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The amount of content posted on the site

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When you create a new site, you first of all create new content for it. This is due to the fact that information content is the basis of any Internet resource. Approximately 70% of the area of the pages of an average site is usually occupied by text (although a lot here depends on the subject and ideology).

Why should there be so much content compared to other elements? You need to understand that it is for the content that visitors come to the site (they are not interested in advertising banners, as well as the program code of sidebars or footers). They are interested in the information presented in the articles. In addition, search engines also only index informational content. It is clear that the program code of the blocks and the entire page matters, but the search results are drawn up based on the text of the articles.

When creating a website, there are three main questions. The first question is exactly how many articles should be placed there. The second question is how long should these articles be? The third question is how often should new articles be added? Below we will try to answer each of these questions.

Let's start with the number of articles. We are talking about materials that will already be present on the site by the time it starts working. There are no strict restrictions here. It is quite possible to get by with a few dozen articles (if we are talking about an information resource). If we are talking about an online store, then everything depends on the number of products (the main content in an online store is a text describing products and services). But for starters, a few dozen positions will also be enough. I repeat that all this will be enough at the initial stage of the site.

Now about the volume of articles. There are different recommendations in this regard. Let's try to summarize all the available information. You need to understand that too small and too large articles are bad (from the position of users and from the position of search engines). Small articles are usually uninformative and uninteresting. In addition, the uniqueness of such articles is usually lower. It takes a lot of time to read large articles (not every visitor will be able to read it to the end). There may also be problems with indexing such materials. The lower limit of the length of an article is approximately 500-1000 characters. As a rule, descriptive text for products or services has such volume. As for the upper limit, it is impossible to say something more or less accurate. It all depends on the specific site. But you should focus on the bar of 5-10 thousand characters.

Now about how often the content should be updated. It all depends on the type of site and on what your ambitions, budget and desire to work. First, let's talk about the type of site. You may have a simple information resource on a narrow topic. You can add articles here once every few days (3-5-7-10, etc. ). If the site is news, then this implies frequent updates (new articles can be added here several times a day). In addition, a lot depends on the budget and your desire to develop the site. If you are full of enthusiasm and have money to buy content, then you can add new articles to the site much more often. And there is no limit here - the more often, the better (for both users and search engines).

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