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Breadcrumbs: significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Lost in the vast world of online shopping? Don't worry, we will help you! In this article we will unravel the mystery of breadcrumbs in an online store and how they are ingeniously implemented on the ELBUZ platform. Be prepared to navigate digital transitions with confidence and ease. Bread crumbs??? Let's dive in!

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

What are bread crumbs

Bread crumbs breadcrumbs are a breadcrumb trail on a website that shows the path to the page the user is on. They have become an integral part of online stores and play an important role in improving the user experience. Let's look at why breadcrumbs are so important for an online store and how they are implemented on the ELBUZ platform.

Historically, breadcrumbs were used in operating systems to show the route to the root folder. However, they have long migrated to websites, including online stores. The name "breadcrumbs" comes from the famous fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel, who threw breadcrumbs in the forest to find their way home. Similarly, in an online store, thanks to breadcrumbs, the client always knows where he is and can easily return to previous page levels.

Breadcrumbs consist of a sequence of links, each of which represents a different level of nesting of a page on the site. The most common breadcrumb format is a horizontal menu, in which each link is presented as text.

Let's imagine that you are on a product page in an online store. Breadcrumbs might look like this:

🍞 Home > 🍞 Category 1 > 🍞 Category 2 > 🍞 Product Name

This allows users to easily understand their location on the site and go back to previous sections. If an online store has several levels of nesting and a large number of products, then breadcrumbs become especially useful, helping the client not to get lost and get to the desired page quickly and conveniently.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Why do an online store need breadcrumbs?

One of the main benefits of using breadcrumbs in online stores is improving navigation and user experience. Breadcrumbs help users understand how they can navigate a site, track their path, and maintain context. This is especially important for sites where there are many sections and subsections.

Let's imagine a situation where a user is on a product page and would like to return to the parent category. Thanks to breadcrumbs, the user can return to the desired level with one click without wasting time searching for a link in the menu or using the back button in the browser.

In addition, breadcrumbs improve the indexing of site pages by search engines. Since they are a chain of links, search robots can easily identify and index all the pages of a site and their hierarchy.

How breadcrumbs are implemented on the ELBUZ platform

ELBUZ provides convenient tools for implementing breadcrumbs on your online store. The platform allows you to automatically generate breadcrumbs based on the structure of your product catalog or certain page parameters.

To set up breadcrumbs on ELBUZ, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Define the structure of your product catalog and categories .

  2. In the ELBUZ admin panel, go to the "Settings" section and select "Breadcrumbs".

  3. Set breadcrumb generation rules according to your structure. You can specify which catalog elements and page parameters will be used to generate breadcrumbs.

  4. Visually check the result and make sure that the breadcrumbs are displayed correctly on your site.

ELBUZ allows you to dynamically update breadcrumbs when the catalog structure or page parameters change. This ensures that the breadcrumbs on your online store are accurate and up-to-date.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Review: What is useful and necessary to know about bread crumbs

What is useful to know about breadcrumbs in an online store What you need to know about breadcrumbs in an online store
• Breadcrumbs help improve navigation and user experience. • The more complex the site structure, the more important the correct implementation of the crumbs.
• They allow the user to understand their location on the site. • Incorrectly configured crumbs can confuse the user.
• Breadcrumbs improve the indexing of pages by search engines. • Poorly designed crumbs or lack of crumbs can cause mistrust.

Breadcrumbs are an important element of any online store; they greatly facilitate navigation and help users quickly and conveniently find the right pages. The implementation of breadcrumbs on the ELBUZ platform is simple and effective, and it allows you to provide a better user experience.

Now that you know what breadcrumbs are and why they're important for online stores, you're ready to improve your site's navigation and provide a better user experience for your customers. Try implementing breadcrumbs on the ELBUZ platform and evaluate its advantages yourself!

🔥 Important! Select the desired rules for generating breadcrumbs and keep your site structure up to date. Breadcrumbs should be clear and logical for users to quickly navigate and navigate your online store.

With breadcrumbs, you will create a compelling user experience, which will lead to increased customer loyalty and sales in your online store. Don't forget to use this important navigation element and make it accessible to every user of your site.

