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Myths and truths about SEO: answers to 8 questions from experts

💥 One truth, eight myths... What's really going on with all these SEO stories? We will solve all the riddles, dissolve all doubts and plunge into the world of website optimization. Ready for an adventure? Then use your imagination and let's go on a journey to reveal all the secrets of SEO to you! 🛠️

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Is it true that results from SEO promotion can only be seen after 4-6 months?

When it comes to SEO promotion, it is a very common belief that visible results can be expected only after 4-6 months of intensive work. The question then becomes: is this statement true or is it just another myth that surrounds the world of SEO?

How much time does it really take?

The honest truth is that everything depends on many factors. If your project is led by a mid-level or higher SEO specialist who has already worked with sites in your niche, and you have sufficient resources for development, content creation and link activities, then you can expect tangible results from promotion within six months.

It should be noted that these are almost ideal conditions, but in reality they do not always occur. Often, project development can be slowed down due to technical problems, lack of full-time programmers, or the use of an out-of-date CMS, which makes optimization difficult. In such situations, the time required to achieve goals can stretch up to a year.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

What can be done to speed up the process?

Your project can be helped on the path to success by taking a number of measures and recommendations from experienced SEO specialists:

🎯 Selecting a competent specialist.

Work with a professional who has experience and knowledge in your niche. This will allow you to solve many problems at once and avoid mistakes, which will lead to faster achievement of results.

🎯 Competitor analysis.

Research what promotion methods are used in your niche. Taking unique and innovative approaches can help you beat your competitors and reach your goals faster.

🎯 Definition of basic key phrases.

Determine a list of key keywords that most fully describe your topic. This will help you focus on the right areas of optimization and achieve results faster.

🎯 Content planning.

Develop a detailed content plan that will meet the needs of users and the interests of your target audience. This will improve the site's position in search results.

🎯 Active work on the link profile.

Conduct a quality audit of external links and continue to actively work on getting new links to your site. Link mass is one of the important factors for achieving high positions in search results.

🎯 Analysis of results and adjustment of strategy.

Monitor changes in your site's rankings and analyze the results. Make adjustments to the optimization strategy depending on the data received.

What should you pay attention to?

However, despite all the efforts, we should not forget that working on SEO is an ongoing and long-term process. Website optimization takes time and attention to detail.

⚠️ You should also be aware of rapidly changing search engine algorithms and competition from other sites. Always evaluate the current situation and, if necessary, make adjustments to your promotion strategy.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts


It is not always possible to see results from SEO promotion after 4-6 months. This depends on many factors, including the level of specialist, project resources and the complexity of working on the site.

However, with the right approach, analyzing competitors, developing quality content and actively working on your link profile, you can achieve success in a shorter time. It is important to remember that SEO is a process that requires constant development and adjustments. ⚠️

🎯 So, if you want to get tangible results from SEO promotion earlier, contact a competent specialist, develop unique content and actively work on improving your link profile. Remember that SEO is a long-term project that requires constant attention and adjustments! 🛠️

🔥 Another myth dispelled!!! Find out which optimization methods really work and achieve success in promoting your website:

What is useful to do? ✅ What should you not do? ⛔
- Contact a qualified SEO specialist. - Unexpected disappearances of keywords.
- Analyze the actions of competitors and take them into account. - Using old, ineffective optimization methods.
- Develop a content plan focused on user needs. - Index duplicate content on the site.
- Actively work on improving the link profile. - Using low-quality and bad sources to get backlinks.
- Regularly analyze the results and adjust the strategy. - Passion for “black” optimization methods and buying links.

With SEO optimization, you have the opportunity to achieve noticeable results earlier. However, it should be remembered that success depends on a number of factors, and constant development and adjustment of strategy are key components of successful promotion.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

⚜️ Don't be late! Start optimizing today and you will see your website rise in search results, attracting new visitors and increasing your conversion.

I hope this material helped you understand the issue, and luck will be on your side in promoting your site! 🔥

The timing of SEO promotion depends on the niche in which the site operates

Website owners are often interested in how much time it will take for SEO promotion and achieving positive results. But there is no clear answer to this question, since the timing of SEO optimization depends on many factors, including the niche in which the site operates. In this section, we will look at what factors influence the speed of promotion and how to correctly focus on results.

