASBIS offers real competitive prices, as it purchases directly from manufacturers, while having a serious purchasing power. Products are purchased in bulk, simultaneously for all offices in a particular region; in this regard, they always have sufficient inventory, because the constant availability of products is of paramount importance not only for customers, but also for the company in the first place.

Manufacturers' warranties.

You do not need to take risks by purchasing on the "gray" shadow market! All products are backed by at least one year warranty and our warranty policy is clear and unambiguous! Fulfillment of its obligations in servicing your business is also guaranteed by ElbuzGroup, a time-tested company.


As a one-stop distributor for all your needs, ASBIS has its own Logistics network. This means that by cooperating with the holding, you save at least 20% of the cost of transportation costs, banking services, product packaging and other expenses for your business.

The technical and service staff of the company is always ready to help in solving all emerging issues, including those related to packaging, inspection, RMA, forwarding, back orders and any other of your requests, and ElbuzGroup specialists provide stable support in the field of product sales.

Partnership benefits.

The ASBIS-Group serves more than 12,500 active clients in all regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The prospects for running a joint business speak for themselves, therefore, by establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with the constantly developing companies "ASBIS" and "ElbuzGroup", you get an undeniable advantage in the IT market of your region.

Brief history of the supplier.

The ASBIS company began its activity in 1990, on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In 1997, the ASBIS Group holding was already actively developing on the territory of Ukraine, while being one of the leading suppliers of computer components to the markets of Europe, the Middle East and even the African continent. The scale of the company's infrastructure development can be assessed by the following figures: 47 local warehouses of the holding are located in 29 countries, which makes it possible to serve customers from more than 86 countries.

A wide range of ASBIS consists mainly of computer components, software, network and server equipment, laptops. At the moment, the company is the largest IT distributor in Ukraine, offering customers more than 15,000 items of products from well-known world leaders in the IT industry. The main principle of the company: "Present only the best. " It should be noted that the ASBIS Group holding is also engaged in the production of its own electronic components for mass consumption, such as the Prestigio and Canyon trademarks.

Description of products

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