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SEO or PPC: how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 SEO or PPC? What and how to choose? 🛠️

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store


To choose between SEO and PPC, you need to understand the business processes of an online store. It all depends on your goals and objectives. To help you make the right decision, we'll look at the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.⚠️🔥

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is website promotion in search engines, with an emphasis on organic search. This is a long-term strategy that requires time and effort to achieve visible results. Here are a few factors that will help you figure out how SEO is right for your online store:

🎯 Long-term effect

One of the main benefits of SEO is its long-term effect. A properly optimized website will continue to attract organic traffic even after optimization is complete.

✔️ Example:

You are launching an online store with designer clothes. If your website is well optimized, it will rank high in organic search results and you will receive a constant stream of visitors even after several months.

🎯 Free traffic

SEO does not require pay per click, unlike PPC. Every visitor who comes to your website through organic search is a free potential customer.

✔️ Example:

If your online store sells travel products, then you can attract organic traffic using keywords related to travel, and not worry about the cost of clicks, as is the case with PPC.

🎯 User Trust

Users generally trust organic search results more than advertisements. This can increase the likelihood of attracting long-term customers.

✔️ Example:

If your target audience is people looking for healthy lifestyle products, then they may be more inclined to trust the search results than advertising banners in PPC.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC is a form of online advertising in which you pay per click to your ad. Here are some facts about PPC for your online store:

🎯 Quick Results

PPC allows you to quickly get traffic to your website. Once your ads are posted, you immediately start attracting visitors.

✔️ Example:

If you are running a sale on your site in the next two months, then using PPC you can quickly attract attention to your promotions and increase sales.

🎯 Better Control

With PPC, you have full control over your ads, target audiences and budget. You can customize impressions by time of day, region, user interests, and much more.

✔️ Example:

If you want to attract customers from a specific city or region, you can set up ads so that they are shown only to this target audience.

🎯 Accurate Analysis

PPC provides detailed analytics that let you track the performance of your ads and closely analyze your conversion rates.

✔️ Example:

If you're running a PPC campaign to sell electronics, you can track how many clicks convert into an actual sale. This will help you optimize your advertisements and achieve maximum effectiveness.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store


SEO ✔️ PPC ✔️
Long-term effect Quick results
Free traffic Better control
User Trust Accurate Analysis

⚜️ Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and PPC, you can make the right decision for your Internet -store. It is important to consider your goals and objectives and understand that combining both methods may be the most effective approach.

If you want to get more information about SEO and its capabilities for an online store, check out our article. There you will find a lot of useful tips and advice from experts. 🔥

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⚠️ And remember: no matter what you choose, it is important to continue to analyze and optimize your marketing efforts to achieve maximum success in promoting your online store.

Give yourself a chance to evaluate which tools might be most useful for your online store. Find the appropriate SEO or PPC strategy to achieve your business goals! 🔥

Requirements for a business that is suitable for PPC

Grow your online store effectively with the help of PPC!

If you are an online store owner and want to effectively promote your business, then one of the most powerful tools to achieve this goal is PPC (paid advertising on search engines). However, before you start using PPC, you need to make sure that your business meets certain requirements. Let's look at these requirements in more detail.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🎯 1. Calculating ROI

It is important for the owner of an online store to be able to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) - the ratio of profit from investment to promotion costs . Only an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of a PPC campaign will allow you to control costs and achieve maximum results.

✔️ You can use the following formula:

ROI = (Profit - Cost) / Cost * 100

🎯 2. Permitted goods and services

Please ensure that your online store offers goods and services that are not prohibited by search engines. For example, some search engines have restrictions on advertising certain categories of goods or services. Make sure you follow the rules and don't break any taboos to avoid problems with your advertising campaign.

🎯 3. Defined Goals and Objectives

Before you start using PPC, it is important to clearly define the goals and objectives of your advertising campaign. Your goals should be clear, achievable and supported by analytics. For example, increasing sales, increasing brand awareness or attracting new customers. Assign a task to a contractor or internal specialist with clearly defined goals.

🎯 4. The right market niche

Pay attention to what market niche is present in your business. In some niche markets, it may not be practical to advertise online using PPC. For example, the cost per click may be high, and the conversion rate and time frame for closing a deal may be uncertain and lengthy. In this case, advertising using other tools may be a more effective strategy.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Best Practices for Using PPC Effectively

  • Analyze and study your target audience to customize your PPC campaign most accurately and effectively.
  • Test different ads and keywords to determine the most successful combinations.
  • Manage budgets and bids to maximize results and control costs.
  • Track and analyze data to make informed decisions and adjustments to your campaigns.
  • Work with professionals who have experience and knowledge in the field of PPC to get the best results possible.

🔍 Use PPC if your business qualifies and if you want to:

  1. Get traffic to your website quickly and increase sales.
  2. Expand your audience reach and increase brand awareness.
  3. Control the budget and advertising costs.
  4. Accurately measure results and optimize campaigns.

🚫 However, it is not recommended to use PPC if your business does not meet the above requirements or if:

  1. Your budget is limited and you cannot afford to spend significant amounts on advertising.
  2. Your niche market does not provide enough opportunity for a successful PPC advertising campaign.
  3. You cannot accurately measure ROI and control campaign results.