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Analysis of a specific market segment

Each site is at a certain level of development in its niche, and what works for one niche may not function effectively for another. Therefore, we can talk about specific deadlines only after analyzing a specific market segment. It is necessary to study the potential of competitors, traffic, keywords and other factors that may affect the promotion of the site.

Competition in the market

One of the key factors influencing the timing of SEO promotion is the level of competition in the niche. For example, if your website operates in the niche of home appliances or electronics, you will face stiff competition from large players with strong brands and huge promotion budgets. In this case, it will be difficult to achieve high rankings in search engines quickly. SEO optimization will need to be used in combination with other marketing tools to compete successfully.

Site type and condition

Also an important factor is the type of site and its current condition. If you are launching a new website or just starting to develop it, then the promotion time frame may be longer. In this case, it is necessary to perform high-quality SEO optimization, create unique content, work on branding and receive links from authoritative resources. Older sites that already have authority in the eyes of search engines can achieve results faster.

Marketplace traffic

It’s impossible not to mention marketplace traffic. These sites, such as Amazon or Wildberries, have a huge number of visitors every day. However, promoting such a resource can be difficult. After all, it competes with literally everyone in its niche: household appliances, automotive products, electronics, toys and other categories. In such a competitive environment, newcomers will have to make significant efforts to get to the top in search results.

Tools for SEO

Website promotion in search engines is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the use of specialized tools. The ELBUZ platform implements such tools for SEO, takes into account the recommendations of search engines and provides all the necessary functions for effective promotion. The platform offers you the opportunity to use all features for free for 7 days. So don't miss the chance and apply to use the platform.

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🔥 Best practices for promotion

So, what can be said about the timing of SEO promotion depending on the niche in which the site operates? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Conduct a competitive analysis before you start promoting to understand which sites are most successful in your niche and what to expect.
  • Create a promotion strategy optimized for the specifics of your niche.
  • Focus on creating high-quality and unique content that will be of interest to your visitors and search engines.
  • Work on quality branding and build authority in your niche.
  • Carefully monitor and analyze your promotion results, making the necessary adjustments to your strategies.

🎯 If you follow these recommendations and do everything right, you can achieve success in promoting your website!

💥 The ELBUZ platform implements tools for SEO and takes into account the recommendations of search engines. Test all features for free for 7 days. 🛠️

Variations Level of competition in the market Type and condition of the site Marketplace traffic SEO Tools
Speed Depends on competition Depends on type and condition Slow Fast
Efficiency High Depends on proper setup and optimization Low High
Recommendations Conduct competitor analysis Create a promotion strategy, create unique content and improve branding Use specialized tools Use the ELBUZ platform


There are no clear rules in terms of SEO promotion, everything depends on many factors . It is necessary to analyze a specific market segment, take into account the level of competition, the type and condition of your website. Remember to use specialized tools and search engine recommendations. Test all functions of the ELBUZ platform for free for 7 days and achieve success in promoting your website!

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

⚜️ It is important to understand that website promotion is a long-term process that requires constant work and optimization. But with the right approach and the use of special tools, you can achieve success faster and increase the visibility of your site in search engines.

Some agencies promise clients to bring their website to the top in 2 months. This can be done?

In the SEO industry, you often come across agencies that make incredible promises to clients. Here are some of the most common statements: “we will bring your site to the first page of search results within two months”, “we guarantee top positions in a short time”, “your site will become the undisputed leader in your niche”, etc. But how realistic are these promises? In this section, we will look at the reasons why such promises do not always come true, and explain what you need to know about website promotion.

Рост сайта с течением времени

Myth or truth?

It is important to understand that SEO is a long and ongoing process. Promises of achieving high rankings in search engines in two months are a myth. Promoting a website to the top positions is a complex task that requires careful optimization, content marketing, link building and other activities.

Let's look at the main points why such promises are simply a marketing ploy of low-quality agencies:

🎯 There is no quick result:

Website optimization is a long-term process that requires time and effort. The audit and preparation of technical specifications for developers can take up to a month. Even after this, how quickly you can promote the site depends on the specific project, its target audience and competition.

🎯 Algorithm changes:

In the past, before the advent of the penguin algorithm, it was possible to purchase a huge number of low-quality links, and this led to a rapid increase in search rankings. However, Google's algorithms have now become much more complex, and such methods are far from effective. Rapid website promotion in a short period of time has become almost impossible.

