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Software cash registers for business: choose the best option

This world is full of opportunities!🔥 They are sought after by savvy businesspeople eager to automate their operations and increase revenue efficiency. To choose the best option for your business, you need to pay attention to software settlement transaction recorders (PRO). Let's explore together all their advantages and functionality so that you can automate your business easily and effectively!

Software cash registers for business choose the best option


  • RPO - Registrar of settlement transactions. It is a device used to record and store fiscal data on sales and other financial transactions.

  • Software PPO - A PPO option that performs the functions of registering and storing sales data using software, instead of a physical device.

  • Fiscal transactions - Financial transactions related to sales of goods and services, subject to mandatory fiscal registration for tax purposes .

  • Automation - The process of using technology and software to automatically perform tasks previously performed manually.

  • CheckBox - Software PPO that provides wide functionality for automating fiscal operations, including registration of sales, control of balances goods and accounting of financial transactions.

  • Vchasno.Kasa - Software cash register, developed taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on fiscal registration. Provides opportunities to automate fiscal operations and record sales data.

  • SOTA Casa - Software PPO with advanced functions that allow not only registering fiscal transactions, but also managing warehouse accounting, plan purchases and track sales in real time.

  • E-CHECK - An electronic check system in which checks are issued electronically and can be stored on digital devices. It allows check recipients to quickly and conveniently receive information about their purchases.

  • Cashalot - Software PPO, specializing in the automation of fiscal operations for retail enterprises. It provides a wide range of functions for recording and analyzing sales data.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

This glossary provides definitions of key terms and acronyms associated with an overview of software-based PPOs. business. It will help you better understand the article and choose the most suitable solution for automating the fiscal operations of your business.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Review of software cash registers for business: the best solutions for automating fiscal operations

Currently, more and more entrepreneurs are switching to software registrars of settlement transactions (PRO) for the convenience and efficiency of running their business. But how do you choose the most suitable option among the many PPO software on the market? In this section, we will take a closer look at several of the best solutions that will help automate fiscal operations and simplify accounting in your business.

CheckBox: simplicity and convenience

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

To get acquainted with the CheckBox software, you do not need to register a cash register at the tax office and buy a license to use it. CheckBox has a free test mode that allows you to explore the functionality of the program. Interaction with the service occurs in the browser without the need to install additional software. CheckBox offers a simple and intuitive interface, and each stage of PPO registration is provided with text and video instructions. The digital signature key is stored in the cloud, which allows you to access it from any device. CheckBox also offers additional features such as shift end reminders and the ability to send electronic checks to instant messengers.

Vchasno.Kasa: versatility and integration

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Vchasno.Kasa software RPO was developed by the service team electronic document management Hourly. It offers the ability to integrate with CRM, marketplaces and personal website using API. The seller can issue checks through the web account on the program website, which is available for various operating systems. Users are given a 14-day free period to test all the features of the service. Vchasno.Kasa offers only one tariff in the amount of 150 UAH per month, when paying for a long period the price is reduced.

SOTA Kasa: reliability and availability

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

SOTA Kasa is a cloud-based software recorder of settlement transactions , intended for small businesses, up to 1000 fiscal transactions per month. The user can control the cash register in a browser without the need to install an additional application on a smartphone. The interface and technical capabilities of SOTA Casa comply with the registration standards of the PRRO. The service also offers the lowest price on the market, starting from 980 hryvnia for an annual license.

E-CHECK: mobility and limitless possibilities

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

E-CHECK is a software PPO with POS terminal functions, with an emphasis on mobility. An entrepreneur can register a cash register and manage it from a smartphone using a mobile application for Android or iOS. E-CHEK also offers a demo mode for free testing and accepts payments via an NFC-enabled phone as a POS terminal. E-CHECK offers restrictions on the number of checks or cash registers.

Cashalot: flexibility and versatility

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Cashalot PROM from the developers of M.E.doc is a flexible solution, which can be used from a computer or Android mobile device. Cashalot supports integration with the accounting system via API and allows you to deploy the program server in an enterprise. The cost of the service depends on the chosen tariff, the number of cash desks and the status of the entrepreneur.


  • 🔒 The digital signature key is stored in the cloud, providing convenient access from any device .
  • 💵 Prices for PPO programs may vary depending on the tariff, duration of use and additional services.
  • ℹ️ Detailed information about each program and its capabilities is presented on the official websites.

🔥 Review: comparison of cash register programs for business

Program💻 Features 🔎
CheckBox - Simple interface
- Free trial period
- Sending receipts to instant messengers
Vchasno.Kasa - Integration with CRM and marketplaces
- 14-day free period
SOTA Casa - Cloud data storage
- Low price
E-CHECK - Mobile application for managing a cash register
- Full-fledged POS terminal
Cashalot - Flexibility of configuration
- Integration with the accounting system

✔️ ELBUZ advice: When choosing a software PPO for your business, it is important to consider your needs and requirements. Consider all the features, prices and functionality of each option to make an informed and correct decision!