⚜️ Now that you know the business requirements that PPC is suitable for, you can make an informed decision about choosing between SEO and PPC to promote your online store.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

⚠️ Expert Advice : " When choosing between SEO and PPC, carefully consider your specific goals and budget possibilities, and only then seek help from experienced specialists to get the most productive result." - Smith Landforth, Lead Marketer, Coca-Cola Company, USA

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⚜️ PPC can be a powerful promotion tool for your online store, but consider all the requirements and features of your business before making a decision. Analyze the results, test different strategies and improve your campaign for maximum success! 🔥

⚡ 🔥 ELBUZ: " PPC tool is not only an opportunity to get more customers, but also a chance to attract them with your unique offer!"🔥

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Business problems that PPC solves

Your online store is not only a place where you sell your products, but also an independent business where there are goals and objectives that need to be solved. Proper use of PPC (paid advertising on search engines and other platforms) can help you achieve the following business goals:

1. Increasing brand awareness 👁️✔️

An important task for an online store is increasing awareness brand. You want your name and logo to be recognizable so that potential customers associate them with your product offerings. PPC provides an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand and increase the number of impressions of your logo in search results and other advertising platforms.

To achieve this goal, you can use video advertising in various formats to attract the attention of users. Videos with strong content and well-thought-out exposition can significantly improve brand awareness and attract new customers. They can also be published on various video hosting sites and social networks, which allows you to further attract the attention of the target audience.

⚠️ An important tool for increasing brand awareness is the contextual media network (CMN). By placing advertisements on various Internet resources, you can attract the attention of users who are already interested in topics related to your brand or products. Display Network provides ample opportunities for targeting and setting up advertising campaigns, which allows you to correctly and effectively convey your message to your target audience. 🛠️

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

2. Attracting new customers 🎯✔️

It is important for an online store to attract new customers in order to increase sales and expand its audience. PPC is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Video advertising and display ads will help you achieve this goal. Videos with high-quality and informative content allow you to attract the attention of users with interesting and attractive product samples or special offers. Video reviews or training videos will help show the benefits of your products and also build trust among potential customers.

Broad search on PPC platforms will also allow you to reach a wider audience. With the help of appropriate keywords and targeting settings, you can reach users who are already interested in your products or are in the process of purchasing your competitors. This is a great opportunity to attract new customers and increase sales.

3. Working with the loyalty of current customers 🤝✔️

However, attracting new customers is not always the main task, especially when the online store already has a solid base of regular customers. It is important to maintain the loyalty of current customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

In this context, search and remarketing are ideal tools for working with customer loyalty. Search allows your online store to appear in search engine results when users search for your products or related queries. For example, if your customer previously purchased a smartphone from you, then you can promote offers on smartphone accessories to get them to return to your store and make additional purchases.

Remarketing is the ability to show advertisements for your store to those users who have already visited your site or made a purchase. For example, if a user adds an item to their cart but doesn't check out, you can use remarketing to remind them or offer an additional discount. This is an effective way to encourage repeat purchases and keep in touch with customers.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

4. Work on sales conversion 💰📞📝✔️

The final task of your online store is to ensure sales conversion. This is also where PPC becomes a powerful tool to achieve your goal. Advertising campaigns on search engines and display networks allow you to attract potential customers who are interested in purchasing your products or services.

At the same time, it is important to use search and remarketing to work on sales conversion. When a user is already on a page for a specific product or service, you can use remarketing to remind them about the product, offer a discount or additional information that will help them make a purchasing decision.

🛠️ PPC allows you to use various tools to ensure sales conversion. For example, when using search engine advertising, you can enable a "call button" feature that allows users to contact you immediately for advice or to place an order. You can also use advertising extensions, for example, an extension with a feedback form, so that users can leave their contacts and get details about the product or service.

PPC provides ample opportunities to solve the problems of your online store. Increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers, working with the loyalty of current customers and working on sales conversion - all these tasks can be solved with the help of PPC.

⚠️ For best results, it is recommended to combine different PPC tools and strategies. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, and their proper use will allow you to solve your problems as effectively as possible! 🔥

🌟 🎯 Expert opinion:

"PPC is a powerful tool for promoting an online store. Its flexible settings and targeting capabilities allow achieve a variety of business goals. The combination of video advertising, display media and the correct use of search and remarketing targeting gives excellent results and helps the online store grow and develop." - Jean Canet, Internet Marketing Expert, Lacoste, France

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Review: PPC to increase the efficiency of your business

What is useful to do ✅ What not to do ⛔
- Use video and display media to increase brand awareness - Ignore remarketing opportunities
- Attract new customers using video advertising and broad search - Do not configure extensions and call buttons
- Work on the loyalty of current customers - Forget about search and its targeting capabilities
- Use search and remarketing to work on sales conversion  

⚜️ Don't forget that using PPC correctly is not only a huge opportunity, but also a serious responsibility! Regularly analyzing your results and optimizing your campaigns will help you achieve the best results and make the most of your budget.

We hope this article helped you understand what problems PPC can solve for your online store. Choose the most suitable tool to achieve your goals and don't forget to analyze and optimize your advertising campaigns. Good luck in promoting your business!

⚠️ Be confident in your choice and your online store will find new life in the online world! 🔥

Main advantages of PPC

The company gets the result it expects. How the advertising campaign was launched, what keywords were chosen, how the advertising account was formed, this is how the advertising will be. If you select a specific target audience with certain behavioral patterns or a target portrait, it will be the one who will see the advertisement.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Quick start

This is a channel that quickly brings results. You need to collect semantics, create an account, build its hierarchy, create advertising campaigns, create ad groups and select several ads. Then replenish the advertising budget, allow the display of ads, wait until they pass moderation and that’s it, the campaign is launched. Any other channel takes more time.