Хлебные крошки

To improve user experience

Bread crumbs significantly affect the user experience on an online store website. They greatly simplify site navigation and help users easily find products based on specific features, such as categories or sections.

Using breadcrumbs, users can easily navigate between categories and subcategories without having to switch to the search result page or go back to the previous page. This allows you to avoid unnecessary steps and quickly move to the desired section or product.

The benefit of breadcrumbs is that they provide a seamless user experience, increase time on site, and reduce the likelihood of abandonment. The more convenient a site is for users, the less reason they have to leave it.

Let's say a user has visited an online store website and wants to find a specific product in a certain category. He can easily view the structure of categories and subcategories, then navigate to the desired section using breadcrumbs, without having to return to the main page or use search.

Breadcrumbs allow users to drill down into sections of a site and then easily return to the sections where they began their journey through the site. This is especially useful for shoppers who want to compare multiple products or view all offers in a particular category.

Using breadcrumbs in an online store on the ELBUZ platform is a fairly simple task. The platform provides convenient tools for adding and customizing breadcrumbs for each section of your site.

Example: Shoe Site Reverse Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Benefits of breadcrumbs for users:

  • Simplifying site navigation.
  • Quickly jump to the desired section or product.
  • Increased time spent on the site.
  • Possibility of going deeper into sections and easy return.
  • Convenience and ease of movement between categories.

Using breadcrumbs on the ELBUZ platform will demonstrate to your users that you care about their convenience and provide them with the best user experience.

The ability to quickly and efficiently navigate the site, find the right products and return to the right categories - all this makes the shopping process more convenient and enjoyable for your customers!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve the user experience on your site with breadcrumbs. Not only will they help users find the products they need quickly and easily, but they will also increase the time users spend on your site.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Useful uses of bread crumbs:

  • Add bread crumbs to each page of your online store.
  • Provide a logical and clear structure of sections and categories.
  • Place breadcrumbs in a user-friendly area of your site.
  • Allow users to easily navigate between categories and subcategories.
  • Update breadcrumbs when the site structure changes or new sections are added.

Imagine that you have an online shoe store. A user visited your site and used breadcrumbs to move from the "Women's Shoes" category to the "Boots" subcategory. He then decides to return to the main page and selects the "Men's Shoes" section. Thanks to breadcrumbs, the user can easily return to the previous category, which greatly simplifies his navigation around the site.

It's important to note that breadcrumbs don't have to take up a lot of space on the page. They can be presented compactly, but always be accessible and visible to users. Remember that a good user experience is one of the key factors for the success of your online store!

☝️ “Breadcrumbs are a powerful tool for improving site navigation and increasing the time a user spends on a page.” – Web development expert Jacob Wilson, RedVerg , USA

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

To improve user experience Not recommended
✅ Simplify site navigation ❌ Ignore bread crumbs
✅ Quickly jump to the desired section or product ❌ Inconsistent structure of sections and categories
✅ Increased time spent on the site ❌ No breadcrumbs
✅ Possibility of going deeper into sections and easy return ❌ Updating the structure without updating bread crumbs
✅ Convenience and ease of movement between categories ❌ Failure to place bread crumbs in a convenient area of the site

Ultimately, using breadcrumbs on your online store website using the ELBUZ platform will be an integral part of your strategy to improve user experience. This intuitive and efficient way of navigation will help your customers find what they need faster and increase overall satisfaction with your store.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

SEO effect

Breadcrumbs is an integral part of the structure of the online store on the ELBUZ platform. They play an important role in increasing the authority of the site in the eyes of search engines, and also contribute to improving the user experience. In this section, we will look at how breadcrumbs have an SEO effect, why they are important for the successful promotion of an online store, and how they are implemented on the ELBUZ platform.

Breadcrumbs have a positive effect on the ranking of a site by search engines. They are a natural way of linking, which increases the authority of pages for a search engine and also speeds up their indexing. Thanks to the correct hierarchy of pages in the chain, search engines better understand the structure of the site. When the product catalog links to the home page, the category catalog, and the product page links to the categories, this contributes to better perception of the site by search engines.

Breadcrumbs also affect behavioral metrics that Google takes into account when ranking pages. Time on site and page depth are important indicators that are improved by the presence of breadcrumbs. They help users find the information they need and navigate the site, which reduces abandonment and increases the likelihood of making a purchase.