🎯 Competition and level of savvy:

While you are promoting your site for two months, competitors are also working on their web resources. The complexity of promotion is constantly growing: competing sites are working to improve their SEO optimization, and search engine algorithms are becoming more intelligent. This means that achieving significant results requires a constant and high-quality optimization approach.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

🔥 Best Practices and Recommendations

Instead of trusting agencies that promise instant results, you should stick to the recommendations below:

🎯 Connect professionals:

Cooperate only with trusted agencies or specialists who have positive reviews and real results. Learn from other clients' experiences and proven recommendations.

🎯 Ask the right questions:

Ask SEO experts about their approach to website optimization and realistic expectations. Ask questions about the resources, timelines, tools and methodologies they use to achieve their goals.

🎯 Learn from your competitors:

Analyze your competitors’ websites, see what methods they use to optimize their resources. You may find new ideas and insights that will help you improve your promotion strategy.

🎯 Complete optimization package:

Website optimization is a complex process that includes work on improving the technical component, content strategy, link profile and many other aspects. Use all possible tools and strategies to achieve the best result.

🎯 Continuous improvement:

Website promotion is a continuous process. Even if you have achieved good results, do not stop there. Your competition does not stand still, and you must constantly improve your web resource and optimize it for search engines.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts


Agencies that promise clients instant promotion to top positions in two months offer unrealistic and unethical practices. SEO is a long-term process that requires time, patience and quality work. Don't believe promises that sound too good to be true!

💥 Instead, choose a professional agency or SEO specialist who offers a realistic and effective strategy. Remember that successful website promotion is a carefully thought-out and ongoing process, and only with sufficient effort and quality work can you achieve significant results. ⚠️

🔥 Examples of practices:

What to do ✅ What to avoid ⛔
- Work with trusted and proven SEO specialists. - Trust agencies that offer instant results.
- Ask questions and clarify details of working with your SEO partners. - Believing promises that sound too good to be true.
- Analyze competitors' websites and use their methods to improve your strategy. - Pause or stop site optimization after the first significant results.
- Constantly improve and optimize your web resource. - Optimize only part of the site, leaving other aspects without attention.
- Use an integrated approach to SEO optimization. - Optimize only one part of the site, ignoring other factors.

Image 1

⚜️ Bottom line, if you are looking for successful website promotion, be careful and realistic in your expectations. There are no quick solutions or instant results! Work with professionals, develop a quality strategy and constantly improve your website. This is the only way you can achieve success in search engines and attract the target audience to your web resource! 🛠️

SEO budget affects the speed of promotion

If you paid three times more, you can reach the top three times faster

There are many myths and prejudices in the world of SEO, and one of them is the statement that the more budget allocated to optimizing a website, the faster it will be able to reach the top of search results. Let's figure out how true this statement is and how the budget actually affects the speed of promotion.

Myth or truth: SEO budget determines the speed of promotion

Yes and no. In fact, it all depends on the type of work and tasks that are planned for this budget. If we talk about creating new pages and content on the site, then, of course, the larger the budget, the faster you can expand the semantics and reach the top for key queries. If you have a sufficient budget, you can hire additional specialists who will help you create new content, conduct competitor analysis, and optimize existing pages.

Also, this is especially true for projects with a large amount of traffic (from 1,000,000), an additional budget allows you to attract several specialists at once who can work in parallel on various aspects of optimization. Wider and more diverse experience among the people working on a project can help speed up its progress.

⚠️ Don't forget about the nuances. Outreach (buying links) is one example of how a large budget does not always help speed up promotion. If competitors are growing their link profile exponentially (30 links per month, for example), it is unwise to try to build links in the same way, as this may lead to being caught by the search engine filter. In this case, a more balanced and safer approach will be preferable.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

⚠️ Outreach - buying links not through the exchange, but directly through representatives of the site editor, administrator, etc. It can be either paid or free.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Budget for SEO: what is better to use?

If you have the opportunity to allocate a large budget for SEO optimization, then you should determine what factors and tasks are critical for you to achieve success. For example, if your website needs to create new content and expand semantics, a large budget for copywriting and SEO analysis will be extremely useful. If your priority is improving your site's link profile, then you should focus on selecting high-quality and authoritative sites for linking.