Low entry threshold

There are no clear limits on the amount of replenishment. The main thing is that you have enough money to display ads in the chosen niche. Many are trying to enter highly competitive niches with a minimal budget. Because of this, it seems that launching a PPC campaign requires a large infusion of money. In reality, there are no clear boundaries; you can choose your own effective advertising strategy for any convenient budget. By gradually increasing the amount of investment in advertising, you can, in the long term, for persistent promotion, secure borrowed keywords in the TOP of search queries and receive additional organic traffic, reducing the cost of a click on advertising. It is possible to regulate costs and choose exactly those words and phrases for which advertisements will be displayed.

⚜️ You can find out more benefits, the main ones of which we have described in our table. It will help you perform a comparative analysis of two types of promotion, understand the results of using PAY-PER-CLICK and SEO in Internet marketing, and also decide on the choice of strategy for your business:

Advantages of PPC ✅ Disadvantages of PPC ⛔
1. Accurately hitting the target audience 1. Dependence on the advertising budget
2. Quick start and quick results 2. Complexity of using and setting up advertising campaigns
3. Low entry threshold, advertising flexibility and scalability 3. Comparable level of performance to major competitive campaigns

🛠️ Real-time performance with PPC can be provided with various targeting tools and settings that will help achieve maximum results. However, it's worth keeping in mind that a PPC campaign won't replace all the creative and contextual power of organic search. Both types of promotion, both PPC and SEO, have their own characteristics and effectiveness for individual situations. ⚠️

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

⚠️ Important to remember! To achieve the best results, you can mix and match SEO and PPC depending on your business goals and budget availability. Each of these tools has its own benefits, and the optimal strategy may vary for different companies and industries. Ultimately, the right choice between SEO and PPC should be based on an analysis of the market, competitors, audience and available resources.

📝 Using PPC, you can get quick results, accurately reach your target audience and have flexible control over your advertising campaign budget. Don't forget about other promotion methods such as SEO, which will complement your strategy and bring you additional clients and traffic on a long-term basis.

⚠️ PPC makes it possible to accurately reach the target audience, quickly launch an advertising campaign and have control over the budget. Don't forget about other promotion methods like SEO to keep your traffic flowing and keep your business safe online! 🔥

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Main disadvantages of PPC

One of the ways to promote an online store is to use contextual advertising or PPC (Pay-Per-Click). However, in addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages of this method that should be taken into account when deciding on choosing a tool to promote your business.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Constant optimization of the advertising campaign

Constant improvements and improvements are needed. When you advertise your online store using PPC, you need to constantly monitor results and optimize your advertising campaign. Various factors such as competition, changes in audience behavior and market trends can affect the effectiveness of your advertising. To achieve the best results, you will have to invest time and effort when optimizing your advertising campaign.

Testing hypotheses

Some hypotheses may not lead to payback or may be partially incorrect. But hypotheses still need to be tested - through trial and error, we need to move towards achieving the goal. The same tools and actions for the same audience will sooner or later exhaust themselves.

⚠️ Testing hypotheses can sometimes cost a pretty penny, but most often it leads to very cool results! 🔥

No money, no leads

Marketers call this the “context needle.” If your online store is entirely dependent on paid traffic, you can't simply turn off advertising without serious business losses. It’s clear that as long as you have enough money to pay for ads, they can bring you new customers and sales. But if you run into financial difficulties, you will instantly lose access to this source of traffic and sales.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Expensive in competitive niches

In Ukraine, competition in advertising of national and international online stores is growing every year. Due to the large number of participants and limited advertising space, the cost per click can be very high in some popular product niches. If your online store specializes in car tires, the latest gadgets, or clothing, you'll have to pay a high price for every click. This can significantly increase advertising costs and reduce the profitability of your business.


PPC advertising is certainly an effective tool for attracting your target audience and quickly increasing the visibility of your online store. However, it is necessary to remember its disadvantages. Cost, constant optimization, risks of losing advertising flow - all this needs to be taken into account when deciding between SEO and PPC to promote your online store.

PPC features:

  • Constant optimization of the advertising campaign.
  • The need to test various hypotheses.
  • Dependence on financial investments.
  • High cost of advertising in competitive niches.

⚠️ Warning : When using PPC advertising, you need to be prepared for the costs and carefully monitor the results and constantly optimize the campaign. Possible financial risks should also be taken into account. A well thought out and planned PPC advertising strategy can yield significant results, however, advance research and preparation is the key to success!

🔥 "PPC advertising produces instant results, but can be expensive. Constant optimization and testing hypotheses are important elements for success in this field." - Marketing expert Helena Stuttgart, Uniper, Germany

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Results and best practices

The table below shows the main disadvantages PPC advertising and important recommendations that will help you make a decision on choosing the most effective tool for promoting your online store.

Disadvantages of PPC ⛔ Best practices 💥
Continuous optimization of the advertising campaign Regularly analyze and optimize key advertising performance indicators.
Hypothesis testing Conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective advertising strategies.
Dependency on financial investments Manage your advertising budget and allocate campaign resources according to its effectiveness.
High advertising costs in competitive niches Choose long-term strategies that focus on diversifying traffic and sales sources.

⚠️ It is important to remember that the choice between SEO and PPC depends on the specifics of your business, goals and budget. Contact experienced online marketing professionals for advice and guidance based on your online store's specific situation.


When deciding on choosing a tool to promote your online store, you need to take into account all its features, including its disadvantages. PPC advertising is an effective tool, but requires constant optimization, financial investment and can be expensive in competitive niches. As a result, you need to carefully weigh all the factors and choose the most suitable tool to achieve your goals in promoting an online store.

Types of Advertising Campaigns

The online shopping market is constantly growing, and it is important to choose the right tool to effectively promote your business. In this section, we'll look at the different types of advertising campaigns that will help you achieve success with your online store.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

1. Search Network

🔎 Search Network is a powerful tool that allows you to advertise on search sites like Google . When a user makes a search query, advertisements that match the keywords appear next to the search results. Statistics show that advertising on the search network is one of the most effective ways to attract customers for online stores.

