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Parser Yandex Market
Elbuz is an innovative software that will help you collect information from any network resources, price lists, aggregators and create unique content for your online store. This is the development of the ElbuzGroup company, which entered the e-commerce market in 2006, which offers effective IT solutions for online business in the CIS countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The software is able to automate most of the routine processes, providing an opportunity to deal with other pressing problems.
Software required:

  • owners of trading platforms on the Internet;
  • novice online businessmen who do not have special technical skills;
  • developers who create online stores on order (the software integrates with all popular CMS);
  • specialized agencies that develop and promote online trading platforms.
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The software collects prices, descriptions and pictures from the marketplace for the catalog at lightning speed and fills the online store with relevant content without spending working time and remuneration of the content manager and programmer.

During the 14-day trial period, you are invited to try this product completely free of charge and see for yourself how profitable it is.

Yandex. Market parser, a simple solution in the program from Elbuz


What problems does our parser solve

The market parser solves many problems:

  • Big time investment. If the assortment of the store is more than 10,000 products, then the filling process can take from 3 weeks to several months.
  • Significant financial costs. The salary costs of a content manager average €500.
  • Errors and inaccuracies in the filling of goods. There is always a human factor, and unfortunately, incorrect information entry, violation of the filling template, etc. always take place.
  • It is not possible to keep track of all changes in prices and assortment of competitors. With a large assortment of products and the presence of many competitors, it is impossible to quickly manually track all the changes on other sites and promptly make changes at home.

Download sample upload from Ya. Market

Features of the Yandex Market parser

The Yandex Market price parser with modern software has extensive functionality, namely:

  • Collects and organizes information. Adds it to the appropriate sections divided into description, characteristics and other parameters, or to html tables.
  • Defines a navigation with a selection of values of certain indicators to filter the desired positions. Thanks to this option, the buyer independently makes selections and makes purchases without the participation of a manager.
  • Compatible with many existing CIS information and reference systems, including Hotline UA, Nadavi, Dostavka RU, Onliner BY. A guarantee is given for import from the aggregators indicated in the list within 3 months from the date of payment for the software. It is also possible to upload the processed info from your resource to Yandex Market.
  • It can work in multi-user mode with the ability to set restrictions for individual users.

Download sample upload from Ya. Market

Benefits of parsing Yandex Market in the Elbuz program

The software product has a number of advantages over analogues from other developers:

  • an integrated approach to automating and organizing the activities of an online store;
  • interaction with all popular CMS and file extensions;
  • access from a browser to work from anywhere and PC;
  • providing full technical support;
  • user-friendly interface and a variety of options for collecting, organizing and analyzing information;
  • affordable rate and availability of a free trial period;
  • hundreds of positive reviews, including from professionals related to online commerce.
Robotization saves more than half of the budget for the maintenance and support of the site, ensures profit growth from the first days of use, while it costs significantly less than the salary of one employee performing similar tasks, and is many times faster than the entire staff of content managers.

Upload from Yandex Market to WOOCOMMERCE

Jumper is able to collect NM data for WooCommerce (WordPress) based sites quickly and efficiently.
Parser Yandex Market
Thanks to the ready-made integration module, you can upload your base catalog to the software and fill it with new positions with NM, it is enough to set up the parser once and then all the work will be done by the robot.
Parser Yandex Market
In the future, new positions, along with descriptions, characteristics and photos, will be added to WooCommerce independently from the price list generated in csv or excel format.

Upload from Yandex Market to 1C Bitrix

Parser Yandex Market

Parser Yandex Market
Uploading to 1C Bitrix involves matching site attributes with catalog fields to create a transfer template in XML format or through the "tunnel" iteration module. Ready Yandex Market parser 1C.
Parser Yandex Market
Specific formulas are not required for this, and the whole process comes down to specifying the necessary fields of cards and attributes collected by the parser. The integration module tools are used.

Unloading from Yandex Market to Opencart

It is enough to download and install the software in the standard way.
Parser Yandex Market
After launching, the Yandex Market product parser and processing the information received, it will be possible to export to the platform created on Opencart using the built-in integration module.
Parser Yandex Market
It becomes possible to change the base catalog taking into account the specified characteristics, sort products into categories and select suitable items. Mass uploading is carried out in the form of a price list of a suitable extension or directly through the "tunnel" integration module.
Parser Yandex Market
From the received content, you can create a yml file for the market and place your products on the largest marketplace.