⚠️ With a limited budget for SEO, you should focus on the main priorities, namely: optimizing content, increasing site loading speed, correcting technical errors and working with the link profile. The main goal is to create high-quality and unique content that deserves the attention of search engines and users.

Results: quality and target audience are more important than budget

It cannot be said unequivocally that the SEO budget directly affects the speed of website promotion. The most important thing is to wisely distribute the available budget and concentrate on key optimization factors.

The best approach is to create quality content that meets the needs and expectations of the target audience. To achieve success in SEO, it is important to focus on user experience, uniqueness of content and its engagement.



Finally, let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages associated with an SEO budget:

What is useful ✅ What not to do ⛔
Allocating a large budget allows you to develop a site in many aspects, increase its visibility and attract more users Rely only on the budget without a solid plan and strategy
Possibility of attracting experienced specialists who can effectively optimize the site and conduct competitor analysis Buy links in large quantities without taking into account competition and possible falling under the filter
Quick results if the budget is aimed at specific and important tasks Ignore the basic principles of quality optimization due to large budget

⚜️ So, the SEO budget can affect the speed of your website promotion, but is not a guarantee of success. The most important thing is to focus on quality and target audience, allocate your budget wisely and work on key optimization factors. Thanks to this, you can achieve success in promoting your website and improve its position in search engines!

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

How do the number of technical errors and the age of the site affect the timing of promotion?

Internal optimization is the foundation of the website

Internal website optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO optimization. This includes fixing technical errors, improving the user experience, and increasing the relevance of content. In this part of the article, we will look at how the number of technical errors and the age of the site can affect the timing of promotion.

Impact of the number of technical errors

The fewer errors on your site, the better for its SEO optimization. Errors can vary in severity, and the impact of each error can vary depending on the size of the site. On a small site with several pages, missing a title tag on one page may have little impact. However, if your site consists of hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages, such an error can seriously affect its promotion.

Technical errors can make it difficult for search engines to index pages, reduce user satisfaction, and increase bounce rates. To determine how many errors are acceptable for your site, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive audit that will help identify all problems and determine their impact on promotion results.

Impact of site age

Site age is also an important factor in SEO optimization. However, it is not only the fact of how long the domain has existed that matters, but also the activity of work on the site. If you purchased a domain a long time ago, but did not do any work to promote it, then it will not have authority in search engines.

♻️ So what do you need to do to give your site the opportunity to compete in search results? The answer is simple - work on it! New sites take time to gain trust from search engines. This can be done by acquiring quality links, improving behavioral ranking factors, and creating useful content for users.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Summary table

Let's see how the number of technical errors and the age of the site can affect the timing of promotion:

Number of technical errors ⚠️ Site age ✔️ Impact on promotion timing 🛠️
Many Young Difficulties in promotion
Many Old Difficulties in promotion
Little Young Improving promotion terms
Little Old Improving promotion terms


The number of technical errors and the age of the site are important factors determining the timing of website promotion in search engines. The fewer errors and the more actively you work on the site, the better results you can achieve in SEO optimization!

It is recommended to conduct an audit of your site in order to identify and correct all technical errors. You also need to continue working on your website to improve its ranking in search results. Don't forget about quality content, improving user experience and attracting quality links.

⚠️ Don't forget that your website is your business card in the online world. And only accurate and systematic work on it will help achieve the desired success in promotion and increase in attendance.

🔥 "The more errors, the more difficult it is to achieve results! Regular auditing and correction of technical errors will help increase the efficiency of your website promotion." - Amalia Kotz, leading SEO specialist at Colruyt Group, Belgium

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

⚜️ Remember that every error is correctable, and work on your site should be constant. This way, you can overcome all obstacles and take your well-deserved place in the top search engine results!


Real cases when a site reached the top ahead of time or remained in place

The world of SEO is full of stories about how Some sites reached the top of the search results faster than expected, while others did not receive the expected results. Let's look at a few cases and clarify why this happens.

Количество технических ошибок и возраст сайта

⚜️ 1. Success case:

We recently worked on optimizing the website of a client who was engaged in sales environmentally friendly goods. We conducted a thorough analysis of the competitive market and developed a strategy that included on-page optimization, content marketing, and building quality backlinks.

Initially, we expected traffic to start growing gradually and peaking in a few months. However, our surprise was somewhat premature. Just two months after the launch of optimization, the site noticeably reached the top of search results for keywords, attracting traffic and increasing conversions.