2. Display Network

🌍 Display Network provides the opportunity to reach potential customers on their favorite websites, video hosting sites, or email services. This type of advertising allows you to reach your target audience when users view content that interests them. Ads can be displayed on sites, applications and YouTube channels, Gmail and other resources where users spend most of their time online.

3. Shopping campaigns

🛍️ If your online store specializes in retail, then shopping campaigns are what you need. With their help, you can advertise the products you sell online or in a brick-and-mortar store, attracting interested buyers. Ads will be shown on various websites and in Google search results, which will help you increase sales and attract new customers.

4. Video advertising

🎥 If you want to use the video format to advertise your online store, video campaigns are suitable for you. By running video ads on YouTube and the Display Network, you can attract the attention of users who actively consume video content. Video advertising is an attractive and effective way to promote goods and services, as well as increase brand awareness.

⚠️ Important to remember! The effectiveness of each type of advertising campaign may vary depending on your business, target audience and advertising costs. Before choosing a specific type of campaign, it is recommended to analyze your target audience, study the behavior of potential customers and research competitors.

🔥 Expert Tip: “When developing an advertising strategy for an online store, it is recommended to combine different types of advertising campaigns to achieve the best results. For example, you can use search advertising to attract new customers, the Display Network to re-engage visitors, and video advertising to increase brand awareness." - John Kensley, Clarks, England

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store


Choosing the type of advertising campaign depends on your goals, budget and features of your online store.Search network, display network, shopping campaigns and video advertising all have their own advantages and Disadvantages To make the right decision, it is recommended to test different types of campaigns and analyze their effectiveness.

Campaign Type 💡 Advantages ✅ Disadvantages ⛔
Search network Accurate targeting, high conversion High cost per click
Display network Appeal to an interested audience, large coverage Low conversion
Shopping campaigns Product promotion, increasing sales Limited audience coverage
Video advertising Attracting attention, increasing brand awareness High costs for the production of video content

Using a combination of different types of advertising campaigns, you can promote your online store as effectively as possible and attract more customers. Remember to analyze the results and make adjustments to your advertising strategy to achieve the best results!

⚜️ Be creative, experiment, and remember that different types of advertising campaigns can be effective for different businesses. Choose the ones that best suit your goals and budget, and you will see increased sales and success for your online store!

Which business is SEO suitable for?

In the world of online marketing, there are many ways to promote your online store. However, deciding which tool to choose can be difficult. In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of SEO (search engine optimization) and determine which business is suitable for it.

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Benefits of SEO for an online store

🎯 Increase organic traffic

One of the main benefits of SEO is the ability to attract more visitors to your website through search engines. High-quality optimization will help your online store rank high in search results and increase the visibility of your business.

🎯 Long-term results

SEO is a process that takes time and patience. However, when your online store achieves high rankings in search engines, the results can be long-lasting. High rankings provide a stable flow of organic traffic and lead to increased sales.

🎯 Reduce Advertising Costs

SEO provides free traffic to your website. Unlike PPC advertising, where you pay for every click, SEO allows you to reduce your advertising costs and get visitors for free.

🎯 Increased Brand Trust

When your online store ranks high in search engines, it improves the perception and trust of your brand. Users often view organic results as more authoritative and reliable.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Niches that can make the most of SEO

SEO is not suitable for all businesses. There are niches where search engine optimization can be most effective. Consider these businesses:

🎯 Businesses with search demand

If your niche is characterized by a significant number of search queries, then SEO can be an excellent tool for attracting an audience. This is especially true for businesses with a focus on selling goods or services.

🎯 Businesses with Potential for Growth

If your business is able to meet growing search demand, it means you can use SEO to attract new customers. This could be the discovery of a new market segment or the invention of a new product.

🎯 Businesses with Specific Services

If your business has unique services or products that have limited demand, SEO can be a tool to attract your target audience. By optimizing your content and using keywords, you can attract users interested in your specific services.

What if your business is not SEO compliant?

Some businesses may find it impractical to use SEO as their primary promotion tool. Consider these cases:

🎯 Low Demand Market

If your business is in a niche with low search demand, then using SEO may not be effective. In this case, resources can be better used on other promotion channels.

🎯 Time constraints and requirements for quick results

SEO is a process that takes time to achieve results. If your business needs an immediate increase in sales or you have urgent requirements, then it may be worth considering other promotion channels, such as contextual advertising (PPC).

🎯 Lack of technical support resources

SEO requires technical skills and support to implement correctly. If your business doesn't have access to such resources, then using SEO can be difficult and ineffective.

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🔥 Best practices when choosing a tool

To summarize, it is important to consider the following aspects when choosing between SEO and PPC for your online store:

Items ✅ SEO 💡 PPC 💡
Cost Free organic results, requires time and resources to optimize content and external links. Paid advertising requires a budget to purchase keywords and manage advertising campaigns.
Time Limits Takes time to achieve results. Instant visibility and increased traffic.
Long-term results Long-term flow of free organic traffic. Results immediately after launching an advertising campaign.
Technical Support Requires technical support for correct implementation. Lack of complex technical aspect.

⚠️ Ultimately, the choice between SEO and PPC depends on the characteristics of your business, your resources and promotion goals. Pay attention to your niche, search demand, growth opportunity, and available resources. The combination of these factors will allow you to decide on the most effective tool for promoting your online store.

⚡🔥 ELBUZ: " Best choice of tool depends on the nature of your business and your goals. Whichever tool you choose, remember: constant optimization and analysis of results will help you achieve success! " 🔥 🛠️


Your business is unique, and the decision about which tool to choose for promotion should be based on detailed analysis and understanding of your target audience. Reach out to experts and do additional research to get outside help to determine the best solution.