Picture 2

Expertise of Rozetka.ua

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Description of the client, his business and goals

Rozetka.com.ua company is one one of the leading electronic commercial platforms in Ukraine. They offer a wide range of products ranging from electronics and home appliances to fashion clothing and accessories. Rozetka was founded in 2005 and has since become a popular online store with millions of visitors daily.

The main goals and objectives of the Rozetka company in the context of this project were related to the automation of fiscal operations and ensuring compliance with tax requirements. Electronic registrars of settlement transactions (PRO) have become a necessary tool for registering and monitoring financial transactions in an online store.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Formulation of the main problem

The main problem facing the Rozetka company was the need to choose the most suitable PPO software for automating your fiscal operations. Given the extensive range and number of transactions on the network, the company was looking for a reliable, functional and convenient solution that would meet all legal and business requirements.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

Rozetka's target audience includes a wide range of consumers who prefer online shopping for purchasing goods of various categories. These are mainly people who actively use the Internet and are ready to make purchases through an online platform. The target audience includes both young tech-savvy users and older age groups who find the convenience and benefits of e-commerce.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Key points that might be of interest to potential clients

Key points that might be of interest to potential clients Rozetka.ua clients:

  1. Reliability and security. It is important that the software solution demonstrates reliable performance, especially when storing and processing customer financial data.

  2. Ease of use. The intuitive user interface and ease of installation allow store employees to quickly master the software and work effectively with the PPO.

  3. Compliance with legal requirements. The software PPO must be up-to-date and comply with the requirements of the tax legislation of Ukraine in order to avoid legal problems and fines.

  4. Functionality and flexibility. The solution faces high requirements in terms of functionality and customization capabilities in order to fully support the specific business processes of Rozetka.com.ua.


As a result of working on the project, Rozetka chose a software PPO that meets all the requirements and expectations. It provided automation of fiscal operations, increased the reliability and security of client financial data, as well as compliance with tax requirements. The company was able to ensure the smooth operation of the online store and satisfy the needs of all its customers.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

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🔥 Frequently asked questions on the topic: "Review of software PPOs for business: how to choose the best option?"

1. What benefits do PPO software provide for business?

Software RPOs provide automation of fiscal operations, increase business efficiency, and provide more accurate accounting and control over financial transactions.

2. How to choose the most suitable PPO program for my business?

The choice of a PPO program for your business depends on factors such as the type of activity, volume of operations, fiscal requirements and your budget. It is recommended to study the functionality and user reviews before making a decision.

3. What functionality should PPO software for business have?

Good software PPOs should have functions such as issuing checks, sales control, accounting for goods and services, reporting, integration with other management systems, built-in protection against falsification, etc. .d.

4. Which PPO software are the best options for automating fiscal transactions?

The most popular and recommended software PPOs for automating fiscal operations are CheckBox, Vchasno.Kasa, SOTA Kasa, E-CHEK and Cashalot.

5. What is the cost of software PPOs?

The cost of software PPOs may vary depending on functionality, supplier and conditions of use. It is recommended that you obtain pricing information from different suppliers and compare them to find the best value for your money.

6. How do software-based PPOs ensure compliance with fiscal laws?

Software PPOs comply with the requirements of fiscal legislation, ensuring the issuance of checks in accordance with established rules and storing data on settlement transactions, which can be provided to tax authorities if necessary.

7. Is it possible to integrate software PPO with other control systems?

Yes, most PPO software provides the ability to integrate with other management systems, such as cash register systems, accounting and analytics programs. This allows you to automate processes and ensure unified data accounting.

8. Is training required to work with the software?

Depending on the complexity of the software and the level of training of employees, training may be required to effectively use the program. Many PPO providers provide the necessary documentation and training material for users.

9. Can I use the software PPO on different devices?

Yes, many PPO software supports work on various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. This allows you to use the program in different work environments and keep records of transactions regardless of location.

10. How to ensure data security when using PPO software?

Software PPOs usually have built-in data protection mechanisms, such as information encryption and multi-level authentication. It is recommended to take appropriate security measures, such as regularly updating the program and using a strong access password.

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

Thank you for reading! You are a pro in choosing software PPOs! 🔥

You've just read our review of PPO software and are now a real expert! You know the benefits of using PPO software, their functionality and the most suitable options for your business. Now you are ready to make the right decision and automate your business effectively.

Do not forget that automation of settlement operations is not only convenience and time saving, but also reducing risks and ensuring accurate accounting. The implementation of software PPO will become a reliable basis for your business.

Choose the best PPO software option for your business and reach new heights! Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey! 🚀

Software cash registers for business choose the best option

🔥 Review of software RPO! The most convenient and cheapest software recorders!

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In this article, we will look at software settlement recorders (PRO) and help you choose the most suitable option for your business. Learn about the benefits of using PPO software, their functionality, and compare the best options to automate your business easily and effectively.

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