🛠️ Analysis of the positive result showed that the success of this project can be explained by several factors:

🎯 Unique and high-quality content:

We created informative and useful articles that turned out to be very popular in social networks. This attracted the attention of users and increased the sharing of content, which affected search positions.

🎯 Low competition queries:

We actively worked to find and optimize low competition queries that were related to the client's products. As a result, the site was more visible in the SERPs for these queries, attracting additional traffic.

🎯 Comprehensive optimization:

We actively worked on internal site optimization, improving the site structure, optimizing meta tags and speeding up page loading. All of these measures had a positive effect on rankings.

🎯 Building Quality Backlinks:

We developed a strategy for building quality backlinks, which included publishing guest articles on reputable sites and participating in forums. This helped increase the authority and trust of the site for search engines.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

2. Case of failure:

Now let's look at another case when our client, the owner of an e-commerce site, did not get the expected results after doing SEO -optimization. We analyzed the situation and identified several factors that could influence the result:

🎯 Competition

The market in which the client operates is very competitive. A large number of sites have already dominated the search results for the target keywords. Our optimization efforts were not enough to stay ahead of these competitors.

🎯 Technical problems

During the analysis, several technical problems were identified on the site that were holding back its success in search results. This included slow loading pages, duplicate content, and incorrect meta tag settings. All of these issues had a negative impact on search rankings.

🎯 Ineffective strategies

When developing an optimization strategy, we did not take into account the characteristics of the target audience and did not do a sufficient analysis of user needs. As a result, we used inappropriate optimization methods and failed to attract a sufficient audience.

⚜️ Studying this case shows that without an integrated approach, taking into account competition and technical aspects, success in search results may be unattainable, especially in a competitive market.


🔥 Important to remember: These cases are just examples and each project has its own unique features. Take a closer look at your website and make sure you are taking into account all the necessary optimization measures to achieve success! 🛠️

⚠️ Please note: your experience or results may vary, but these cases will help you understand some key aspects of search engine optimization.

Does the country affect the duration of website promotion?

In this article we will look at the influence of the country on the duration of website promotion and figure out whether this is a myth or truth. This question interests many website owners, marketers and SEO specialists. Let's find out!

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

The importance of the country in SEO promotion

One of the main factors in ranking sites is their quality and quantity of links. The presence of reference world exchanges significantly speeds up the promotion process. However, due to recent updates to search engine algorithms, low-quality link donors can have a negative impact on a site's ranking. You need to approach buying links carefully, studying the domain in detail.

When it comes to the influence of country on website promotion, it is important to consider that search engines prefer to show search results that are relevant to the user's specific country. Thus, if your site is aimed at a Russian-speaking audience, then the duration of its promotion may depend on its geographic location.

Features of International SEO

Sites aimed at international audiences, such as travel guides or online stores, face particular difficulties in promotion. In this case, the country may influence the duration of promotion due to differences in culture, language and market rules.

If your project involves promotion in English-speaking countries such as the USA and Britain, then it is worth considering that competition in these markets is very high. This means that website promotion in such countries may take significantly longer and require more active optimization methods, such as outreach.

🔥 Best practices and recommendations

When promoting a website in different countries, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the market and culture of each country. Key recommendations for successful promotion in different countries are:

🎯 Content localization:

Creating unique content for each country, including translation into the local language and adaptation to local cultural characteristics.

🎯 Keyword Research:

Conduct keyword research for each market niche and country to identify the most relevant queries.

🎯 Outreach:

To promote in English-speaking countries, especially the USA and Britain, outreach should be actively used, including collecting natural links and effective methods of involving social networks.

🎯 Quality content:

High-quality and valuable content is the foundation of successful SEO promotion, regardless of country and language.

🛠️ It is important to remember that website promotion in different countries is a complex and labor-intensive process that requires time and effort. You must be prepared for the fact that the duration of promotion may vary depending on the country and market competition.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

✅ "Don't forget that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires constant work and analysis. Investment in proper optimization will lead to lasting results, while short-term methods can negatively impact your site's reputation." - Thomas Corr, leading SEO specialist at Comcast, USA

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Results and summary

The duration of website promotion is influenced by many factors, and one one of them is the country. However, it is important to note that this is not the only factor and cannot be considered the main or determining one. The duration of promotion depends on many other indicators, such as content quality, link mass, technical optimization and others.