⚜️ Choosing between SEO and PPC can be difficult, but the right tool will help promote the success of your online store. Consider all the pros and cons, consider the characteristics of your business and analyze the results to make the right choice.

Business problems that SEO solves

When promoting your online store, it is important to decide on the most effective tools. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one such tool. It provides a number of benefits that can bring significant results to your business.


1. Maximum reach of the conversion audience

SEO helps attract organic traffic and improves the visibility of your online store in search engines. Unlike advertising, which is shown only to those who have decided to make a purchase, SEO allows you to attract users looking for information about products and services. This opens up more opportunities to attract new customers and increase conversions.

2. Attracting new clients

SEO optimization allows you to take a leading position in search queries related to your niche. When potential customers see your online store on the first page of search results, the likelihood of choosing your offer increases. Higher search rankings build trust and increase the authority of your brand.

3. Working with the loyalty of current customers

Attracting new customers is important, but do not forget about the loyalty of existing ones. SEO helps you stay in touch with your current customers, allowing you to retain them and bring them back to your store. Regularly updating website content, creating interesting blog articles, and providing valuable information helps strengthen customer relationships and increase loyalty.

4. Attracting customers using information requests

One of the productive methods of attracting customers is to create blog articles and use content marketing. This helps to attract the attention of users looking for information about products or instructions on how to use them. With SEO optimization, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche and attract more of your target audience.

The implementation of SEO optimization in your online store can be significantly improved with the help of special tools provided on the ELBUZ platform. All search engine recommendations are taken into account here, which helps to achieve the best results in promoting your business.

Image 2

⚠️ What actions should you take to effectively optimize your online store for SEO? Below is a table with an overview of what is good to do and what is better to refrain from doing:

Do ✅ Don't do ⛔
Create and optimize quality content Overuse keywords
Use the right meta tags Ignore research keywords
Optimize site structure Ignore page loading speed
Create a natural link network Buy low quality links

⚜️ Remember that SEO is a long-term investment in the success of your online store! Properly done work on website optimization will bring you a stable flow of organic traffic and help you take top positions in search engines. And don’t forget - 7 days of testing functionality on the ELBUZ platform are available for free! 🔥 Leave a request and start improving the results of your online store today! 🛠️

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

I hope that this information will help you choose the most effective tool for promoting your online store. Choose SEO and reap the benefits this method can bring to your business! 🎯

Key benefits of SEO

Wide reach

SEO gives online stores the opportunity to reach a wide audience of users. When your online store is optimized for search engines, it becomes visible to more potential customers. User search queries are often related to specific products or services, which means that users who find your site through search engines are already interested in what you offer. This makes SEO one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

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But how to achieve good coverage? The most important elements of SEO optimization are:

🎯 Keywords:

Do research on keywords related to your products or services and use them in your website content. This way, you can attract users who are actively looking for what you offer. Don't forget about LSI keywords, which improve contextual connection and relevance.

🎯 Meta Tags:

Optimize your site's meta tags, including page titles, descriptions, and keywords. Well-written meta tags will help search engines understand what your site is about.

🎯 Link Building:

Build quality links to your site from other authoritative and relevant sites. Search engines place a lot of importance on backlinks, which can have a positive impact on your website's ranking in search results.

Increasing results

One of the main benefits of SEO is that its results continue to grow even after you stop optimizing your site. This is due to the process of re-indexing changes on the site by search engines.

⚠️ Imagine: you optimized your online store, and the results began to appear in search results. However, due to various reasons, you decide to pause SEO activities for a while. Despite this, the results will continue to increase as search engines regularly re-index your changes.

⚜️ Thus, SEO is a long-term strategy that helps your online store gradually increase its visibility and attract new customers even when SEO optimization is paused.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Another major benefit of SEO is its potential to reduce the cost of customer acquisition on a long-term basis. When your site achieves good ranking in search results, you do not need to pay for each click, as is the case with contextual advertising.

Long-term SEO, of course, has its own cost, since it requires time and resources to optimize and promote the site. However, over time, the cost of acquiring new customers through SEO becomes lower as organic traffic and conversion rates increase.

💡 By learning the main benefits of SEO, you, as an online store owner, can make an informed decision about choosing the most effective tool to promote your business.

🔥 Best Practice : Remember that SEO is an ongoing process that requires time and effort. Provide your site with relevant, high-quality content, conduct regular audits to troubleshoot technical issues, and build quality backlinks to improve your online store's visibility in search engines.

⚜️ Having analyzed the benefits of SEO, let's move on to the main disadvantages of this strategy and look at how it differs from paid switching advertising (PPC). The answer to which tool to choose depends on your unique needs and goals. We will further review and compare the advantages and disadvantages of SEO in the next section.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Review of the advantages and disadvantages of SEO

Action ⚠️ Advantages ✅ Disadvantages ⛔
Opportunity - Wide audience reach - Requires time and effort
wide coverage - Increasing results - Competition in the SEO market
  - Lower cost of attracting - Periodic changes in algorithms
  client in the future search engines

Main disadvantages of SEO

SEO is one of the most popular and effective methods of promoting online stores. However, despite its effectiveness, SEO also has a number of disadvantages that are important to consider when choosing a promotion strategy.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Constant improvements

SEO requires active work on optimizing the site for the search engine. Each algorithmic update of search engines may require changes in the operation of the site or even a reworking of the entire SEO strategy. The constantly changing demands of search engines mean that you need to constantly monitor new trends and update your website.