What other popular marketplaces can be parsed using Elbuz

The price parser from Yandex Market can be reconfigured to any marketplace:

  • Wildberries is an international marketplace that specializes in selling clothes.
  • Ozon is a Russian one-stop online store that started out selling books and videos. To date, the site can be purchased a wide range of products.
  • Lamoda is the largest online clothing store in Russia and the CIS with a huge automated warehouse for products.
  • Beru is the largest marketplace, which is a joint project of Yandex and Sberbank
  • Goods is a marketplace where sellers' products in various categories are presented. It is part of the M. Video-Eldorado group of companies.
  • Aliexpress/Tmall is a global online marketplace that initially specialized in selling products from China around the world. Today it presents products from Russia, Turkey, Europe and other countries.
  • SDEK. MARKET is an electronic marketplace with a wide selection of products. It occupies a significant share of the e-commerce market in Russia.
  • Robo. Market is a large electronic platform where sellers from Russia and Kazakhstan, who are partners of Robokassa, replace their goods.
  • eBay is an American marketplace that specializes in the sale of products through online auctions and operates worldwide.
  • is a Kazakhstani platform specializing in banking services: credit, payment cards, products marketplace.
According to a study by the YuKassa service Russians have doubled their spending in online stores, in addition, the turnover of payments from online platforms with educational courses, trainings and master classes has increased. Posted by TJ @tjournal

Website parser and uploading data to Yandex Market format (YML, XML)

Getting competitors' prices from the Yandex Market trading platform website is as easy as shelling pears. You can receive not only prices for the products you have chosen, but also receive product cards with photos and characteristics. The video instructions below will show the process of setting up the program to receive products from the Yandex market website.


  1. Open the subsystem price lists.
  2. We create a new counterparty, for this we press the plus button at the top. Enter an arbitrary name.
  3. We select the Yandex Market site parser.
  4. We add a link from the Yandex Market website, which leads to a list of the products you need. You can also add a link to a specific product. You can select any category on the site, put a filter on the desired brand and copy the link from the browser line.
  5. We start loading goods. The log shows the progress of the download.

Setting up site parsing Yandex Market (yandex market)

You need to add a new counterparty, enter its name and select the type of counterparty "Competitor". To do this, go to the "References" tab, select "Price list processing" - "Price list list".

Or click on the "Price Lists" icon on the desktop.

elbuz etrade jumper pricelist products

To add a counterparty, click on the + button in the upper left corner and select "Add counterparty"

Yandex Market parser for obtaining competitor prices, descriptions and photos, creating a Yandex Market product catalog - Elbuz from ElbuzGroup dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

In the window that opens, enter the name of your counterparty and click the "OK" button.

Next, you need to select the "Site Parser" item and click the "Select" button opposite the site you need from which you want to receive information.

In the window that opens, click the add + button and specify links to categories or individual products for which you want to receive competitor prices from the Yandex Market website.

To add a link, you need to open the Yandex Market website in a browser and select the category you need in the product catalog, then copy the link from the browser address bar and paste it into Elbuz. You can also set additional filters by technical characteristics (properties, attributes) on the site, so you can get data not about all the products in the category, but only about its part, for example, limit the loading of products by manufacturer. For example, to obtain information about smartphones from the manufacturer Google, the link will be as in the screenshot:

Yandex Market parser for obtaining competitor prices, descriptions and photos, creating a Yandex Market product catalog - Elbuz from ElbuzGroup dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Copy the link and paste it into the Link field, you can enter any text in the Name field

If you need to get competitor prices from the Yandex Market website for a specific product, then open this product on the site and copy the link to it by analogy with the category.

We also paste it into this window and put an additional check mark "Link to product".

Attention! To start parsing Yandex Market, you need to install an extension for the Google Chrome browser, to do this, follow this link. Search is possible only in the Google Chrome browser or without the extension, if the server parsing mode is active in the program.

After that, we press the "Download data" button, then the competitors' prices will start loading from the Yandex Market website, the process of loading prices for products can be tracked in the log

It is possible to exit blocking (captcha). You need to enter it (check the box "I'm not a robot") and click "Continue".

Yandex Market parser for obtaining competitor prices, descriptions and photos, creating a Yandex Market product catalog - Elbuz from ElbuzGroup dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

The result of downloading competitor prices from the Yandex Market website will be as follows:

As you can see, the products with prices at the link we specified were successfully loaded, and for each product there is a list of competitors.
We check the prices of competitors on the Yandex Market website itself and see that everything has loaded as it should and the prices are the same.

The cost of downloading competitors' prices is available on our website under the item "Getting competitors' prices from third-party sites", there is also an unlimited mode.

In addition to competitor prices, information about product attributes and photos is downloaded from the Yandex Market website, this information can be transferred to existing products or create new products, thereby expanding your product catalog.

How to parse Yandex market website

There are several modes of parsing:

  1. Specify links manually to the categories or products you need.
  2. Load a list of links from a file that you need to get information from the site. The file must be in CSV (text file) format.
  3. Upload your products to the base catalog and start searching for products on the site based on your products, the program will insert your product name into the search bar of the site and save the received product to the program database. In this mode, it is important that your product names are identical to the names on the site or very close to them, because the accuracy of the search depends on the algorithm of the site itself, whether it can find the product you need or not.