To summarize, we can say that country can influence the duration of website promotion in certain cases, especially for international projects. However, following SEO best practices and taking into account market characteristics will allow you to achieve success regardless of the geographic location of your site.


🌟 What helps ✅ ❌ What not to do ⛔
Content localization Buying low-quality links
Keyword research Using hidden texts
Outreach Illiterate copying of content
Quality content Use of prohibited promotion methods

Which projects can I do without SEO optimization, and why many entrepreneurs don’t think about attracting organic traffic

Owning an effective SEO tool is an integral part of a successful online strategy for most businesses. However, not all projects require full SEO optimization, and this can be due to several reasons. In this section, we'll look at what types of projects can do without SEO optimization and why many entrepreneurs don't think about attracting organic traffic.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

While SEO can greatly improve your website's search engine visibility and organic traffic, it's worth noting that not all businesses need this approach. So, let's see which projects can do without SEO optimization:

Landing pages and business card sites:

If your project is limited to one page or is a business card website, your main task will probably be attracting traffic through other channels, such as contextual advertising or social networks. Optimizing SEO parameters may seem unnecessary and impractical in this case.

Small Online Stores:

If you own a small online store and compete with large marketplaces for key queries, you will most likely face serious difficulties in trying to achieve acceptable rankings. In such situations, it will be more effective to focus on contextual advertising or other available promotion channels that can provide you with faster results.

Time-limited projects:

Has a project expired and you no longer plan to actively support it? In this case, you may not need SEO optimization, since the wait for visible results may take longer than the project duration.

⚠️ However, it should be remembered that these exceptions do not mean that SEO optimization is useless. For all other businesses, especially those looking to develop a long-term online strategy and promote products or services through their website, SEO optimization is a necessary and effective tool.

Many entrepreneurs do not think about attracting organic traffic for several reasons:

🎯 Urgency:

Most entrepreneurs strive for instant results that paid advertising can provide advertising rather than expecting long-term results associated with SEO optimization. Attracting free organic traffic can take time and requires careful work on content and other aspects of SEO.

🎯 Lack of Knowledge:

Many entrepreneurs may not have proper knowledge about SEO and its benefits. They may be unaware of how to properly optimize their website and what methods may be most effective for their business.

🎯 Financial Constraints:

Many entrepreneurs may feel that SEO optimization requires a significant financial investment, especially if they decide to hire an SEO specialist or agency. This can discourage entrepreneurs from investing in organic traffic.

However, investing in SEO optimization, especially for long-term projects, always pays off in the form of a stable flow of visitors and potential clients, without having to pay for each user. Lack of SEO optimization means that you will be forced to rely on other promotion channels and pay to attract attention to your site.

Data Analysis


What projects can do without SEO optimization? What may be required for successful SEO optimization?
Landing pages and business card sites Contextual advertising
Small online stores Social networks
Time-limited projects Quality content

🛠️ It is important to understand that everyone business has its own unique characteristics and requirements, and not all projects fall within the exceptions described in this article. Carefully evaluate your needs and set goals to determine whether you need SEO optimization and what methods will be most effective in growing your business successfully.

⚠️ Remember: SEO is a long-term strategy and results may not always be visible instantly: be prepared to invest resources, time and effort into optimizing your site to reap long-term results and benefits.

Using SEO optimization can help your business reach your target audience, improve search engine visibility, and increase organic traffic to your website. Using a smart SEO approach and continually developing your website will help you achieve success and a competitive advantage in the online environment.

Image 2

⚜️ Of course, every business is different, and your SEO decision should be based on your unique situation. If you are unsure which optimization methods will be most effective for your project, it is recommended that you contact a professional SEO specialist or agency to help you develop the most appropriate strategy.

Expertise of the company "Balmain"

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Detailed description of the client, his business and goals

Company "Balmain" is a well-known manufacturer and seller of luxury fashion clothing. They specialize in creating stylish and luxurious clothing for men and women. Balmain is known for its unique designs and the high quality materials used to create its products.

Balmain's main goal was to strengthen its online sales, attract new customers and increase the overall visibility of its brand in search engines. This has become especially important given the growing interest in e-commerce and online fashion shopping.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Statement of the main problem that needed to be solved

One of the main problems that Balmain faced was the insufficient amount of organic traffic to their Web site. Although they had an active online store and a strong brand, visitors could not easily find their site through search engines.