Breadcrumbs also make the SERP snippet more attractive. After implementing the required type of micro-markup BreadcrumbList, users see breadcrumbs on the search results page, which helps them navigate the site immediately after clicking and quickly find the page they need.

Thus, breadcrumbs play an important role in SEO promotion of an online store. They increase the authority of pages for the search engine, improve user experience, speed up indexing and improve behavioral metrics. Thanks to the use of BreadcrumbList micro markup on the ELBUZ platform, online store owners can easily implement breadcrumbs and get all the benefits they provide.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Examples of successful use of breadcrumbs:

  • 💡 The ABC24 company implemented bread crumbs on its online store, and after a few months noticed a significant increase in positions in search results. Breadcrumbs helped improve behavioral metrics and attract new visitors.

  • 💡 The ZOOM online store has added breadcrumbs to product, category and subcategory pages. Users noted that it became much more convenient to navigate the site and the time to find the right product was significantly reduced. This helped increase conversion and customer satisfaction.

Best practices for using breadcrumbs:

  What to do What to avoid
Implementation Use BreadcrumbList micro markup to implement breadcrumbs Don't forget to update breadcrumbs when your site structure changes
Page Hierarchy Maintain proper page hierarchy in the chain Avoid complex structures and long chains of breadcrumbs
Context Use keywords in breadcrumb text Avoid unnecessary repetition and non-contextual phrases

Example: Appearance of breadcrumbs on the site's results page

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ


The introduction of breadcrumbs in an online store is a necessary and useful step to improve its visibility in search engines and providing convenience to users. Properly implemented breadcrumbs will help improve the user experience, increase the authority of pages in the eyes of search engines, and speed up indexing. Follow the recommendations and best practices for best results!

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

👉 Expert opinion: "Breadcrumbs are one of the key elements of SEO optimization for online stores. The use of breadcrumbs helps search engines understand the structure of the site and better show it in search results. Moreover, it simplifies site navigation for users, which is important for increasing conversion and satisfaction." - Alexey Goncharenko, SEO advertising specialist at TM KOBLEVO, Ukraine

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ


Rakuten experience

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Detailed description of the client, his business and goals

Rakuten is a large Japanese company that began operations in 1997. It is one of the leading Internet conglomerates in the world and offers a variety of services in e-commerce, finance, television and many other areas.

Rakuten's core business is an e-commerce platform that connects a huge number of sellers and buyers from all over the world. The company strives to make online shopping as convenient and accessible as possible for its customers.

One of Rakuten's goals was to strengthen its position as a leader in e-commerce and develop its platform to attract more sellers and buyers. To achieve this goal, Rakuten realized that it needed to make its site easier to navigate and improve the user experience.

Statement of the main problem

Rakuten was faced with the problem of complex navigation on its site, which led to difficulties for users in finding the right products and moving between sections. This could have a negative impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

Primary Audience Description

Rakuten's target audience includes both sellers and buyers who are interested in the various products and services offered on the platform. The age range of the audience is very wide, including both youth and adults. Geographically, Rakuten provides its services in different countries, attracting customers from various regions.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Highlighting key points that may be of interest to potential customers

Rakuten made a conscious decision to transform its a navigation system to make it easier for its users to search and navigate through sections of the platform. They implemented breadcrumbs on their site, which became a key feature to help users locate their location on the site and easily navigate to previous pages.

Facts, Figures, and Specific Project Results

After implementing breadcrumbs on their site, Rakuten saw a significant improvement in user experience and customer satisfaction. Main Key Results:

  • Increased time on site by 15%.
  • Reduce navigation problems by 25%.
  • Increase conversion by 10%.
  • Increased user satisfaction by 20%.

Breadcrumbs on the Rakuten website significantly improved the user experience, helped customers stay in the right location on the site, and made it easier to navigate between sections. This allowed Rakuten to strengthen its position in the e-commerce industry and attract even more sellers and buyers.

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and CEO of Rakuten

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

🔥 Video : How does Rakuten work?

🔥Frequently asked questions on the topic: "Breadcrumbs - why are they online? store and how are they implemented on ELBUZ?"

1. What are bread crumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a navigational element that helps users understand their location on a website. They usually display the path of the page from the main page to the current one.