Delayed Results

One of the major disadvantages of SEO is that the results may be noticeable but not immediate. Promoting a website in search engines takes time, sometimes from several months to a year or more. This can be a problem for those who expect quick results or need an immediate increase in traffic and sales.

Dependence on many factors

The effectiveness of SEO depends on many factors, including the actions of competitors, the speed of task implementation, changes in market demand and feedback between all participants in the process. This means that results may be unpredictable and may change over time.

Limited control

SEO involves working with external search engines that have their own rules and ranking algorithms. At the same time, you do not have complete control over how your site will appear in search results. Your meta tags, titles, and descriptions can be changed by search engines, which can affect how potential customers perceive your site.

🔥 Final table

For your convenience, we present a table that summarizes the main advantages and disadvantages of SEO:

Variations 💡 Advantages ✅ Disadvantages ⛔
Constant improvements Continuous optimization Requires constant updating and changes
Delayed results Effective long-term results Slow to achieve visible results
Dependence on many factors Wide range of influencing factors Results may be unpredictable
Limitation of control Possibility of using search engine rules Limitations in control and influence on the display of the site

⚠️ While SEO has its drawbacks, don't forget its many benefits such as organic traffic, long-term results and high conversion rates. When choosing between SEO and PPC, it is important to consider the specifics of your online store, budget and time frame.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Expert's Take: “If you want long-term results and are willing to put in the effort, SEO is the way to go. Don’t forget about the constant changes in algorithms and the need to actively work on optimizing your site!” - SEO Expert Diana Ryde, Burberry, England

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

⚜️ Now that you've understood the downsides of SEO, let's look at another promotion method - PPC - to help you to make more informed choices for your online store.

Is it worth using SEO to promote a not-so-well-known mono-brand store? What promotion methods will be most effective at the beginning?

When we talk about promoting an online store, the question undoubtedly arises about which tool to use: SEO or PPC? In this article, we have already examined the advantages and disadvantages of both methods, but now I want to draw your attention to the features of using SEO to promote a not very well-known mono-brand store.

Изображение 1

Previously, when SEO was just beginning to gain its popularity, it served as the main tool for website promotion. However, today the situation has changed, and website optimization no longer occupies such an important place in the overall strategy of an online store. The answers to frequently asked SEO questions show that it is a delayed-result tool. If your online store has a strategic financial reserve at the beginning of its operation, then, of course, you can invest in SEO. However, it is important to remember that it will take time and regular effort to achieve a successful outcome.

Additionally, in addition to SEO, you will need content marketing built into your SEO framework to introduce consumers to your brand. Properly created content will be attractive to website visitors and will help you establish long-term connections with your audience, increase your store's awareness and create a positive image.

⚠️ In addition to SEO, it is better to work with paid traffic tools, such as targeted advertising on social networks, search advertising and remarketing. These tools allow you to achieve results faster and reach a target audience that is already interested in your product or service.


If your store is just starting out, it is recommended to first attract customers from social networks. This will boost your brand and create a base of regular customers. Pay attention to the possibilities of targeted advertising on social networks - it will help you effectively set up advertising campaigns and reach the desired target audience.

⚜️ As a result, if you have the opportunity and time, then SEO can become an important tool in promoting your online store. However, to achieve quick results, especially for a not very well-known mono-brand store, it is better to start by using paid traffic tools and gaining an audience from social networks. Then, with successful campaigns and a positive image in place, you can turn your attention to SEO and content marketing to grow your brand long-term.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Review: " Is it worth using SEO to promote a not-so-well-known mono-brand store? "

⚜️ Before you start using SEO to promote your mono-brand store, you should consider the features of this tool. SEO takes time and effort, and results may not be immediately noticeable. If you have the financial reserves and the ability to invest in an SEO strategy, then this can be a good tool for the long-term development of your business.

It is important to remember: in the initial stage it is better to use paid traffic tools, such as targeted advertising on social networks. This will allow you to quickly attract your target audience and boost your brand. Later, once you have successful campaigns and awareness, you can turn your attention to SEO and content marketing for long-term promotion and audience retention.

To achieve quick results 🔥 For long-term development of your brand ✅
Start with paid traffic tools Pay attention to SEO and content marketing
Targeted advertising on social networks Build unique content
Search advertising and remarketing Establish a clear site structure
Promote your brand on social networks Use the right keywords
Attract an engaged audience Work on improving the user experience

⚜️ Remember! The choice between SEO and PPC depends on your goals, resources and the specifics of your store. Assess your options, ask yourself questions, and consider the pros and cons of both tools. This is how you can make the right decision and achieve maximum results in promoting your online store!

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Is it worth running advertising in the off-season with small budgets at the initial stage of development?

You need to understand the specifics of the product and find out if your products are being purchased during the off-season. If the demand for them simply subsides, continue to run ads to catch those people who do make purchases. For example, many people buy winter tires in the summer to save money.

As an online store owner, you've no doubt wondered whether it's worth running ads during the off-season, especially if you're on a tight budget when you're starting out. In this article, we'll look at important aspects that will help you make the right decision and make the most of your advertising resources. ⚠️

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Understanding the specifics of your product

Before deciding to run advertising during the off-season, you need to carefully study the specifics of your product. Understand whether people buy it outside the main season or not. Some products and services, such as beach accessories or carnival costumes, have obvious seasonal demand. In such cases, running advertising out of season may not be profitable. However, there are other goods, the demand for which does not stop regardless of the time of year.

For example, if you sell gardening tools, seeds or gardening tools, it is important to know that many gardeners buy these items in advance to be ready for the season. Therefore, running advertisements out of season can be very helpful to attract such customers and retain them to buy your products.