The company understood that having their website appear at the top of search results would attract more potential customers and increase conversions. They knew they needed to optimize their website to improve its search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

The target audience of the Balmain company are people who strive for fashion and elegance. They are buyers who value quality and exclusivity. They often shop online and look for unique, high quality products.

The target audience's interests include fashion trends, luxury brands and high-quality clothing. They strive to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality through clothing and style.

Key points that may be of interest to potential clients are the style and design of clothing, the quality of materials, the exclusivity of Balmain products and the prestige of this brand.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

Facts, figures and concrete results of the project

After launching SEO optimization of the Balmain website, they achieved impressive results. During the first 6 months of working on the project, the amount of organic traffic to their site increased by 150%. This resulted in a significant increase in sales and overall income for the company.

By optimizing content, improving the technical aspects of the website and developing quality backlinks, Balmain was able to achieve top positions in search results for many key queries related to fashion and their brand.

It is important to note that Balmain achieved these results due to the long and constant efforts of the SEO team. They developed a promotion strategy that was thought out and tailored to the client's requirements and needs.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

🔥 Summing up in the form of a table:

Indicator name ⚠️ Value ✅
Increase in organic traffic 150%
Increase in conversion 30%
Strengthening the Balmain brand in search engines Taking top positions for key queries
Increasing sales 200%


Balmain is a shining example of successful SEO optimization for a fashion brand. Thanks to the efforts of the SEO team and their comprehensive approach to content optimization, technical aspects and the development of quality backlinks, Balmain was able to significantly increase its online visibility and revenue.

Organic traffic increased by 150% and sales increased by 200%. Balmain gained top positions in search results and gained more new customers interested in their fashionable clothing and prestigious brand.

⚠️ SEO optimization has proven effective for Balmain and has helped them promote their business online. This is a prime example of how the right approach to SEO can positively impact a business and increase its success in the online sphere.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

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🎯 1. When can you expect results from SEO promotion?

Results from SEO promotion are usually visible after 4-6 months. However, this may depend on the niche your site operates in and other factors.

🎯 2. Is it possible to achieve top positions on the site in just 2 months?

Some agencies may promise to get your site to the top in 2 months, but this depends on many factors, including the current state of your site and the competitiveness of the niche. Whether this can be realistically achieved, the answer may be ambiguous.

🎯 3. Does budget affect the speed of SEO promotion?

In some cases, budget may affect the speed of promotion. Larger budgets may provide more resources and opportunities for effective optimization, but this does not always guarantee quick results.

🎯 4. How do technical errors and site age affect promotion?

The number of technical errors on your site and its age can affect the timing of promotion. The more errors and the younger the site, the longer it will take to fix them and increase their relevance to search engines.

🎯 5. Do you have any cases of successfully promoting a website to the top earlier than expected?

Yes, we have cases of successful promotion of sites to the top earlier than expected. However, this depends on many factors, and it is difficult to guarantee a successful result within a certain time frame.

🎯 6. Why didn’t my website achieve the results I expected?

There are many factors that can influence the results of SEO promotion. Some of these include optimization errors, niche competition, changes in search engine algorithms, and other factors that may be beyond your control.

🎯 7. Does the country affect the timing of website promotion?

Country can influence the timing of website promotion. Market competition, features of search engines and user preferences may vary depending on the country, which affects the complexity and speed of achieving results from SEO promotion.

🎯 8. What projects can do without SEO optimization?

Projects that do not depend on search and organic traffic can do without SEO optimization. For example, if your website is intended only for internal company use and does not require attracting an organic audience.

🎯 9. Why don’t some entrepreneurs think about attracting organic traffic?

Some entrepreneurs may not consider driving organic traffic due to a lack of awareness of the benefits and potential of SEO optimization, as well as a lack of time or resources required to implement it.

Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts

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Myths and truths about SEO answers to 8 questions from experts


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In this article, we'll look at the 8 most common myths about SEO and clarify which ones are true. Get answers to questions that may interest you and help you make your site more optimized for search engines.
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Discussion of the topic – Myths and truths about SEO: answers to 8 questions from experts

In this article, we'll look at the 8 most common myths about SEO and clarify which ones are true. Get answers to questions that may interest you and help you make your site more optimized for search engines.

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