To load a list of links from a file follow these steps

Automated search for your products on the yandex market site

  1. You must specify a link to search in the settings:
    https://market. macro substitution so that the search is carried out by the value from the "Manufacturer's Article" field, instead of the name.
  2. Activate the option "Search for your products"

Uploading competitor prices to a summary report

After receiving prices from the marketplace website for goods, there will be information for each seller (at what price he sells the goods)

You can generate a report in Excel for visual viewing of prices for each product and online store. To do this, open the "Uploaded products" tab, additional menu, "Upload prices to XLSX" item.

You will receive a report like this. The report will create rows with products and columns for each seller, indicating prices

The report does not contain a link to your base catalog products, but only displays downloaded products from the marketplace site. If you need to generate a report with your products and marketplace products, use the "Product catalog upload" subsystem, XLSX template .

This is just a brief presentation of the capabilities of the E-Trae Jumper program, designed to automate the processes of a modern online store.
Contact us for a detailed consultation on solving your individual problems. Contact details are on the website below.

Program for online store
Price Analyzer

An example of the Elbuz program on our client's website

The program for your online store is able to solve most of the tasks associated with the operation of the online platform quickly and efficiently:

  • Process and compare price lists of suppliers and competitors in any existing formats and track price dynamics in order to create competitive offers for your customers and fully control the pricing process.
  • Start a business and sell without investing in purchases directly from warehouses, including through the dropshipping system, insure yourself against possible risks associated with a lack of demand and the purchase of slow-moving products.
  • Select the most cost-effective options for your site from price lists and aggregators, focusing on categories, prices and demand that are suitable for the specialization of online sites.
  • Collect content from competitors' sources, suppliers' prices and marketplaces, generate cards from them in a suitable format in a short time.
  • Quickly expand the range and be the first to offer potential customers popular new products at an acceptable cost.
  • Monitor competitors' prices and build a competent and winning pricing strategy in order to maximize profits.
Just one program instead of a dozen small applications and several content managers in the state will quickly and efficiently fill the resource and keep it up to date.

The cost of the Elbuz program and its payback

Tariffs for using the software are available to both experienced businessmen and newcomers to online commerce. The implementation of the software pays off already in the first month of work, as it increases the conversion of the online resource and reduces the cost of wages for the content manager.
The cost is comparable to buying one cup of coffee - only €2.89 per day, or €87 per month.
For this amount, the client receives a full set of automation tools that save time and money:

  • daily fill the database with thousands of new positions;
  • update the price list and keep it up to date;
  • create the necessary reports and fully service the store;
  • Get unlimited scalability.

The update speed using the software is 9900% faster than with manual addition, and its cost is 900% lower than the salary of the average copywriter.

There are offers to purchase a license for € 14,154 with the ability to adapt it to the needs of your business, as well as a free trial period during which the user can evaluate all the benefits of the software.

Other program features from ElbuzGroup

Elbuz products from ElbuzGroup provide a comprehensive solution to business problems:

  • Price Processing - Consolidates files from multiple sources, compares your price with suppliers' prices, identifying differences, cost and availability changes, and discovering new items that can be automatically added.
  • Site content — product cards are generated based on information collected from price lists or marketplaces and are transferred to the store in just a couple of clicks, thanks to which it is possible to fill the catalog and start selling in just one day. Terms of work related to the formation of content are reduced significantly.
  • Supplier monitoring - according to a user-defined schedule, the software downloads price lists in any formats and structures, compares the information received, displaying it in a single window to obtain the lowest cost for the same product and instantly update the assortment, maintaining its relevance and competitiveness.
  • Competitor price monitoring - allows you to monitor changes in the cost of products presented in your assortment on the competitors indicated in the sources and automatically notifies the user about them, creates a consolidated price list for competitors, uploading them in any format or directly to your site, and works directly from the browser for access from anywhere. It is possible to automatically change the price based on the received data, taking into account the RRP and the purchase cost.
  • Website scraping - collects content and helps to create a full-fledged catalog with current prices and availability, full descriptions and photos without the participation of a content manager.
  • Creating a price list - helps to create a basic catalog for an online store created from scratch based on supplier price lists, uploads content to the site and updates it automatically daily with instant placement on the showcase.
  • Product Database Creation - Quickly builds a product database for an online business with quality product cards that list prices, availability, photos, and product descriptions. As sources, both the price lists of suppliers and the sources of competitors can be used.
  • Assortment Expansion - The software monitors the appearance of new positions from the supplier and is able to automatically add them to the showcase, which allows you to instantly expand the assortment and attract more customers.
  • Creation of product descriptions - text content for product cards is created and added to the site automatically based on files with suppliers' price lists and information collected by the parser.
  • SaaS platform for an online store is a product that allows you to create a store in just a few hours using built-in templates, promotion functions and integration with other add-ons, including popular CMS, payment systems and delivery services.

How to create an XML file for a socket? Open step by step instructions.