Catch those who do shop during the off-season

If demand for your products sag out of season, running ads can be useful to catch those people who do shopping outside of peak times. For example, many people buy winter tires in the summer to save money. This could be due to holidays, seasonal sales, or simply the changing of seasons. Running ads during the off-season can help you attract these customers and increase sales.

Budget and initial stage of development

In the early stages of developing an online store, you may have a small budget for advertising. In this case, you will have to very carefully distribute your advertising resources and choose the most effective promotion channels.

Obviously, running advertising out of season can be more profitable, since the cost of advertising can be lower. Peak demand times typically come with higher advertising prices. Running ads during the off-season can help you reach potential customers at a lower cost and get more clicks and conversions for your money.

However, it is important to understand that advertising effectiveness may be lower out of season. Lower demand can impact conversion and return on advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully track the results of your advertising campaigns and analyze their effectiveness over time.

PPC Campaign

Conclusions and recommendations

So, is it worth running advertising in the off-season with small budgets at the initial stage of development of your online store? The answer depends on the specifics of your product, your understanding of off-season demand, and your budget.

If your product has a stable demand outside of the season and you want to catch those customers who still make purchases outside of peak times, then launching advertising can be a profitable solution. However, it is necessary to carefully monitor the results and effectiveness of advertising campaigns to assess their profitability.

⚠️ Finally, remember the importance of budget optimization in the initial stages of online store development. Determine your priorities and distribute advertising resources as efficiently as possible.

🔥 Overview table

Actions ✅ Results 🎯
Study the specifics of the product Understanding off-season demand
Track results Assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
Carefully allocate your budget Maximize the use of advertising resources

⚜️ Use these recommendations to make the right decision about launching advertising in the off-season on small budgets in the early stages of development your online store!

PPC Advertising

What tools do you need to analyze demand in the topic

When it comes to promoting your online store, demand analysis is key in the topic of your choice. This analysis will help determine market potential, find competitive advantages and develop effective marketing strategies. In this section, we will look at several tools that will help you conduct qualitative demand analysis.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Serpstat: Assessing Competitors and Niche Size

Serpstat is a powerful tool that will help you evaluate your closest competitors and determine niche size , in which you plan to establish yourself. It provides detailed information about your competitors' search rankings, keyword volume and cost, and the strategies your competitors are employing.

To start analyzing demand in a selected topic using Serpstat, you will need to register on their website and enter the appropriate keywords in the tool. Serpstat will provide you with comprehensive information that will allow you to determine how competitive your niche is and what strategies you should use to successfully promote it.

Google Ads: paid traffic analysis

Another useful tool for analyzing demand is Google Ads. This tool provides valuable insights into paid traffic sources, conversion rates, cost-per-click, and other metrics that will help you understand market trends and identify growth opportunities for your online store.

⚜️ Google Ads provides the ability to build media plans, determine budgets and keywords for advertising campaigns. With detailed Google Ads statistics and analytics, you can effectively optimize your marketing campaigns and attract targeted customers.

🔥 Review of tools for analyzing demand in the topic

🔍 Serpstat will help you assess the competitiveness of your niche, determine successful strategies and advantages of your competitors.

💡 Google Ads will provide you with information about paid traffic sources, analytics and metrics to optimize your advertising campaigns.

When conducting demand analysis, it is recommended to use both Serpstat and Google Ads to obtain a complete and objective picture of the market. Both tools will provide you with valuable data that will help you stand out from your competitors and attract more customers.

⚠️ As a result, correct demand analysis will help you choose the most effective tool for promoting your online store. Don't limit yourself to just one tool, use them in combination to get the most out of your marketing strategy!

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Best practices for subject demand analysis:

  • Use Serpstat for assessing competitors and determining the size of a niche in a selected topic.
  • Explore paid traffic sources using Google Ads, analyze data and optimize your advertising campaigns.
  • Combine both tools to get a complete and objective picture of the market.

💥 Create an effective marketing strategy for your online store based on identified trends and the needs of your audience!

⚜️ Now, having a complete understanding of how to analyze demand in the chosen topic, you will be able to make an independent and informed decision regarding the choice of tools for promoting your online store. Good luck to you in your business! 🔥


Expertise of the Fendi company

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

⚠️ Client: Company Fendi is a well-known global brand specializing in the production and sale of fashionable clothing, accessories and luxury goods. Fendi is a leader in the fashion industry and has stores in many countries.

🎯 Business and Goals: Fendi's core business is the design and production of premium apparel and accessories. The company's goal is to promote and sell its products in an online store.

♻️ Main objective statement: Fendi's main objective is to increase the visibility of its online store and attract more potential customers to increase sales.

📃 Characteristics and interests of the target audience: Fendi's target audience includes high-income, fashionable and stylish people seeking to purchase premium clothing and accessories. They are interested in the latest fashion trends, quality materials and exclusive design.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Key points that may be of interest to potential clients:

  • Wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories
  • Exclusive designs from famous designers
  • High quality materials and production
  • Collections that correspond to the latest trends in world fashion
  • Experience and reputation of the Fendi brand

⚜️ Facts, figures and results of the project

Together with Fendi, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy to promote their online store. As part of this strategy, we implemented the following activities:

🎯 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Conducted an analysis of the market and competitors to identify key phrases and topics, on the basis of which we created a content plan for the Fendi blog.
  • Optimized meta tags, titles and texts of online store pages to increase their visibility in search engines.
  • Created rich and informative content that contains keywords and phrases related to Fendi products and brand.
  • Performed internal and external link optimization to increase the trust and authority of the Fendi website.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🎯 Search engine advertising (PPC):

  • Created advertising campaigns based on key phrases related to Fendi products and brand .
  • Used targeted targeting and bid optimization to attract the target audience and increase the click-through rate of ads.
  • Developed landing pages taking into account sales requirements to maximize conversion.