2. Why are breadcrumbs important for an online store?

Breadcrumbs allow users to easily find and navigate to previous pages, improving their journey through the site. They also improve usability, improve SEO performance, and increase website credibility.

3. How do breadcrumbs improve user experience?

Breadcrumbs provide users with a clear picture of where they are on a website and how they can navigate back to previous pages. This simplifies navigation and improves usability of the site.

4. How do breadcrumbs affect SEO effect?

Breadcrumbs make the site structure more understandable to search engines, which helps improve page indexing and ranking. They also increase the chances of more useful snippets being shown in search results.

5. How are breadcrumbs implemented on the ELBUZ platform?

On the ELBUZ platform, the sale of bread crumbs is carried out automatically. The system automatically generates a path based on product categories and subcategories and displays it on the site pages.

6. Can I customize breadcrumbs on ELBUZ at my discretion?

Yes, on the ELBUZ platform it is possible to customize bread crumbs according to your preferences. You can define custom paths or make changes to existing ones.

7. Can breadcrumbs affect page loading speed?

Breadcrumbs only affect page loading speed if they are not optimized or implemented incorrectly. Properly optimized breadcrumbs should not negatively impact site performance.

8. What other benefits can online stores get by using breadcrumbs on ELBUZ?

In addition to improving the user experience and SEO effect, using breadcrumbs on ELBUZ allows you to increase customer trust, improve conversion and simplify search and navigation through the product catalog.

9. Can breadcrumbs be used only on the product page?

No, breadcrumbs can be used on any page on a website. They are especially useful in product catalogs, blogs, or other areas where users can navigate within the site.

10. What is the conclusion about using breadcrumbs in an online store on the ELBUZ platform?

Breadcrumbs are an important element for improving the user experience and SEO effect of an online store. On the ELBUZ platform they are implemented automatically, ensuring ease of use and increasing search visibility.

Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

Thank you very much for your attention! 🔥

🎉 Congratulations! You've just become an expert in online store breadcrumbs. Now you have all the knowledge to make your store unrivaled!

🥖 Breadcrumbs are an indispensable tool that will help your customers find the pages they need in your online store. They allow users to quickly and easily navigate the site, which increases customer satisfaction and increases sales.

💡 Now, using the ELBUZ platform, you can easily create and customize breadcrumbs for your online store. Simply follow our detailed instructions and customize them to suit your unique needs and requirements!

🚀 Get ready to increase traffic and improve user experience by effectively using breadcrumbs on your site. Your online store will be convenient and intuitive for every visitor!

🙌 Thank you for reading our article! We are glad that we were able to share information with you and help you become more successful in e-commerce.

🛍️ Happy sales to your online store! See you again! 🔥


Breadcrumbs significance and implementation on ELBUZ

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In this article we will look at why breadcrumbs are important for an online store and how they are implemented on the ELBUZ platform.

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Very interesting article! But the breadcrumbs on ELBUZ could be more visual, because often large online stores have many sections and subsections of products. Maybe it's worth adding icons or additional elements to them?


I agree with you, Liam! Icons in breadcrumbs could greatly facilitate navigation on the ELBUZ website. Beyond that, I think it would also be useful to be able to click on each breadcrumb item and navigate back to the appropriate page.


Good idea, Emma! It is also important to remember about the mobile version of the site. How can you make breadcrumbs more mobile-friendly?


Yes, Hugo, the mobile version is also very important. Maybe we should discuss using a dropdown menu instead of full breadcrumbs on small screens? This will save space and maintain ease of navigation.


I don't really like the dropdown menu idea, Sophie. It can be convenient only with a small number of sections. And if there are many sections, then there will be many levels of nesting and this can cause confusion among users.


Luke, I think a compromise can be made. Use the drop-down menu only when a certain level of nesting of sections is reached. This way we'll avoid any confusion but still be able to save screen space.


But despite all this, I believe that the breadcrumbs on ELBUZ are already well implemented. They help users navigate the site quickly and easily, especially when working with a large number of products and categories.


Yes, Yakub, your point of view also has its place. Each user has their own navigation preferences. Therefore, it would be a good idea to provide users with the ability to customize the appearance and functionality of breadcrumbs in their personal account.