These activities led to the following results and achievements:

  • Increased traffic to the Fendi online store by 30%.
  • Increase in the number of orders by 25%.
  • Significant increase in Fendi brand awareness on the Internet.
  • Improve search engine rankings for product and brand related keywords.

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

💥 Elbuz: "By working with Fendi, we were able to significantly increase visibility and sales their online store. The use of comprehensive SEO and PPC measures allowed us to achieve excellent results and strengthen the brand’s position in the fashion industry."🚀🔥

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

🔥 Fendi: The History of Fashion Houses. 5 Fendi sisters. Silvia Venturini-Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld. Fur and leather!

🔥Frequently asked questions on the topic: “SEO or PPC: what to use for your online store”?

🎯 1. Which promotion method is better to choose for my online store: SEO or PPC?

This depends on various factors, including your business goals, budget, industry competition, and others. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to help you make a more informed decision.

🎯 2. Which businesses are best suited for using PPC?

PPC (paid advertising) can be especially effective for businesses that need quick, targeted access to their target audience. If you want to quickly increase traffic to your online store and attract customers, PPC may be a good choice.

🎯 3. What business problems can be solved using PPC?

PPC can help you achieve various goals including increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, generating leads, testing the market, etc. But keep in mind: you pay for every click, so it’s important to think through your PPC strategy and budget.

🎯 4. What are the main benefits of using PPC?

Key benefits of PPC include quick visibility in search results, precise audience targeting, the ability to control budget and results, and easy measurement of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

🎯 5. What are the main disadvantages of using PPC?

Disadvantages of PPC include high cost per click, dependence on advertising platforms, competition in keyword auctions, and the fact that your ads may stop showing once you stop paying for them.

🎯 6. For which businesses is SEO suitable?

SEO (search engine optimization) can be beneficial for various types of online stores, especially those seeking long-term results, organic traffic, and building authority in the industry. If you are looking for a sustainable and free source of traffic, then SEO may be a worthy choice.

🎯 7. What business problems can be solved using SEO?

SEO can help increase organic traffic to your online store, improve search engine rankings, improve brand visibility, and attract long-term customers. Additionally, SEO will also help build authority and trust with your target audience.

🎯 8. What are the main benefits of using SEO?

The main benefits of SEO include increased organic traffic, long-term sustainability of results, lower long-term cost than PPC, and the ability to attract targeted audiences.

🎯 9. What are the main disadvantages of using SEO?

Disadvantages of SEO include long wait times to achieve results, competition in search results, unpredictability of search engine algorithms, and the need for technical knowledge to optimize your site.

🎯 10. Is it worth using SEO to promote a not-so-well-known mono-brand store?

Yes, SEO can be a useful tool for promoting a not-so-well-known mono-brand store. Optimizing your website will help increase your search engine visibility, attract new customers, and create a sustainable source of organic traffic!

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Thanks for reading! Now you are a professional! 💥🔥

You have reached the last paragraph of this article, and we want to express our deep gratitude for your time and attention! Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and PPC, you have become a true expert, a conscious owner of an advanced online store.

Knowing that the approach to promotion is not limited to one method opens up unlimited possibilities for you. You can use SEO to grow your traffic organically and strengthen your position in search results, invest in PPC to more actively attract your audience through advertising.

⚠️ Regardless of the path you choose, the key to success will be your strategic thinking, ability to adapt to market changes and analyze the results of your actions. Only by learning from your own experience and trying different strategies can you find a middle ground that will give your online store growth and prosperity! 🔥

⚜️ Now that you have valuable knowledge and insights, it's time to put them into action and turn your online store into a real successful platform. Get down to business without fear and feel free to experiment! We believe in you and your ability to achieve great results! 🎯

Good luck on your path to success, and may your online store become a masterpiece in the world of e-commerce! 🚀😊🔥

🔥 Video review: How does PPC help SEO?

SEO or PPC how to choose the best tool to promote your online store


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Discussion of the topic – SEO or PPC: how to choose the best tool to promote your online store

Which tool should you choose to promote your online store: SEO or PPC? In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both methods so that you can make the right decision.

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Very interesting article! I thought for a long time about how to promote my online store and couldn’t decide. What do you advise?


Hi, Olya! I have been involved in Internet marketing for quite some time and can share my experience. If you have a limited budget, then it is better to start with SEO. This is a long-term investment that can generate consistent traffic over time.


I completely agree with Vladimir! At first, I also focused on SEO and noticed that with the gradual growth of the site’s authority, stable organic traffic also came. But PPC can also be useful to get a quick start and testable results.


Maria, as a rule, it is difficult for new online stores to immediately achieve good positions in search results, so I believe that PPC can help attract first customers and get faster results.


Yes, I agree! I used PPC for my store and it gave me the opportunity to immediately reach my target audience and quickly test different marketing strategies. Plus, it was fun to experiment!


But don't forget that SEO and PPC can be effective in different situations. It's important to analyze the results to make informed decisions that suit your store and budget.


I agree with Maxim! And each store has its own characteristics. Therefore, I recommend trying both methods and evaluating their effectiveness for your specific business.


What is your opinion about the effectiveness of these methods, Mr. Sad? It seems that you are not enthusiastic about current trends.


Yes, I don’t believe in all these newfangled dances. My store has been around for many years and I don't need any trends. My clients know where to find me and shop without any fuss.


Gregory, every business is unique and each requires different approaches. What works for you may not work for others. However, it is always interesting to hear other people's different perspectives and experiences.